Outlook 2016 Signature Button Not Working in Windows 10

The reader’s question:
Hey, Wally, I’ve got a 64-bit edition of Windows 10. Recently I installed the latest version of Office 365 (32 bits).

I have a problem with the expression perspective. The problem I have is I can’t sign autographs.

When I try to create a new signature, Outlook freezes and then shuts down. It’s a new facility! Did I miss something? I’m very confused. Any help would be appreciated. – Lisa D., Canada

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Wally’s answer: Problems with office products are rare, but if they do occur, they are generally quite problematic.

Don’t worry, we’ll back you up. This solution definitively solves the problem with the Outlook 2016 signature button.


The signature (and the Stationery and Fonts button) does not work.

No window will appear when you click the button in Outlook 2016.

Signature window - Perspectives 2016 - Settings - Signature button -- Windows Wally


This problem may occur if you have both the normal version of Outlook and the Windows App version installed at the same time.

A version of Microsoft Office may already be installed on your computer if it is a new or factory refurbished computer.


Follow these instructions.

Uninstalling desktop applications from Microsoft Office

We have two ways to deal with this problem. Use the second one if the first one does not work.

Uninstalling Microsoft Office Desktop Apps in theApps and Features window

Follow these instructions to remove Microsoft Office desktop applications from the Applications and Features window.

Press WindowsKey+X and click Applications and Features as shown below.

Outlook - Windows 10 - WindowsKey + X - Applications and Features - Windows Wally

Then scroll down the list of programs and search for Microsoft Office Desktop Apps in the program list. Click on it and remove it.

Signature window - Outlook 2016 - Microsoft Office Desktop Apps - Windows Wally

Now start the installation of Desktop/Outlook and select the option Restore.

If this does not solve the problem, please apply the following solution.

Using PowerShell to uninstall Microsoft Office Desktop Applications

Perform PowerShell in the administrator mode.

Press the Windows key and type PowerShell to start the search.

Signature window - Start menu - PowerShell - Windows 10 - Windows Wally

Now right-click as shown below and click Run as Administrator.

Signature window - Start menu - PowerShell - Run as administrator - Windows 10 - Windows Wally

When you see a prompt, click OK

Now copy and paste this command into the Windows PowerShell window and press Enter to execute the command.

Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | where-object {$_.packagename -like *Outlook*}. | Uninstallation of the application – online

So, uh… :

Get-AppxPackage *Outlook* | Delete-AppxPackage

Close and open the PowerShell window without running it as an administrator. Carry out this order:

Get-AppxPackage *Outlook* | Delete-AppxPackage

The Caption button (and the Fixed and Font buttons) is gray.

If the Signature button is gray and you cannot click it, it is a problem in the Windows registry.

This problem dates back to 2012, and some people still face it today.

Click here to see how to solve the problem.

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