How to Stop CCleaner Pop-up Ads

CCleaner is without a doubt a great tool that helps to rid our computer of garbage. But one of the features is that pop-up reminders continue to irritate users, and that’s when they begin to find ways to stop the pop-up message from CCleaner.

There is a special discussion thread on the CCleaner website where users complain about the messages and announcements that appear at the bottom right of the screen.

And this is boring!

Since Avast took over CCleaner, we have worked hard to benefit from this famous utility company. But there is a way to stop CCleaner popups, and in this article, we’ll go into that in detail.

You must update your version of CCleaner before following this manual. If you are using an older version, go to the official CCleaner website and download the latest update.

Then follow the instructions below.

  1. After updating CCleaner, look for the latest version in the left sidebar and click on Options.
  2. Now select the Privacy tab and uncheck the Show Offers box for our other products. After that, the coming summer sales will never bother you again.
  3. CCleaner has other popups, select the Smart Cleanup tab and delete the Warn me when there are unwanted files to clean up, so CCleaner won’t remind you to clean up unwanted files.

Disable CCleaner notification for new updates

  • Click on the Updates tab and deselect these options.
    • Apply these updates automatically
    • Let me know if there’s an update.
    • View notifications about these updates

This way you can stop CCleaner’s popup notification of new updates.

CCleaner often displays pop-ups with error messages in the registry files. You can easily disable these Ccleaner pop-up messages by doing the following:

  • Click the Advanced tab and disable the following options to disable errors related to registration problems in CCleaner.
    • Displaying a request to store registration questions
    • Include a list of Windows task transitions

So here’s how to stop CCleaner popups permanently in just a few minutes.

Pop-ups only appear if the application has multiple scripts or programs running in the background. This means that it consumes some of your computer’s resources, which ultimately slows down your system.

You can press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to check how many resources CCleaner uses when the pop-up window is displayed. It is, therefore, preferable to close these popup reports, which are also useless to us.

Another reason why you should disable CCleaner notification is that no one is going to maintain a giant banner that suddenly occupies 1/4 inch of your 15.6 laptops during an important meeting or presentation.

If you also agree, I suggest you follow the above methods and disable all CCleaner notifications and pop-ups.

These ads are commercially necessary, but CCleaner should limit these ads to the user interface and not interrupt users when they are not using the application.

Last words

In this article, we learned how to easily stop CCleaner pop-up messages. These messages are annoying and can appear at any time, usually when you turn on your computer.

Follow the instructions above and make sure the messages disappear forever.