Missing “/extras/google/google_play_services/libproject” folder after update to revision 30 –

Development issue/problem:

I have updated the Google Play services from revision 29 to revision 30 using the Android SDK manager, but after the update the /extras/google/google_play_services/libproject directory disappeared and only the docs and samples directories remained.

I tried several times to uninstall and reinstall, but the libproject directory is still missing.

Has anyone had a problem with the update?

I use Debian Linux 8.4 (Jessie), although I think it has nothing to do with this problem.

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

It seems that Google has divided the services of Google Play into several libraries. You can find it in /extras/google/m2repository/com/google/android/gms if you also updated the Google repository using the SDK manager.

The various libraries are in aar format, so you’ll have to unpack the jar yourself if you want to.

Solution 2:

I’m currently working on an old project at Eclipse and I solved the problem a little differently than the others. For me, using a Google Play Service version 29 project, there were all kinds of addiction problems that I couldn’t solve. For example, he needed the v4 compatibility library, so I imported it, but even then he couldn’t find some of the resources he needed.

However, I was able to use version 28 without these problems and install the minimal version of my application as ICS. Below is a link to version 28. Download it, unzip it and unpack the libproject folder where it was before you deleted it.

Import the project into Eclipse (make sure the files you want to copy are selected) in the usual way, and you should have no problems.


Solution 3:

At this point I went back to revision 29 (which worked well) using the version history available on this site: http://www.smorgasbork.com/2015/01/05/google-play-services-sdk-version-history.

I think it is possible that this is a new format for which Google offers libraries (in .aar files) based on the description of the :

Give here a description of the image

Revision number 29 indicates the library and the example code of the customer, and revision number 30 indicates the javadocs and the example code.

Solution 4:

The folder m2repository contains the earth files used for android studio. If you look in the example folder and open one of the example applications in the project.properties file, you will see that the example applications always point to google-play services_lib. This will probably be solved by Google, I’ve also seen people complain about problems with display ads, so maybe they’ll come back with an update soon.

Solution No 5:

I posted a question about this on the Google Mobile Ads SDK developers forum. Summary of the response steps (by Veer Busani, Mobile Ads SDK Team) :

We never advise you to rename/change any part of the Android SDK. If you notice any problems, let us know and we’ll fix it. Regarding the integration with Mobile Ads/Unity/Android, I will definitely help you. If you are in version 30.0 (v 9.0) of the Google Play service, follow the steps below.

  • Create a new project and import the Mobile Ads Unity package.
  • Copy our demo script, create a new blank game object and add the script as part.
  • Right-click on the Asset > PlayServicesResolver folder and select Google Play Services > Resolve Client Jars.
  • There is a known problem with GMS version 30 in Unity. To build for Android, select Assets > Plugins > Android > Faerbase-Exchange-9.0.0.aar and disable Android under Plugin Platform in the Unity inspector.
  • Finally, change the package ID in the player settings and implement your great project on your Android device.

It worked.