Check out our exclusive Linux demo of the RTS ‘Liquidation’

Liquidation – Echoes of the Past is the next real-time strategy game from Kiwi Brothers Studio, and we have an exclusive Linux technical demo for you. This is somehow related to Loria, another RTS which is already available for Linux under the name Liquidation – Echoes of the Past. In collaboration with developer Loria, Echoes of the Past is building an updated version of some of the technologies used in this game with the Unity game engine.

Liquidation is the first real-time strategy game (RTS) in the universe, combining elements of fantasy and science fiction and incorporating single and multiplayer modes.

The game takes place in the dying airplane of Vea, which has been repeatedly destroyed in a massive war that has lasted for centuries and has exhausted the essence of life. As the damned world breathes its last, you ascend as an inferior deity whose task it is to restore the balance in Vea and end this war before it is too late.

Although it is still early, the workshop of the Kiwi brothers is impressive. Visually it looks great and fits well with the theme of fantasy, and it also feels a bit like Dawn of War and Starcraft II, with a mix of simple units and heroes with powerful abilities. The units have different skills you need to go from melee to ranged combat, from healing to special units, etc.

You’ll even get a glimpse of some interactions with the environment: exploding barrels that can remove trees to access new areas, and rocks blocking enemy fire. Explosive weapons like grenades and domes also repel units or kick them in the ass, and there’s a lot going on that makes it pretty exciting. After playing this very first demo, I need more, much more.

After the release they expect it to be a fairly multifunctional game, here are some highlights of their plans:
  • campaign: Learn about the world of liquidation and the characters in campaign mode, where you can play alone or in the henhouse.
  • Master of four unique factions: Command the remaining forces of the mad king of the Crusade of Shadows, the treacherous desert inhabitants of the Geselverbond, the diabolical legion of the Dutch, or all those who consume the old corruption, each with their own skills and weapons,
  • Every unit counts: Equip your troops with different types of weapons or equipment, use the environment as a cover, and lead them to victory.
  • Fighting AI: Fight against AI on various themed maps. Solo or with friends, you choose the level of difficulty!
  • Ranking and custom online multiplayer mode: Climb the online leaderboard or challenge your friends in different game modes with customizable settings!
  • Be a god: Create your own Avatar of the Deities and send yourself to the epicenter of battle!

Don’t forget that what you’re going to play is a work of youth and only a short piece. You can download it here. The developer will be grateful for any feedback. You can join your disagreement server to talk about it.

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You can keep an eye on Liquidation – Past Echo on Steam and next year’s kick-off here. I have to admit, I’m personally excited about this.

You are a developer and want to make your first Linux demo available for testing, feedback, and more? Talk to us here.

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