RCA Universal Remote Codes: A Complete Guide

RCA Universal Remote Codes – RCA Universal remote codes acts as an all-in-one control device if you are overwhelmed with devices such as streaming player, DVD/Blu-Ray player, D2H set-top box or cable connection and unable to manage all these devices with multiple remote controls. RCA Universal Remote Codes can be configured with any device and provide you a sophisticated view of channels from any device you own.

How to set RCA Universal Remote Codes?

If you already have a Vizio TV or ONN TV, this blog provides you how to program RCA codes for Vizio TV and RCA codes for ONN TV. You also get to know how to set RCA Universal Remote codes List 4 digit for your TV. If you are planning to buy a Vizio or ONN TV then you can make use of these instructions to code your remote.

Before you intend to code the RCA Universal Remote, ensure that your batteries present in it and also all the respective devices are connected and synced.

  • First, switch on and then turn on the device you wish to set up.
  • Press and release the button of the device that you wish your remote corresponds with. For example, if you want the remote to control your television or Blu-Ray player, first press and then release the TV button or the play button.
  • Within seconds the remote’s On/Off button lights up; let it remain lit.
  • Now, press and hold the device button and the remote on/off button together.
  • Wait for the On/Off button to relight and then release both the buttons. Make sure that the On/Off button is ON.
  • Now, press the Reverse button and release it immediately. Wait until the device turns back to ON position. If it does not, keep pressing it every 3 seconds until it does.
  • Press and free the Stop button to store the programming you have performed for the device in the remote’s memory.
  • Depending on the number of the device you wish to pair, repeat the aforementioned steps in the same pattern.


How to program RCA Universal Remote codes for Vizio TV?


Step 1: Turn on your Vizio TV manually.

Step 2: Press and hold the TV button for 5 seconds until the LED on the TV flashes two times; let the LED to remain enabled.

Step 3: Search the programming code for your Vizio TV in the code list and key in the same using the number buttons. The LED flashes one by one as soon as you enter each digit. If the code matches the number you entered, the LED blinks two times after the last digit is entered and then turns off.

Step 4: Place the Vizio remote control straight to your Vizio TV and press the Power button to turn on. If the TV shuts off automatically, then the setup is complete successfully. If not provide different codes and try the same steps again until you pair the remote with your TV.

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Please note that you can get the list from the Vizio TV’s official website.

How to program RCA Universal Remote codes for ONN TV?

ONN TV allows you to connect up to 4 various audio/video devices with its universal remote control. To use the remote, you have to control the devices connected to the TV.

You can make use of the following steps as a recommended procedure of programming your ONN TV devices with your ONN Universal Remote control.

  • Check for the remote code list from the user manual provided, and look for Device Category (i.e. TV, DVD, SAT, AUX, etc.) you wish to program and then search the BRAND of your connecting device.
  • Mark the codes under that brand and turn on the device manually that you wish to control.
  • Long-press the Setup button and wait until the red indicator light stays enabled at least for 2 seconds and then free up the Setup button.
  • Now press and release the device button on the remote; the red indicator blinks one time and then remains stable in the ON position.
  • Take the first 4-digit code you obtained from the code list with the help of the number buttons available on the remote.
  • If the code you entered is a valid one, the red light turns off, otherwise the red indicator light flashes and does not change until you re-enter the correct code. If you do not press any button up to 35 seconds, the remote exits the Setup mode and you will have to start it fresh.
  • Now show the remote near the device and press the Power button. In case the device turns off, you can stop proceeding further. If it does not turn off, repeat step 3 and make use of the next set of codes found in the list. Keep doing this process until you find the right code for your device in the list.


How to find the 4-digit Universal Remote code for your television?

Depending on the TV brand and type of device your TV is synced to, the four-digit code keeps changing. You get the code list along with your Universal Remote manual that you can make use of efficiently in a simple manner. Otherwise, you can refer to your television’s official website for pairing your Universal Remote with the devices you wish to sync. There are thousands of audio/video devices manufactured including televisions throughout the world. But region compatibility is something you have to look into. In case you buy a Vizio TV, which does not work in your region, it may not work with Universal Remote.


RCA Universal Remote codes are easy to set up if you find your device name properly in the code list. Hoping this blog was informative and able to serve you the purpose of the information you were looking for. If you have any queries about setting up your Universal Remote for your device that is synced with your television, you can anytime reach us through call, chat, or email.

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