WinX DVD Copy Pro Review

Over time, people prefer cloud storage over traditional methods such as DVD, Blu-ray. Everyone wants their data to be safe, but it can be risky to keep it in DVD format. Scratches on a DVD not only damage the data but can also be fingerprints, dust, stains, moisture, dirt, etc. Therefore, you need to protect your valuable data reliably, i.e. back it up and copy your DVD.

To avoid data loss, it is always recommended to support backups with DVD backup software. There are several DVD backup solutions on the market, and one of them is WinX DVD Copy Pro, which allows you to backup DVD to ISO, DVD to a floppy, and vice versa.

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Features of WinX DVD Copy Pro

WinX DVD Copy Pro helps you back up your DVD to the hard disk and vice versa. It also has better cloning capabilities. It is so cleverly designed that it allows the user to keep DVD backups up to date and copy DVD variants to another disc.

This software provides regular updates to support old and new DVD versions to enhance the user experience.

These are the most useful features of WinX DVD Copy Pro. Let’s look at each of these things separately.

1:1 Backup DVD

With WinX DVD Copy Pro you can create an exact 1:1 copy with the available options: DVD to DVD, DVD to ISO image, and DVD to VIDEO_TS folder. This is done without loss of quality when storing menus, subtitles, etc. of DVDs.


With no loss of quality, you can convert DVD-Video, audio files, and remixes to a single MPEG-2 file that can be played back via USB on devices such as TV, Xbox, PS5, etc.

DVD burning and setup program

The software allows you to burn an ISO image or a VIDEO_TS folder to a blank DVD. You can also mount the ISO file so that it behaves like a real disk.

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If you have an old DVD, you can create it by extracting the data from the old DVD and transferring it to a newer DVD to make it run longer.

DVD name/chapter copy

This function allows you to copy the DVD’s main title and chapters, audio tracks, and subtitles as a MPEG-2 file or extract only a specific chapter.

Cross-reference of regional codes

Regional codes such as CSS, RCE, UOPs, APS, Sony ARccOS remained a problem for DVD users. With WinX DVD Copy Pro you can remove the region code protection. They can overcome almost all barriers to regional code protection, allowing the user to easily copy the data from the DVD to the desired drive.

Repair of defective plates

WinX DVD Copy Pro has a sector copy mode, it can check DVDs with scratches, wear and tear and those made specifically with defective Sony ARccOS sectors.

Low CPU cost and high speed

WinX DVD Copy Pro is easy to use and has no value to the system in terms of storage and processing power.

It creates an intact copy of the content in a 1:1 ratio. On average, it takes less than 1% CPU processing to make an exact copy of a DVD in 12 to 17 minutes.

WinX DVD Copy Pro Interface

WinX DVD Copy Pro comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to work with. Some of the surface reflections are shown below.

Cloning from DVD to DVD

Clone the DVD to ISO Copy the DVD to MPEG2

The advantages of Disadvantages
Easy to use Available for Windows only.
Advanced Features Compression error.
Support for any size
Fast processing

Finally, WinX DVD Copy Pro is one of the best solutions for making 1:1 DVD backups to avoid possible data loss.

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