Together Share Data Recovery Software Review

Data loss has been and still is the biggest problem for many companies for many reasons. The loss of data can be the loss of many things, such as time, money, necessary information, records, and so on.

Data loss can have several causes, some of which are possible;

  • The human factor
  • Power outage
  • Viruses and malware
  • Formatting hard disks
  • Hard disk damage
  • Software corruption

Many people have experienced incidents with data loss and are annoyed by the fact that their data has been recovered. Even they’re willing to pay for it. That is why data recovery software solutions have been developed to solve this problem. TogetherShare data recovery software is free of charge. It works efficiently to extract all deleted file formats such as videos, documents, photos and audio files, etc.

Even if you accidentally deleted a file with the Move + Delete command or in the Recycle Bin, you can restore deleted files in just 3 clicks. Let’s take a look at some of his best features.

Joint data recovery

Recover deleted files

Whether you have accidentally deleted files from your PC or not, TogetherShare Data Recovery makes it easy to recover these files. By the way, if you notice that your recycle bin folder is empty or that your files have been deleted by the software, this tool can restore the files even in this case.

Recovery of formatted data

No problem if your PC’s hard drive has been formatted or deleted without backing up the files, then this free data recovery program works perfectly.

Accurate data recovery

When a hard disk partition or storage device becomes unavailable or data is lost due to a virus attack, operating system reinstallation, logical error, etc., the hard disk partition or storage device must be replaced. You can restore the data to its original state just as accurately as using this software’s deep scan mode.

After recovering the data, some files were found to be damaged, but the deep scan mode eliminates this problem.

Preview for recovery

This data recovery tool has another interesting function. In fact, as when scanning, you can preview the files to check their quality before performing the recovery operation.

Call user interface

It doesn’t matter how much you know about data recovery software. You will have no problems using TogetherShare Data Recovery. Because in this software you can find everything you want. It offers a classic end-user experience.

Secure data recovery

Using advanced data recovery technologies, TogetherShare Data Recovery Free allows users to securely recover files deleted from their hard drives and other media.

Recovered files easy to manage

After the scan, you will find the recovered files on the selected drive. Select the files to be restored according to your needs. Because not all files are important for recovery. Restoring additional files takes longer.

The time needed to scan a disk depends on the capacity of the disk.

Reliable recoverability

With this fast data recovery tool, you can recover files from any other device. Provided this storage device is connected to a computer. This can be an iPhone, Android mobile phones, external hard drives, USB sticks, etc.

Besides, if you have lost the entire hard drive partition or if you have formatted an external or internal drive, this tool is always useful.

Support for Windows / Mac OS

This data recovery tool works for both Windows and Mac. You can download it for both operating systems separately.

Recovery of deleted files with TogetherShare Data Recovery

When it comes to evaluating TogetherShare data recovery capabilities, there is now a quick guide to recovering deleted files in an easy and convenient way.

Download the TogetherShare data recovery program by clicking the Download button.


Step 1 – Install it on your computer and then run it on your computer Select the hard drive from which you want to recover your data.

Step 2 – Click on the SCAN button to continue.

Step 3 – You will find the files on the interface. Then select the files you want to restore and press the RECOVER button.

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A word of professional advice: If you want your files to remain intact, I advise you to stop using the drive after deleting files and follow the above methods to recover deleted files without losing their quality.


  • The basic version: Free (can recover up to 1 GB of data)
  • Occupation: 69,95 (Restore an unlimited number of lost stocks)
  • Company: $299.00 (this amount can be used to provide data recovery services to customers)
The advantages of Disadvantages
Better user experience Slow scan time.
Prepare the data recovery functions for
Restore all file formats
Preview prior to recovery