Top 3 Google Play Store Alternatives for Android 2021

The Google Play Store offers millions of applications, making it the largest application market in the world. There’s more than you think,

  • It comes with almost all Android phones as a standard module.
  • It has useful security measures to filter out unnecessary applications and you can find almost any application you need.

However, if you need something unusual, out of the ordinary or unusual, you have to look elsewhere.  Because sometimes it doesn’t always have what users are looking for.

Advantages over the game shop

There are good reasons to choose a third party App Store in the Google Play Store. Let’s talk facts.

  • Free – If you visit the Play Store, you will see that most applications are free. However, if you filter useful applications, they have purchases in the application or you need to buy them in order to use them. But in many other app stores you can download them for free.
  • Latest version before starting – Usually the latest version of an application runs on many versions of androids. However, it may not work on your phone for reasons such as early operating system or hardware limitations. In this case, you need to find an earlier version of this application for your phone. Third party shops cover your costs.
  • Custom Applications – You can download many custom applications from other application stores. If you’re surprised, the corrected application has more power and more features than the rolling application, but it’s free. Take an application like Catsapp Plus as an example. It can hide the last thing you see, has more smilies and many other features.
  • Download Game Modifications– Custom games change one or more aspects of the game to get more features or behavior For example, unlimited life, premium armor or a bunch of coins to make sure it never runs out.

Best Application Markets – Top 3

We have listed below the best third party app stores to date, filtered for reliability, application inventory and advanced features. We hope you like them. Please let us know in the comments below if you know other app stores.

ACMarket – The best for customization, tools and mods

ACMarket Application is one of the leading application repositories downloading applications and customizations for Android phones. This is another version of Google Play, but for customization.

What’s on?

It has different sections and categories for the following types of applications: Games, apps, bingo games and books. I don’t think it’s necessary to focus on categories other than games and applications, because this is where you’ll find everything you need if you’re looking for fashion or modifications.

How to download

The ACMarket application is available as a free download at the market. download. Here you will find the download file (apk) and the installation instructions.


  • It’s free – the applications on this site and the application itself are free.
  • Recent applications – There are many to download. You will notice that many of them are aware of the latest updates.
  • User-friendly – Looks and acts like a toy store. Thanks to the way everything is organized, you can find what you are looking for in seconds.
  • Safety – There are several bold safety measures that are only taken to bring good quality fashion to the market.
  • No restrictions – There are no regional or national restrictions on the use of ACMarket for any application in the market. You can download anything you want from any program in the world.


  • Screens – There are more screens in use than normal. You can delete them by becoming a VIP user, but we do not recommend that you do so. There are many free accounts for every request, but you’re always annoyed by ads; consider a VIP membership.
  • Slightly higher application than Competition – Slightly higher application than many other application markets in the AC market. It is over 30 MB in size and requires more than 50 MB to be installed on your phone.

HappyMod – elegant platform foruser downloads

The HappyMod application is more of a community than an application shop. It has both registered and verified users who download applications and model games, and other users who authenticate them.

What is available on this site.

She is fashionable with fashion games and has a lot of popular games in her arsenal. The store has over 30,000 games. Some of the most popular games are Clash of the clan with unlimited money and stones, Subway surfers with endless coins and much more.

How to download

You can download the HappyMod application from the developer’s website. The application is compatible with Android phones from version 4 and up. As an ACMarket application, it is also available in MOTK format.


  • Superior Download Speed – It has the best technology to provide a good download speed for your applications. Some application contracts are not included in this section.
  • A good user community is a user community. You can read their reviews and get suggestions about the quality of the application before downloading it on the market.
  • Application form – There is an application form page specially designed for cases where you did not find what you were looking for in the shop.
  • It’s free – Same as the ACMarket application; Happy Mod can also be downloaded and used for free.


  • Lots of advertisements – Here you will find, as in many other third-party app stores, lots of advertisements.
  • Quality defects in applications – Because this is a community and everyone is allowed to publish their mods (after verification), it is sometimes difficult to find high-quality applications to download. That’s where the vision system comes into view.


APPVN is another useful Android application market with thousands of applications. It is especially popular in countries such as Brazil, Vietnam, and India. The application works as a social network for mobile content, allowing users to share their favorite applications with colleagues and friends.

What does the APPVN schematic show?

The APPVN application has two small categories that contain fun books and games, and two other large categories that include applications and games.

How to download

This is a market of hybrid applications that you can download on two major mobile Oss, Android and iOS. There are two separate markets for both. Since we are talking about Android, it is easy to download APPVN on your phone. The download button is located in the upper right corner. Click to start the installation.


  • No Registration – You do not need to provide registration details to download applications from the FNPP application.
  • Outstanding Repository – Like the two application markets, the repository covers a wide range of applications.
  • Alt – This is one of the oldest third-party Android app stores and has been around for several years.
  • More than apps – you can download themes to make your phone’s screen more unique, and gadgets to make it more stylish.


  • Asian Orientation – The App Store was founded in Vietnam and in the early years was only available for Asian countries. A lot has changed in the meantime, but it is still better to come from Asian countries.
  • Few errors – There are few errors in the application over time. One is that some users have had the problem to load a single application several times with a single click.

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How do I install a third-party application on my Android?

Without the Google Play Store you can install third-party applications in two ways. The first is via external application stores such as ACMarket, APPVN, etc. The second is through the use of the Internet. The second is to find the MOT on the website and install it manually.

Google has updated the way the MOT is installed on the latest version of Android. The Android may have caused some inconvenience, but nothing has changed since then. Find out how to install a third-party application on all current versions of Android.

  • Download APK.
  • You can use your file browser to access your download folder or click on the completed download in your mobile browser to start the installation.
  • Android will ask the file or web browser for permission to install the application. After approval, you will return to the installation screen. Otherwise, go back to the download folder to authorize it and try again.
  • Your application is securely installed.

Is it prohibited to use third party applications?

It is not illegal to use third-party applications. However, we assume that your terms of use for the service or application indicate that a third party application is not permitted. In this case, your account will be blocked when you try to login into the service or application.

Disclaimer of liability

There is a risk that you will participate in downloading something from outside the Google Play Store. Pay attention to what you download and the rights you assign to the application.

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