Best and Top 5 Locanto Alternatives for Free Classified Ads

Locanto Alternatives for Free Classified Ads – Classified ads are a treasure for the businesses which seek potential buyers online. Apart from that, classified ads place a vital role in SEO function. SEO specialists make use of the classified ads wisely to improve the page visitors and also sites’ backlinks.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or retail business classified ads are always essentials. Posting free classified ads on sites like Locanto will yields you good results on boosting your online sales. Apart from just Locanto, you can find several best Locanto alternatives where you can post your site ads for free. 

Locanto is a very aged web app used for posting free classified sites and ads on a plethora of categories. Categories such as jobs, car sales, personal, gigs, furniture, apartments, buying cars, housing, etc. to name a few under Locanto services. Through this blog, we wish to bring it your expertise that all you need to know about Locanto and the best Locanto alternatives.

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Locanto, as a company, operated by a German-based startup by providing individual categories for jobs, community, personals, housing, services, resumes, etc. Although this company initially focused on New York, now it branched out to other countries with extensive services. Classified service with Locanto is more or less like an advertisement in Newspaper with minimal ad space but hosted for free similar to websites.

Top 5 Locanto Alternatives

Although every app has its renowned brand name when introduced, within a very few days, you get another app with the same or modernized features. Alternatives to Locanto too formed in such a manner. Besides there are plenty of Locanto alternatives, according to experts, the following five turned out to be the best.


Craigslist is an American classified ad website that has discrete columns for jobs, personals, community, resumes, and other services similar to Locanto. You can find a translation for the entire website and services provided by the company in multiple languages up to 15. Native language holders of English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Norse, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch, and Finnish can have a clear view of navigating on this website.

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Craigslist is not much popular as other Locanto alternatives, but it is successful due to its low budget services. It attracts customers to a great extent and even a small reach would make it well-liked. It could not continue with running ads for personal services due to strict rules passed on by the US government on sex trafficking and criminal activities.

Oodle Inc

Oodle Inc considered one of the largest classifieds with merging listings from multiple e-commerce websites and likewise local classifieds too. Therefore, you can call it the bests Locanto alternative. The company Oodle based in California and established in the year 2004. Oodle Inc made some superior changes to its website in terms of user interface design and user interface experience, after which many users started liking it.

People trust Oodle Inc because it eliminates fake listings after it integrated with Facebook for the same. It entitles strict terms and conditions, and so you have to be very careful while listing with Oodle.

Offer up

Offer up, one of the very popular Locanto alternatives started in Washington in the year 2011. The best thing with Offer up is it has a dedicated app for both Android and iOS, along with access to the website. Similar to an e-commerce website, Offer up has all categories covered up and is popular worldwide.

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The app version of Offer up has more than a million downloads, and the hits performed consequently and instantly. Nevertheless, the average time spent on this app was so close to that of Snapchat & Instagram and just close to Facebook, in the year 2015. Maybe sooner, users might completely migrate to the app version as the web version does not have the expected reach.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads, one of the well-known Locanto alternatives to many people around the world started to function in 2001. In fact, it highly matches the features of Craigslist. It provides additional services that you may not find in Craigslist though. You can look for buying or selling options for vehicles, pets, personals, services, real estate, community, rental or hiring services, jobs, and items for sale categories. The Classified Ads lifts you up by allowing posting ads on any category for no cost.

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It has branched out from the USA and Canada to the UK, India, Australia, the Pacific, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


Many don’t know that social media platform Facebook is the potential source to do business. In fact, many FB users think FB as a platform for just chatting and sharing information with their buddies. Facebook can lead you towards the target customers easily, so placing your site on Facebook Ads will yields you good results for your business success.

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You do not require any introduction about Facebook because almost of all us on it spending most of our time. But the Facebook ad is something you should know about. Posting ads on Facebook is not free of cost but effective because of the number of user engagement in the app. The best part is you can choose your own demography and post your ads accordingly.


I hope you had a thorough glance at Locanto Alternatives, and the blog was informative. There are several other alternatives to Locanto, which you can able to see through a simple Google search. But if you want to reach your local demography at an affordable cost then choosing the one among these six would be a wise decision.

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