Top 5 Best palm reading apps of 2022

Best palm reading apps – Palltech chemistry has been practiced for 1000 years. In palm chemistry, the expert carefully observes the palm of the hand and tells the man what his future will look like. The expert is known as a palm reader. How does palm chemistry work? You’ll find a few lines in the palm of your hand. Each line of chemistry has a specific meaning. For example, if the title is long, the experts think you’re smart.

If the lifeline is clear and long, you’ll live longer. Marks or symbols in the palm of the hand also indicate happiness or failure. Palmist takes into account the position of the brand to know whether it is good or bad for health, career, etc.

Best palm reading apps of 2022

If you are interested in pulmonology but do not want to spend money to go to a professional, you can use the applications I have specified below. The following mobile applications allow you to identify lines in the palm of your hand and create a personalized horoscope.

Best portable playback apps for Android and IOS



AstroGuru is a free handheld reading application with more than 10 million users. To use AstroGuru, you must enter your name, date of birth, and place of residence. The application’s palm reader module supports both the left and right hand. You have to click on the corresponding option. If you do this, AstroGuru will ask permission to use the camera on the mobile phone. As soon as you specify this resolution, the API activates the camera’s flash and displays an image of your palm. You need to position the camera so that your palm and fingers fit into the image. Once you have done this, AstroGuru will take a picture of your palm and analyze the lines found. In addition, the found lines are illuminated with red/green colors. Then he shows a horoscope. AstroGuru allows users to store measured values.

How to read in the palm of your hands

How to read applications How to read the palms of the hands

This application teaches you the basics of paleontology for free. The size is small and the interface is smooth. The application covers several themes. You have to touch the subject to see the sub-topics. You will need to click on the sub-topic for more details. HTRP is an application for surfing the web. It will not work if your phone’s Internet or WiFi connection is not active. There’s also a lot of publicity. The display appears each time you click on a topic or sub-topic. A good alternative for this application is the chemistry videos on YouTube. There are 1000 videos on YouTube that teach you to read in the palm of your hand.

Free scanner for Palm Reader

Free scanner for the Palm reader

For some reason, this application is 2/3 times larger than the AstroGuru. FRSP users do not need to enter a date or name of birth. As soon as you take a picture with it, the application analyses your life, your heart and your titles and displays a prognosis. The predictions in this appendix are based on Chinese palaeochemistry.

Series of Feelings and Happiness (Toll)


The Sense application is only available for IOS devices. It not only identifies the lines in the palm of the hand, but also analyzes the fingerprints. Sense uses artificial intelligence technologies to make predictions. The application can recognize the characters on the lines and create a biorhythm chart. FurtoneScope is an alternative to Sense. This is a paid application that connects you to an experienced handheld reader instead of using an algorithm to generate a forecast. The reader looks at a picture of the palm of your hand and shares his thoughts with you. Unlike Sense, FortuneScope supports IOS and Android devices.

Sense [IOS] FortuneScope [Android] FortuneScope [IOS]

Bazirley (fee required)


In fact, it is the only application on this site that invites users to create an account with an email address or phone number. Once you have set up your Basirly account, you will have access to the following tools:

  • Tarot, palm, face reading.
  • Love, spiritual guidance.
  • Astrology.

Whichever options you choose, you must fill in the As question field with the question you want to ask the physicist. If you select the Palm/Face Playback option, you will need to upload photos of your palm or face. After filling in the form, click on the button Select Physics.

Are the requests correct?

Honestly, there’s no evidence that the palm chemistry is correct. You can use the application and decide for yourself by carefully examining the forecast and comparing it with your nature or your past or present life. The applications will perfectly identify the lines in the palm of your hand if you photograph them correctly, but they only identify three lines. The palm researcher not only analyses these three lines but also investigates several others. No mobile application can identify lines except the heart/head/lift-line, which uses the camera and the phone’s line detection algorithm.

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Conclusion: People who enjoy reading horoscopes may also be interested in the chemistry of palms. The applications I mentioned above are for these people.