What Impact Does the Intel Evo Platform Have on the Lenovo Yoga i7?

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Because of recent events, more people found out how valuable portable computers are. It prompted the biggest growth in the PC market, raising the demand and pushing the market forward. Because of this, new computers are hitting the market at a record pace.

However, only a few of the new devices compare to the Lenovo Yoga i7. Despite coming out the previous year, it’s still your laptop of choice Intel Evo platform.

What is the Intel Evo platform and what does it do for the Yoga i7, though? Read what we’ve prepared below to know what impact it has on the device. Find out if it’s the laptop of choice for you today!


Upon its release, the Lenovo Yoga i7 had a big problem with its performance. It was good enough that users could multitask on it with no issue. All this was thanks to its Intel Core processors.

These processors allowed the small device to reach the impressive performance benchmarks that popular laptops have set. It made the Yoga i7 a great laptop for work and video streaming. The problems begin when you try to run multiple high-load tasks at once.

Lenovo’s Yoga i7 is by no means a weak device. However, it had severe limitations to its RAM, having only 16GB of RAM soldered onto the motherboard. It’s a decent amount, but you can’t upgrade it without busting the laptop apart.

The Intel Evo Platform helps the device cope with this limitation. It boosts the laptop’s processing speed beyond what you’d expect to come from it. By doing so, you can run many tabs on Chrome or Firefox with no noticeable slowdowns.

It also means that you can do more in a shorter amount of time. Transferring files and launching large apps aren’t issues with the Yoga i7. Even turning on your laptop takes only seconds of your time, powering up the moment you open the lid.

Its impressive performance is all thanks to Intel’s strict standards set for the Evo platform. You can learn more about these standards on www.lenovo.com.

Heat Management

Should you run various tabs and processes because the Intel Evo platform allows you to? How well the laptop manages heat will dictate whether you can get away with running multiple processes. What’s great about the Lenovo Yoga i7 is that it has no issues with heat.

Its CPU does well as you continue to use the laptop for extended periods. There’s a slight decrease in performance, but it only happens when the temperature goes beyond 90 degrees.

High-intensity activities cause the CPU to reach these temperatures. Gaming and video editing are among these activities with high demands. If you’re not doing much of those, though, you should have no issue with your CPU.

With the laptop’s GPU, the temperature doesn’t have much of an impact on it. It performs consistently even when the temperature creeps up to 80 degrees.

You need not worry about temperatures reaching that high, though. The Lenovo Yoga i7 is among the ultraportable laptops that have an amazing design. It allows the laptop to vent out the heat to keep it at comfortable temperatures during use.


The first thing you’ll notice when handling the Lenovo Yoga for the first time is its size. It’s much smaller than traditional laptops, even when compared to most ultrabooks. Despite its compact size, though, it still delivers in performance thanks to the Intel Evo platform.

Metal covers the entire laptop. The lid and the entire chassis of the Yoga i7 features an aluminum finish, making it feel premium in your hands. What’s great about it is that the metal is quite resistant to your body’s oils.

This means it won’t be easy to leave fingerprint marks all over your laptop. It helps you keep your laptop look clean, which is important as it has a somewhat reflective surface.

Gray is the color of choice for the Yoga i7. It makes the laptop look good anywhere and gives it a cool, modern appeal.

Being a thin laptop, you won’t find much inside the chassis. You’ll find the motherboard with all the essentials fixed in place here. You will also find a large fan with heat pipes on top of it, helping manage the heat produced by the laptop.

The SSD is also present inside, covered by some thick thermal fabric. On the outside, though, the Evo standard provides you with the Thunderbolt 4 port. Both these components will provide you with incredible data transferring speeds.

Lenovo’s Yoga i7 also comes with built-in Wi-Fi 6 technology. It provides better connectivity than the standard Wi-Fi connections in most laptops.


The Yoga i7 doesn’t have many elements on the lid or chassis. It only has the brand name and model on opposite ends of the lid. A 360-degree hinge is present at the base of the screen, though, which allows you to switch to the Yoga i7’s premiere feature, the tablet mode.

Tablet mode is a great feature for those who wish to operate the Yoga i7 with more portability. It even comes with a stylus pen right out of the box. It’s the perfect tool and feature for any aspiring artist.

What’s great about the Yoga i7 is that it has thin bezels, as required by the Evo standard, yet again. This gives you a lot more space to work with, even when using the laptop as a tablet.

Having thin bezels doesn’t impede the laptop from having a webcam, though. The space present is wide enough for a 720p webcam hidden by a privacy shutter.

The Intel Evo platform also sets a standard for the graphics that your screen displays. It comes with the Intel Iris Xe graphics, which display vibrant colors with a great refresh rate.

You can switch between the laptop and tablet mode without a hitch thanks to the hinges’ stability. The hinge is as sturdy as the laptop’s body, which means you need not worry about it becoming loose as you use it.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard on the Yoga i7 is somewhat sunk to accommodate the keys’ need for space. It also has a backlight, making it aesthetically pleasing, and also helps you when typing in dim lighting conditions.

What’s great about the keyboard is that they have quite the travel time. This means you must press on it more than most laptop keyboards to make sure you register your input. Also, if you’re a fan of clicky keyboards, then you’ll enjoy what Yoga i7 will give you.

The trackpad is also noteworthy. Lenovo makes use of the increased chassis size to make its trackpad larger than most. It has great responsiveness and supports the Windows Precision Driver for different gestures.

Lenovo also has a fingerprint reader on the right, below the keyboard. This allows you to keep unwanted snoopers out of your files once you lock your device.


Are you among the 55 million people subscribed to Amazon Music? If so, then the Yoga i7 is the perfect ultrabook for you. The laptop comes with three free months of Amazon Music Unlimited.

You only need to download the program to get access to the millions of songs it has in its library. What’s even better is that you get to enjoy this with the ultrabook’s powerful stereo speakers.

It comes with the Dolby Atmos stereo, making it loud enough for you to enjoy your music even from far away. It also has sound presets for music, movies, and games. This small device optimizes your listening experience for dynamic audio in every situation.

Battery Life

Extended battery life is another standard set by the Intel Evo platform. It promises at least nine hours of battery life as you use the device for work and such. This is assuming your work won’t put too much load on the laptop and the processors, though.

What’s great is that you can optimize your settings to sap less battery per hour. Cut down on some of the more demanding processes if you want to increase battery life. Doing so can provide you with up to an hour’s worth of energy.

While the battery life may vary depending on what you do, the laptop won’t be dead for long. The Yoga i7 supports 65W fast charging, meaning you need not wait longer than an hour to charge your device. It’s perfect for those who can’t afford to have much downtime on their workdays.

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