Onboarding Strategies To Adopt In 2020

Recruitment is probably one of the most laborious operations for companies. Finding the right talent from the employee pool, understanding whether their behavioral aspects are suitable for the organization, and retaining the talent after recruitment is a difficult task.

This year’s pandemic has made the situation even more complicated for many. However, many people have simplified the process and made the employees feel at ease. Even with employees who work remotely.

A secret? Look for scalable solutions to meet changing needs.

Human resources managers implement digital tools to make their work onboard more comfortable and exciting. There are also many other new strategies that more and more human resources professionals are choosing to offer their new employees an unforgettable experience. Below you will find information about new trends.

Personalization of experience

If you personalize the experience of your employees, their chances of staying with the company increase with their productivity.

Personal experience helps you to ensure that the entire process runs flawlessly and enables your employees to get to know new information about the organization and its role in a much more comprehensive way.

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One of the tools to help you with this is online meeting software. With this tool, you can be sure that your employees will be able to deal with your company much better. You can organize a team meeting and then introduce new employees to the most important specialists in the organization.

You can also use this tool to offer training videos to your employees. This enables them to better retain their knowledge and helps you to observe the employee’s body language.

Making R&D an essential part of the organization

Learning and development is the most important determining factor to stay in an organization.

As soon as an employee feels that his or her growth is not aimed at everyone, the chances of him or her leaving the job only increase.

The main purpose of boarding is to prepare new employees so that they can bring everything they can bring to the job from day one. When you prepare your employees for weeks and months at work, they become far less productive than they could be.

So make sure you integrate L&D in your training modules and thus in the training process.

Start recruitment before recruiting new staff

Recruitment is a complex process when it comes to ensuring employee loyalty. Many have been confronted with situations in which the candidate withdraws after a careful selection, negotiation, and acceptance of the offer letters. This can both reduce costs and affect overall efficiency.

It is therefore important that you expand your onboard experience outside the office. Make sure you listen to the candidate’s questions, what he or she thinks, and what solutions you can offer in return.

Pre-planting is probably one of the most common strategies currently used by companies around the world.

Promotion of cooperation

Collaboration ensures that your new employees come into contact with your existing employees. If you are confident that your recruits will work with their teams from day one, it will help to significantly improve the experience onboard.

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You can organize a range of innovative activities such as quizzes, problem-solving and more to bring cooperation on board. It’s probably one of the best ways to help your new employees connect the day they join your organization.


Ensuring that new employees have a great deal of experience is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the HR role. When your new employees are satisfied, they tend to build a long-term relationship with the organization. That’s why you should always keep yourself informed when hiring new employees.

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