Tips for Attracting and Retaining a Bigger Viewership on Twitch

Getting viewers (or for example a single viewer) on Twitch is one of the most difficult tasks as a new streamer. You realize it’s a different animal than YouTube Gaming and Facebook after a week, a month or even a year of playing in an empty room. This despite the fact that Twitch is visited on average by more than 2 million simultaneous viewers. So, where do all these viewers go?

Offset detection capability algorithms

Twitch’s biggest problem right now is the poor detectability of small channels. Although it has a number of built-in tools to help you increase your fan base, it’s clear that Twitch focuses on successful streamers. As a result, the well-known broadcasters continue to increase their viewing figures and revenues, while the smaller broadcasters lag far behind.

In general, Twitch remains the paradise for video games. At this stage, this may not seem to be the case. But the truth is that even the most successful streamers at the level of Twitch’s affiliation and partnership started with zero viewers before they reached the top.

Tips for more followers on Twitch

Exceptional Coil Overlay Design

The overlay of your channel – the screen your viewers see and interact with – is the most important branding tool. The overlay not only provides information about the current game, but also represents your brand.

Your tick-tock is what your viewers use to assess your level of professionalism. It also determines the next step for your new audience: stay and get interested or find other presenters. Viewers are looking for creativity, so your station needs to stand out from the crowd.

There are no strict rules in the development of Twitch-Overlay. However, there are important guidelines that can help to achieve a tangible effect;

  • Be inspired by your favourite banners and invent something original and unique.
  • Keep the minimalism so your viewers can concentrate more on the gameplay.
  • Make sure that each element serves a purpose

What should I include in my Twitch overlay?

Again, that’s not necessary. Here are some good things for your expenses;

  • Your webcam
  • Rand Webcam
  • Logo preferably near the border
  • A list of recent events such as subscribers, donations, raids, followers, etc.
  • Pop-up notifications

Choose your games strategically

The biggest mistake most new players make is to go to the most popular Twitch games. Larger matches such as League of Legends and Counter Strike attract a larger audience and more viewers. Unfortunately you will be buried under 1000 extra banners, so it is almost impossible to break through the chaos.

We recommend using a tool like Twitch Strike to identify games that are in the middle of the road. If you have a good layout, it will be much easier to be seen in a game with at least 1000 spectators and about 20 streamers than in another game with millions of spectators and thousands of streamers.

It is important that you choose a game that you like to play. If you have fun, your audience will have fun too, and they’ll stay and get carried away. They’ll tell you if you pretend.


As a streamer, it’s one thing to choose a game that your viewers like to watch. Consistency is different. If you really want to get the right trailers, you need airtime consistency. By streaming at a certain time every day, a template is created that helps your viewers know when to find you. Here comes the need to plan the wire.

The broadcast schedule or feeding time indicates when and how long you are in the broadcast. Making such a schedule depends on your personal life and your daily tasks, such as work, school and family time.

Ideally, you want the river to last at least four hours. It is therefore important that you define a time block that you can repair.

Another important factor in programming is the availability of your viewers and the competition from other broadcasters. Avoid flow during peak hours (6 to 20 hours on weekdays and 4 to 11 hours on weekends). They will compete directly with the banners of the big names. Instead, remember when you have a decent number of viewers and less competitive channels.

There is no clear answer to the question of when it is best to broadcast on Twitch. However, from 16.00 you will probably have more viewers and less competitive channels.

Connection and networking with other streamers

The success of any streaming platform lies in connecting and collaborating with others. This applies especially to Twitch, where openness is a real problem.

What is a network? Communicating means communicating with like-minded people on a mutually beneficial basis. This means that the communication must be advantageous for both parties.

Unlike the business world, where networking is about letting others know what you are doing, networking as a streamer is about trying to add value to the community of other streamers. This means that you are a streamer that wants to expand your channel as fast as possible. Instead, you use your skills and talent to build the channels of other broadcasters and their communities, and you will eventually be discovered.

If done right, the network will not only benefit you as a supporter of the banner, but you will also receive their support in the form of shouts among their communities and viewers.

Where do you find the network contacts?

Most streamers rely on twitch, discord, and social media. Before creating your disagreement account, you should first think about whether you are useful to others. We, therefore, recommend that you go to the channels for personal development and become active there. Most Twitch streamers have links to their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) posted on Twitch. You can use these links to determine their presence on the Internet and get in touch with them.