What Is the Future of Smartphones for 2022 and Beyond?

If there’s one invention that has radically altered day-to-day life around the world in modern times, it has to be the smartphone. We are glued to these devices during our waking hours and use them to do just about every aspect of our lives.

While we’re all well-versed in the way smartphones work, many of us don’t know what the future of smartphones might hold. What kind of devices may we all be using even in a few years’ time?

Reading up on a few new smartphone predictions can help you imagine what the near future could look like. Read on and we’ll walk you through some key details.

Visual Medium Integration

If there’s one thing the big tech companies all seem to be pushing towards, it’s giving customers a way to get information from their smartphones without taking their phones out of their pocket.

The world of augmented reality is being chased down by companies as far-ranging as Facebook to Apple, and each wants to be the first to bring this new kind of reality into the fold.

The future of smartphones might turn out to be a pair of eyeglasses that you can wear as you walk down the street. Alerts and information can play across these glasses and you might only take out your phone when you need to do something more involved.

Foldable Phones

While we already have some amazing phone displays out there, like the one on the ZTE Under-display Camera Smartphone, there is more room to improve in the coming years.

One way smartphone makers seem intent on changing things is by creating foldable phone systems. Wouldn’t it be nice if our phones could shapeshift slightly depending on our needs at the moment?

This is a goal that phone designers are working towards every day.

Portless Phones

There was some complaint a few years back when Apple switched out its headphone jack and rendered generations of headphones useless. The full commitment to this kind of change might be right around the corner.

The smartphones of the future are likely not to have any sort of input ports at all. As we continue to move in the direction of completely wireless tech, it’s more and more likely that our phones will remove the various wired input options that we’ve grown accustomed to.

We’re already halfway there with the popularity of AirPods, and likely will continue down this route for the years to come.

Understanding the Future of Smartphones

If you’re looking at your phone and marveling at the current tech, your mind might float to how the new smartphones of the future might look like. No one can speak on the future of smartphones with certainty, but the above are some of the best guesses one could make about where this kind of technology will go next.

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