Top 10 Websites To Download Paid Software For Free (Legal & Safe)

Download Paid Software For Free – You’ll find thousands of illegal download sites where you can find free options to download top-quality software. However, most of these websites publish illegally copied content. Communicating with such sites exposes you to legal threats or your device is the victim of known viruses and malware.

An alternative is the use of popular torrent sites where you can find free illegal programs.

However, if you want to avoid the risk of opening malicious websites or illegal torrents, it will take a few minutes to browse through this list of software download sites and download full version of the software for free and legally. Check AlsoBest Cashback Website

Promotional Gift Websites Download Paid Software Free (2022)

  • Gift Radar
  • SharewareOnSale
  • GiveAwayOfTheDay
  • TopWareSale
  • Tikkupon Gifts
  • techno360
  • TechTipLib
  • Download.time
  • What I want more than anything
  • Malware information

Gift Radar

If you are looking for useful PC software, Giveaway Radar is the website to visit. The website helps you to find software from different vendors and many safe sites to download. Besides VPN and antivirus you will find all software on Giveaway Radar.

Download free paid software

The Business Gift Radar is like a search engine for free business gift software websites where it provides you with links and authentic descriptions of gifts on the Internet. You can bookmark this page because it gives you a quick overview of all current and future print runs from various free software download sites. The website also contains a list of categories for long-term donations.

SharewareOn sales

If you want to download updated versions of paid software for free, visit the SharewareOnSale site. This is one of the best free software sites where you can download the full version of the software and get great discounts on new software. SharewareOnSale offers free paid apps for Mac and Windows 10 devices.

You will also find useful applications for iOS and Android in the full version, free or at a reduced price. One of the most installed free software on the website is itransGo, which is always available free of charge. On the product gift page you will find an updated list of free software that you can download and use.


For almost a decade and a half GiveAwayOfTheDay has been a website that continues to offer free PC software to all its users. One or two current versions of the software are downloaded daily from the website. Thanks to this website, you can use the premium version of all software free of charge for 24 hours. This way, instead of trying out a trial version, you can use the registered full versions of all software. This site is very useful if you are not sure if you want to buy software, but you do want to use it during the day to test your skills.

Download free paid software

On GiveAwayOfTheDay you will find detailed information about each software offered by different publishers. The site offers you the possibility to register, which will inform you about the gifts in the newsletter.  You can also download several Andriod and iOS applications for free from this site.

Capital sales of goods

TopWareSale offers interesting discounts and a completely free software gift every day. This website is the best place to find free superior quality software and buy high quality software at low prices. Here you will find the latest software for iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

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The site offers software in various categories, including design, multimedia, enterprise, antivirus, office, internet and others. You get much more than just free daily documentation, because the platform also offers tons of tools at a very reduced price.

Tikkupon Gifts

On Tickcoupon Giveaway you will find links to free software for different categories such as servers, utilities, security, development, audio/video/photo, backup and restore and more. You’ll find all kinds of software for Windows and mobile devices, and a special section on Giveaway for Mac offers exciting software for all iOS devices.

Download free paid software

Tickcoupon is a website where you can get discount codes to get huge discounts on different programs and flyers. You can also read the latest news from software developers about the latest promotions and you can join the software in the blog section of this website.


Techno360 has an impressive collection of free gifts. Techno360 is one of the 10 safest free software download sites for iOS, Windows and Mac. All software installed through the website is provided with a single user license for more than one year.

Download free paid software


Compared to all free full versions of the software you can download from the website, Techtiplib is the only website that offers distribution for a full month. To take advantage of these offers TechTipLib asks you to enjoy TechTipLib’s social media accounts. This website is not limited to the free software download site. It also includes more than 6700 articles and tutorials on topics such as iPhone, Windows, SEO, Apple, iOS, iPad, MS Office, open source software, MAC, WordPress topics, e-books, games, etc.

Download free paid software

Download .hr

The main function of Download. hr is to help users find games and gifts that can be installed for free. On this site, you will certainly benefit from a discount on paid software or even for free.

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Download. hr contains thousands of documents for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. The website also has a forum where users can exchange or request the latest lotteries and offers.

Download free paid software

I want especially

What I want most is a free software download site where you can find thousands of paid software. On the website you will find the latest paid software for Windows and iOS in different categories, such as B. Games, security software, system utilities, video and image software, audio tuner and much more.

Download free paid software

A unique aspect of this website is that you will also find the distribution of free software licenses. For example, I had access to the services of AVG Internet Security, a website that offers a free annual subscription.

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The interface and navigation are good, and for site searches there is a Google user search. If you are looking for micro-niche software, I advise you to consult page 6 of this list.

Information about malicious software

There are not as many websites as MalwareTips where you can find the best free gifts for Windows 10. MalwareTips is a comprehensive gift site where you can download free software and access unfiltered content such as reviews, new techniques, malware samples and more.

Download free paid software

Malware has recently set up a forum where registered users can post gifts for security software. The functionality is in beta and the update will be released later in 2020.

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Are illegal programs safe?

The safest of all illegal programs depends on the hosting site. In order to know if the cracked version of the program is safe, you must first check its contents. An easy way to check the software is to find out if the hosting site is a forum. Our experts recommend to stay away from such sites, because here every casual worker can download and offer free paid software.


We hope you’ve learned how to download paid programs for free. Please let us know if you find these options useful or if we missed a page.

Write to us if you need advice on downloading certain software. We will answer you and help you find the best version of this software.