The 10 Best 144Hz Monitors Of 2021

144Hz Monitor: If you are looking for the perfect guide to buy a top-notch gaming monitor for your system, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are going to discuss a lot about 144Hz Monitor along with this advantage and list of top 10 best 144Hz Monitors of 2020.

Well, before getting in-depth into the topic lets brush up with some basics on 144Hz monitor.

What is 144Hz Monitor?

144Hz monitor is nothing but an ordinary monitor that comes with a fast refresh rate that leads towards experiencing smooth visuals. In addition, it does offer a wide range of benefits apart from just offering smooth visuals.

Well, in recent gamers and PC enthusiasts started to look over the 144Hz Monitor and it leads to the new sensation in the market. In fact, staying updated with the latest display technologies is always gives you a good feeling, and buying the latest 144Hz Monitor for your system will offer such feel.

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In simple words, a 144Hz Monitor refreshes the particular image 144 times per second right before displaying it. Because of it, it named 144Hz Monitor, here the unit Hertz (Hz) represents the unit of frequency. Also for utilizing 144Hz Monitor, you need to have a powerful GPU for handling high frames rate and to display such a high-quality image.

Why 144Hz Monitor?

  • Ability to handle a high frame rate without any messy factor
  • Offers smooth and responsive gaming experience
  • Uses Adaptive refresh rate technologies like G-Sync, AMD, FreeSync, and so
  • Comes with a variety of Gaming Modes

List of Top 10 Best 144Hz Monitors Of 2020

ViewSonic XG2401 1080p Gaming Monitor


Willing to experience the edging technology while gaming on your system, then prefer ViewSonic XG2401 gaming monitor. This monitor fully packed with components that suit well for the hardcore gamers and also it offers a wide array of connectivity to ensure the best gaming performance.


  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • AMD FreeSync Technology
  • Assured Zero Image Tearing and Stuttering

BenQ Zowie XL2411p 24-inch Esports Gaming Monitor

This BenQ Zowie delivers excellent performance for gamers with black eQualizer and with 1ms response time, this allows gamers to view the dark scenes clearly. In addition, the presence of ZeroFlicker Technology reduces eye strains by reducing blue light.


  • Delivers HD motion images with 144Hz refresh rates
  • Guaranteed zero image ghosting
  • Comes with Type TN panel
  • Uses Zero Flicker Technology
  • Adjustable Stand

Samsung CFG7 LED-Lit Curved Monitor

This curvy Samsung CFG7 LED monitor gives you the complete immersion while playing games so that you can easily pick the tiny changes or movement on any part of the screen clearly. With the brand name Samsung, you don’t need much description of this monitor.


  • QLED Curved Monitor
  • Wide sRGB Color Coverage
  • Eye-Saver Mode and Flicker Mode
  • Vertical Adjustable Stand

ASUS VG278Q Full HD 144HZ 1080p Monitor

ASUS VG278Q is a fully-loaded gaming monitor that comes with affordable price. This awesome gaming monitor offers a wide range of options for gamers. When compared with the existing budget monitors, this ASUS model stands tall.


  • ASUS Eye Care Technology
  • TN Panel
  • Stereo 2W Speakers
  • Game Visual & GamePlus Function

Acer GN246HL

This Acer 144Hz Monitor is mostly preferred 144Hz monitor by gamers all over the world. The main reason behind such prefers is budget-friendly. Though this monitor sized small still it offers supreme quality for such low price.


  • NVIDA 3D Vision Ready
  • NVIDA 3D Lightboost
  • TN Type panel

LG 34UC79G UltraWide Gaming Monitor

This Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor LG 34UC79G comes with a 34-inch display that takes the gaming experience to the next level. Besides, the presence of IPS curvy technology gives beautiful gaming experience along with the best performance for the gamers.


  • AMD FreeSync
  • Crosshair
  • Brightness Calibration
  1. ASUS VG248QE Gaming Monitor

With 1ms GTG response time, this 24-inch powerful gaming monitor from ASUS offers rapid-fire performance while playing games. In addition, with 16.7M display colors, the users can experience an awesome screen display. Also, this ASUS VG248QE comes with pre-set color temperature options.


  • GamePlus Technology
  • Extensive I/O port
  • Ergonomic stand

Dell S2716DGR Gaming Monitor

This 27-Inch 144Hz monitor from Dell S2716DGR offers the largest screen space for gamers along with QHD resolution. Because of that, gamers would experience beautiful visuals while playing games. Also, being a product from the world’s leading tech makers Dell, there’s no need to elaborate the quality furthermore.


  • Nvidia G-Sync
  • Ergonomic base
  • Easy connectivity options
  1. ViewSonic XG2402 Gaming Monitor

This Viewsonic gaming monitor suits better for pro gamers. In addition, this 24 inches ViewSonic 144Hz monitor offers HD 1080P display along with smooth frames and clear graphics.


  • 1ms GTG response time
  • Comes with AMD FreeSync
  • Color Light
  • Ergonomic Stand
  • 3-Year Warranty

AOC Agon AG271QG Monitor

If you are a fan of esports and always love to play esports at your system, then choosing this AOC Agon AG 271QG gaming monitor could result in best. To be frank, very few monitors are specially designed to meet the requirements of the players who play esports athletes. Apart from just being a 27-inch curvy screen, AOC’s screens are designed for portraying high color accuracy and come with certified VESA displays.


  • Reasonable Priced Monitor with G-Sync
  • Fast Refresh Rate and Response

Bottom Line

Looking to buy 144Hz Monitor Cheap than you need to look for top online shopping sites just like Mdcomputers where you can brand 144Hz monitors for a reasonable price. Moreover, people who are purchasing 144Hz Monitor Mdcomputers or from any other top online shopping sites, can avail significant discounts and offers by using promo codes or coupons.

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I Hope, the above-mentioned details regarding 144Hz monitors is far enough for a newbie to buy a quality monitor from the market. Also, the top 10 lists we provided will surely assist readers to judge the best monitor in the current market.

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