No. 1 Question Everyone Working in Rca Universal Remote Should Know How to Answer

RCA Universal Remote: Provided the full range of equipment makers, models qualification, an RCA universal remote device consists of a complicated job achieving its billing. RCA sells remotes proficient at controlling as much as eight devices so — while programming may seem complicated — you’re just repeating precisely the same process for one device. Many components of your residence entertainment system can easily be discovered automatically by the universal remote. Even manual methods adhere to a simple pattern of steps to offer the authoritative remote command of your home theater.

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Auto Code Seek

However, “auto code search” is suggested by RCA clearly as the most straightforward way to program your remote. It may also cook the slowest.

Activate the Device to System

Boosts the device to program within your remote. No need to connect it to your current system; the component needs only power at this time.

Device Key on the Remote should be Press & Hold

Press the key similar to the device you’re programming. Many times, for example, a combined VCR/DVD key, you might want to select which method you will schedule by using a number key while holding the device key. VCRs use the next, for example, while DVD players make use of the number 3. Look at your remote’s instructions involved with these different numbers of critical options. Release both keys after you have entered a proper name.

RCA Universal Remote Code Book


Device keys controlling one single device, for example, a TV, don’t require a number key.

Prepare for Rca Universal Remote Code Search

The device which you are programming Press and hold its key, then press and keep the On/Off key until the key’s light comes on and stays on; then release both keys.

Start the Auto Code Look

Point the remote with the device you’re programming. Press the Play button upon the remote to transmit a bunch of 10 codes into the machine. Wait five seconds and watch regarding the device to switch off. When it is unable to, press Play throughout wait another five seconds. Continue this sequence so that the device turns off.

Recognize the correct code

Press the Reverse key located on the remote to cycle in the final batch of ten codes. Wait for at least three seconds after pressing Reverse to determine if the device turns on. If it isn’t, press reverses again until it definitely will do. When the device turns on, press the Stop key. The device is now programmed inside the universal remote memory.

Input Direct Code

When you are aware of the manufacturer’s code for your device you’re programming, entering it directly can be much quicker than by using the auto code search.

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Find the Device to Program

With the device to be programmed, switched on, press, and hold the corresponding device button toward the Remote. In your other hand, access the five-digit code for your device. The On/Off key goes out after entering the very first number but is going to brighten up once you have entered a valid code.

Check out Proper Procedure

Point the remote at the device and press the On/Off key. The device turns off if, by chance, you have entered an appropriate code for the device. Whether it doesn’t shut off, make use of the next code inside the manufacturer’s list of codes for that device type, and repeat 1st step.


You’ll discover device codes in your universal remote instructions or look these up online at RCA’s Remote Code Finder.

Brand Code Search

Some popular brands are held in the Remote’s memory. Limiting your search to at least one of these brands might be your quickest programming option.

Look forward the Brand Code specifically for your Equipment

That is caused by the universal remote’s instructions, locate and note the name code specifically for your device. Here is the number you will start the Remote.

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Prepare the Remote when it comes to the Brand Policy

Having the device being programmed turned on, press and hold the corresponding device key, then press and hold the On/Off key. The On/Off crucial light will go out, but grip the buttons until it ignites again. Release both keys at this time.

Join the Code

Utilize the number pad to enter the name code into the Remote.

Cycle Through Codes

Point the remote for the device and press the On/Off key, waiting at least two seconds. When the device shuts off, you have found the correct code. If it isn’t, press the On/Off key all over wait at the very least two seconds. Do this again until the device shuts off. Then press Stop to set the code, and you’re prepared to use the equipment.


In extreme cases, it’s possible to cycle manually through all codes saved in the universal remote’s memory. This happens to be similar to another method, but due to a good deal of equipment makers and models, it could be time-consuming.

Final Words

Were you getting a hard time tracking your entire remote controls? When you have a streaming player, DVD/Blu-Ray component, cable/satellite set-top box, and more, it could be overwhelming. But using an RCA universal RC could make it much better to manage. There exists a wide variety available, and depending on which model you decide on, you could manage about eight devices. Meaning forgets about needing to store a collection of remotes in one drawer or losing them altogether.

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But first, it’s essential to program it. Explore these small steps. But patience is crucial because sometimes the most critical try can fail. But don’t concern yourself with must-see, due to the time spent will ultimately be time saved for living without to change controls for every one device you have.

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