[Solved] Dragon Age Inquisition Crashes on Launch

If you’re a gamer, do you have several questions about how to solve your game failure?

There are several game forums to solve bugs and problems.

However, such a general discussion took place: How do I fix the Windows 10 boot error?

Even my player friends often discuss the problem of the collapse of the Dragon Age Inquisition.

We have tried to help you and solve these common problems. You can use these methods to solve the problem of launching the Dragon Age Inquisition.

About the age of the dragon survey:

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the Bioware games that are part of the Dragon Age series.

However, EA Sports has officially announced the launch of the Dragon Age Inquisition, or Dragon Age III, in 2014.

Since 2014, this game has become one of the best and most popular fantasy video games. As of November 2020, Dragon Age will have approximately 6,000,000 players.

This fantasy game has 3D graphics and a fantasy story that takes place in the world of the age of the dragon.

There are hundreds of quests and missions in which the inquisitor appears. The Inquisitor makes a decision that changes the plot of the game.

However, it would be correct to say that Dragon Age is not completely immune to software errors or bugs.

Most Internet users complain about bugs and problems at the beginning of the game.

Some users have also reported that Dragon Age Inquisition has been blocked or stopped in a certain area of the game. There are many reasons why Dragon Age cannot be launched at launch.

Why does the Dragon Age Inquisition fail on Windows 10 devices?

Although we do not know the exact cause of the accident at startup, we do know some possible causes that may have caused the accident:

Chances are that your 3D graphics card will crash the game. This is what you usually see every time you update your Nvidia 3D graphics card.

After the update, you may experience problems in a certain region or at a startup.

In some cases, your antivirus program will scan and block certain games incorrectly.

The purchase of Dragon Age Inquisition may be affected by certain antivirus software due to the presence of Vulkan Runtime or DirectX libraries. However, this does not mean that Vulkan is RT or DirectX malware.

You can view the Vulcan runtime libraries and see if they are safe or not.

  • Incorrect Graphics Settings:

The use of incorrect graphics settings or an old graphics card is a possible cause of Dragon Age crashing.

Your gameplay is highly dependent on these graphics card settings. After updating the drivers for your video card, this can help you solve your booting problems.

  • Synchronization and tessellation parameters:

VSync is a graphics game technology that controls the speed of the game. It is also responsible for synchronizing the frame rate with the monitor refresh rate. The use of Vsync ensures a smooth and uninterrupted playing experience.

If VSync is not installed correctly, it may cause these games to crash at startup.

The Lunge bug is one of the most common problems I’ve found in the Reddit discussions. This problem occurs when a character makes longe moves in the game.

In the Dragon Age Inquisition, a lunge and a slash are defined as a lunge forward followed by a slash turn when your first move connects. You can use this attack to finish off your opponents.

The error in surrendering is mainly due to GPU cards.

How do you solve problems related to the Dragon Age Inquisition?

Dealing with the Inquisition incident of the Dragon Age is not easy. The first step is to diagnose the problems that caused the accident.

More importantly, the fact that the Inquisition does not start depends on certain parameter changes or the configuration of the graphics card. This way you can be sure that the error is not caused by malware. You can use some PC repair tools, such as Reimage, to troubleshoot problems or search for software errors.

Method 1: Check if your PC meets the system requirements.

If your game crashes at boot time, the first thing you should do is check the minimum system requirements.

In this case, the system configuration must be updated.

Requirements for the Dragon Age System :

For Windows 10 users the Dragon Age Inquisition works best:

  • 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • 26 GB storage space
  • Direct X Version 10
  • AMD Radeon HD graphics card
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics card
  • 512 MB of graphic memory

Dragon Age Inquisition works well with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Method 2: Changing the start parameters

In some scenarios, the Dragon Age Inquisition is not started due to missing file configurations. As mentioned before, some crashes can be caused by an incompatible version of Windows.

You can try to adjust some startup settings to make the game work:

  • Open the file explorer and search the file in C: Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.
  • On the C: drive, right-click the Dragon Age file and select Properties.
  • Open Compatibility and select Run as Administrator.
  • Don’t forget to choose to run this program in compatibility mode and continue.
  • After changing these boot settings, the game will restart.

Make sure the game is working properly. If not, you can try a few more steps.

Method 3: Windows Execute Startup

If method 2 does not work, try a clean restart of Windows instead.

If Dragon Age Inquisition does not start on Windows 10, this may be due to a software problem.

A clean restart shuts down all running applications and ensures that an existing application or program in use is not affected.

Follow these steps to restart Windows:

  • Type RUN in the Windows search field and click Open.
  • Type the MSConfig command and click OK.
  • In this dialog box, select the Selective Execution checkbox on the General tab.
  • Deactivate the loading of smart objects.
  • On the Services tab, choose to Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Don’t forget to check the Initial start-up configuration box.

Apply these changes and click OK. Finally, restart the computer to perform a system reboot.

Method 4: Disabling anti-virus software

Some third-party programs, such as. Antivirus programs, for example, can block the Dragon Age Inquisition or prevent it from being launched. This does not mean that you need to uninstall this software.

Several Reddit users suggested turning off the antivirus at startup to fix the problem. Dragon Age boot crashes are most common in Avast and AVG antivirus programs.

This problem can be solved by disabling the antivirus software. You can also whitelist the Dragon Age Inquisition in the advanced settings of your program.

When it comes to shutting down, different antivirus programs have different methods. Therefore, please read the documentation beforehand.

In the AVG antivirus software, for example, you can select the duration of the shutdown. In the same way, Avast Cloud Antivirus allows you to choose how long the antivirus remains disabled.

Once the problem is resolved, you can uninstall the antivirus program and install another program to run Dragon Age.

Method 5: Graphics Card Driver Update

One of the reasons Dragon Age wasn’t launched is that most players like to play with high graphics settings. Playing Dragon Age Inquisition Steam in an ultra graphical environment will give you an incredible experience.

However, if the system does not match the graphics settings, your game may crash.

To solve this problem, try reducing the graphics settings. This could be at the heart of all the problems.

Updating your Graphics Card Drivers may solve the problem when you launch Dragon Age.

  • Go to the device manager or press Windows + X.
  • Locate the Display Adapter in the Device Manager.
  • Once you have found the name of the graphics card, right-click and select Update Driver.
  • You may need an active internet connection to perform this action. Automatically check for updates.

If this does not work, you can try updating a third party driver, such as Snappy Driver or Auslogics.

Some players use the Origins client for PC or Mac to download different games. This problem may be the result of a crash of the Dragon Age research system.

If you bought this game from Origins and the launch failed, you should try this method. The built-in Origins menu is one of the reasons why your game may crash.

You can try disabling the built-in menu and restarting the game.

  • Log in to the EA Games Client Control Panel.
  • In the Origin menu, select Application settings.
  • Clear the Enable Origin in-game checkbox to disable the in-game menu.
  • Reboot your computer and restart the game.

If the problem persists, try the following method.

Method 7: Uninstall the 3D Vision driver

Some attributes of Nvidia 3D Vision may not work, and this can be a frequent cause of Windows 10 boot errors.

To uninstall the 3D Vision driver:

  • Enter RUN in the search field.
  • In the appwiz.CPL dialog box, type appwiz. cpl and click OK.
  • Search NVIDIA 3D Vision software in the list.
  • Right-click on the option and then click Delete.

Once the driver is uninstalled, restart your computer and check that the Dragon Age is working normally.

Method 8: Displacement and reinstallation

If the above hacks haven’t helped you solve the crash of Dragon Age Inquisition, try to remove the game completely. The system file is probably damaged and causes a crash.

This process only takes a few minutes. You can delete the game in the Control Panel under Programs and Features or in the EA Control Panel.

Uninstall and reinstall to see if it works properly.

How do we reinstall the Dragon Age Inquisition?

Follow the steps below to reinstall this game:

  • Launch the Origin client and log into the EA Sports control panel.
  • Go to the EA Sports My Game Library.
  • Choose a Dragon Age game.
  • Download and run the game to make sure it works properly.


Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the best fantasy video games out there. It features various quests and missions and offers a great experience for users.

However, this is only possible if the game starts without a start error. The above hacks to solve the crash of Dragon Age Inquisition at the startup of Windows 10 can be applied one after the other.

If the problem is still not solved, you can contact a specialist to solve it.

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