How You can Turnoff Amazon Prime Auto Renewal From Your Amazon Account

How You can Turnoff Amazon Prime Auto Renewal From Your Amazon Account –, Inc., is an American worldwide innovative organization situated in Belleview, Washington in the USA, that spotlights on online business, distributed computing, advanced gushing, and computerized software. It is viewed as one of the Big Four tech organizations, alongside Google, Apple, and Face book. Amazon ( is the world’s biggest online retailer and a conspicuous cloud administration supplier.

In recent days, people searching how to Turnoff Amazon prime auto-renewal in the internet. Well, this article will guide you perfectly on how to turning Amazon’s auto-renewal.

History of Amazon

The organization was initially a bookshop; however, it has extended to sell a wide assortment of purchaser merchandise and advanced media just like its very own electronic gadgets, for example, the Kindle digital book per user, Kindle Fire tablet, and Fire TV, a spilling media connector.

Amazon has its center called cloud to tell which is registered with different organizations or producers for selling their product on the commission basis on each transaction. The system takes a regular stock checking of all the associates’ organizations for which they sell products. The current availability of the product is always available on their site.

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As regards the delivery time, they just require the pin code and delivery depends on the pin code you have provided. The system management is unique in itself. They maintain high-level software for their users.

The existence of Amazon has been seen in almost all countries in the world where they serve in collaboration with the management of different production houses on a commission basis.

Why Amazon is useful for people?

In today’s rat racing world, people do not have much time to spend on purchasing. If you were addicted to Pan Masala and able to buy from local stores due to strict government rules then online shopping would be the best option. With a single click from your mobile phone, you can order. They have cash on the delivery system; your Pan Masala will reach your home within two to three days depending on your location. Once delivered then pay them.

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Amazon has made agreements with different manufacturers of various products throughout the world and they supply on behalf of Amazon to your doorstep on a commission basis. It is a very useful online site for Tech-savvy people.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon has two kinds of membership planning for its subscribers. The first one is free for which one need not pay anything other than registration and the second one is Premium membership for which one need to pay membership fees. The premium members are getting more services than free member’s services. The cost of Premium membership is in between INR 120 monthly to INR 999, yearly.

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For the premium members, it has opened up the gate to use Amazon’s library free of cost including download benefits and Kindly online book reading, the paid subscription service offered by Amazon gives users access to various special services that are otherwise not available to free members. The services include a quick and even a day delivery wherever your location may be.

How to Turnoff Amazon Prime Auto-Renewal?

The process is very simple. Log on to the site through any of your devices either Laptop or Pc or Android phone. You will get different options at the site. When you sign at Amazon during membership taken, your membership was set automatically. During that period if you had chased a premium membership either every month or yearly basis, you can end your Amazon Prime membership anytime you want. The following are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to manage option, where you will find an option Manage Prime membership.
  2. If you are a monthly subscriber, you can switch on to a yearly option or if you are a yearly subscriber the reserve, you can do.
  3. Thereafter go to change the payment options menu.
  4. If you are a yearly subscriber and decides anytime to withdraw your prime membership, Amazon has kept an option for you to refund you proportionally.
  5. From there you can go to the Payment option and choose the Amazon Prime membership link.
  6. Select end membership. This will stop your prime membership.
  7. But if you chose the option ”Remind me later”, the system will remind you after 3 days.

The entire thing is done through an automated process of Amazon Prime Auto-Renewal. The process is very easy and simple. You can cancel the Prime membership anytime you wish to do so with a few clicks. They allow you to opt for continuance or Turnoff Amazon Prime Auto-Renewal that you no longer want it. Amazon has made such an arrangement so that they can return your membership fee depends on how you have used it.

Fresh Renewal Option?

If one decides to take a fresh Prime membership, he or she can again log on to the system and can choose either of the two options.

  • Monthly payment basis with a cost of Rs. 120/- per month
  • Per year basis by paying Rs 999/.

One important thing here is to note that if one chooses a monthly subscription plan; his/ her account will be auto-debited for renewal for the next month. However, in the case of Yearly plan, it is not so. One will get e-mails for renewals of a yearly membership.

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The age of Amazon is 25 years as on today. They started the journey in the years 1994 as an online market platform as a bookseller and with their initial success they have expanded their business to sell electronic goods, video games, software, amoral, food toys, jeweler, and many other common goods. Now it has become a “what not store” online. The company has reached its peak level within a short span of 20-25 years leaving all other online sellers.

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They arrange that you have to be a member of their site, either as a free member or as a prime member. The prime member gets more advantageous than the free member does. To become a prime member, the charges are not that great. Here also they have kept two options as monthly or yearly. If a Prime member wants to Turnoff Amazon Prime Auto-Renewal process, it is easy and a matter of few clicks. It has a provision of refunding the prime membership fees also. It uses high-level software that works automatically to Turnoff Amazon prime auto-renewal.

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