The Best Upcoming Gaming Events 2021 In UK

In recent years, the gameplay has grown so much that big game events are taking place all over the world throughout the year, and no matter which tournament you hold, they’re huge and getting better and better.

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As we all know, 2020 is almost everything! Gaming shows and events were canceled or moved to online platforms and, to be honest, only the show wasn’t even half as much fun as the one on the Avenue.

But there is also good news for gamers: The year 2021 brings exciting gambling activities that you probably don’t want to miss. Below is a list of the best upcoming gambling activities in the UK. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance to avoid the inconvenience!

Top 5 | Arcade straight

Game Expo

Why don’t you find all kinds of games in the same place? Play Expo It! You will find almost all modern and also retro games that you can play. Don’t forget that dressing up as your favorite character and taking part in game tournaments is also very popular.

Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual reality has just entered the gaming niche, and it’s safe to say it has taken over! You can play VR games and get demo versions. Don’t worry, you don’t have to find out for yourself. There are trained employees who will help you with VR games.

Retro Games

Have you ever missed children’s games? Don’t worry about it. The Play Expo offers classic games to play. You will find Pacman games, pinball machines, and many other old school games and feel a little nostalgic.


Do you like the game? Buy it too! Play Expo has a sales area where you can find all games, retro toys, and game consoles for a good price. There are also interesting custom-made works of art available if you want to give them to a friend or add them to your collection.

UK Games Expo

The UK Games Expo is one of the top gaming events in the UK, and for good reason! Whether you’re an avid gamer or just want to spend a fun day with your friends and family, don’t miss it. From live shows to game tournaments, you’re sure to find your muse!

Connect asCosplay

You can play a little outfit and dress up as your favorite character. It’s like Halloween in June! Mix costumes with friends and family to make your day a little extra exciting.

Conferences and workshops

Would you like to know facts, tips, and news about your favorite games? The UK Games Expo is one of the best events to learn and understand as there are many conferences and seminars throughout the day. In addition, these workshops will also present the best competitions to come in 2021. You can also sneak backstage for an extra tea at the games!

Game tournaments

Of course, there would be several game tournaments at the game fair. There are tons of game tournaments you can play in. But note that not all tournaments have prizes, some are just for fun. So wake up and get ready for a British game show!

Retro Gaming Salon

  • Date: 30. January 2021
  • Place: Hotel Leeds Marriott
  • Host: Network for retro events
  • Price: Free entrance
  • Buying tickets: K.A.

I know a lot of people who are big fans of retro games, and they always complain about finding classic games and accessories. If you are one of these people, you should definitely mark your calendar on the Leeds Retro Games.

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Sale of video games

The Retrogame Fair is mainly aimed at fans of retro games, but of course, it is not limited to them. Here you will find a large selection of classic games and accessories that are otherwise rare. You can buy everything from Nintendo to Atari, from handheld systems to games and accessories, all in one place.

Price drawings

What’s fun without the exciting raffles in the living room? The Retro Games exhibition costs only £2 per adult. So you can come as often as you want! Both modern and classic consoles take part in lotteries, so don’t miss it.

Ancillary services

Miss Arcade Games? Not anymore! You can play your favorite retro arcades in the Leeds Retro Games Lounge. The fun is doubled when you take your friends and family with you!

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