How to Take a Screenshot on Your Chromebook?

How to take a screenshot on your Chromebook? We all have been familiar with the use of MacOS and Windows since ages but Chromebook is a new subject for most of us. It may take a while for the majority to grasp all its features properly. Being pretty much different from a Windows laptop, it runs on the Chrome OS. Most of its features are available to use with the help of an Internet connection. Google provides 100 GB of Google Drive storage and your documents and apps will be present in the cloud storage. Now, if you are somewhat new to this platform, I guess you might have a little trouble in understanding its operation.

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Most people are finding it toilsome to perceive how they can take a screenshot in a Chromebook. And it is certain to happen because it is a little different from the ones you’ve used until this date. As in Windows, you had a “Print screen” option available to do the work. Well, that’s not the case in Chromebooks. In this discussion, we’ll go through several pandemoniums related to taking a screenshot in Chromebook precisely and clarify them one-by-one.

How to Take a Screenshot on Your Chromebook?

Well, the process is pretty simple but first, you need to decide whether you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen or just a part of the current screen. After being clear with your choice, you’re good to go. Before proceeding further, just check for the “Ctrl” key and the “Switch window” key. Having trouble to find the “Switch window” key, right? No problem, it is situated in the top row between the “Brightness down” and “Full-screen” buttons. You will recognize it when you see a rectangular box with two vertical lines at its right side.

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Now, the further steps for both the choices have been listed below properly.

Taking a Full Screenshot

For a full screenshot, you need to press the “Ctrl” key along with the “Switch window” key simultaneously. The screenshot of the entire screen will be taken followed by the notification in the bottom right corner of your screen which confirms that the screenshot you took has been saved.

Taking a Partial Screenshot

  • If you want to take the screenshot of a specific part of the screen, then just press the “Ctrl”, “Shift” and “Switch window” key together.
  • After doing this, you will notice the cursor on the screen changing to a crosshair. Now all you need to do is click and drag a square across the area of the screen you want to save as a screenshot.

How to Copy a Screenshot on Chromebook?

We do not have the facility of saving the screenshots as it happens in Windows as soon as you press the “Press screen” button.

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There can be several reasons to copy a screenshot. Inserting the screenshot in the text editor can be one of them. Check for the notification appearing at the bottom of the screen.

After clicking on the notification, click on the “Copy to clipboard” button and then follow the procedure given below to paste the screenshot.Screenshot On Chromebook

Pasting Screenshot on Chromebook

Yes, taking a screenshot on Chromebook might be a little different but the process of pasting it is the same as that in other systems. The same process of using Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot is needed in any of the text editors from the clipboard. Now, if you doubt this operation to be different in Chromebooks of different brands, then let’s clear them up as well.

  • No matter if the Chromebook is of Dell, Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo or any other brand, the method would be the same.

How to Edit a Screenshot?

After taking the screenshot, you need to learn how to use the in-built image editor on Chromebook and the following steps will show you how to do it:

  • After opening the “Downloads” folder, you can open the screenshot in the image viewer by double-clicking on it.
  • To edit the screenshot, click on the pen icon present at the bottom of the window. Various other tools are available to make any further modifications.
  • After you’ve finished with your editing work, click on the same(pen) icon again to close the editing window.
  • You cannot save copies of the image in your Chromebook because its in-built editor doesn’t allow to do so, so you must copy the image manually.

Other Methods to Take a Screenshot

Now, Chromebooks are also available in the form of 2-in-1s and tablets. In this case, operations need to be performed on the screen only as no keyboard is available. It is also simple like the keyboard method, just press both the “Power” and “Volume down” buttons simultaneously to capture a screenshot. You will see the notification of the full screenshot.

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And if you need a screenshot of a specific area, then you would require a stylus to select and hold the desired part to take a cropped screenshot on the Chromebook.

What do the Screenshots Go on Chromebook?

After discussing all about the screenshot, you must know where are saved. Those files are kept in the “Downloads” folder along with the date and time of capturing and it is easily accessible even if you aren’t online.

  • The screenshots are not directly saved into Google Drive. Instead, you need to do it yourself by manually moving the file from the location where it is saved for the local use.

Capturing Screenshots with the Help of an External Keyboard

While plugging an external keyboard, you’ve to keep this thing in your mind that it is different from your Chromebook’s standard keyboard. Still, it is very simple to capture the screenshot. The F5 button is the same as the “Switch window” button on Chromebook. Press Ctrl+F5 to take the screenshot.


The method of taking a screenshot in Chromebooks might not be the same but it is also not difficult to understand. Once you get familiar with this new system, performing the basic operations will soon become a piece of cake for you

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