How To Speed Up iPhone In 2020

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Are you irritated by the problems with the old iPhone? Don’t worry, we’ll discuss how easy it is to speed up the iPhone.

If that’s the case, you don’t have to try harder. For many people, the iPhone is the world leader in smartphones to ensure a seamless user experience. But it’s not a problem now.

For many reasons, the iPhone may slow down with age and not maintain its high performance like many other devices.

There are several hacks that can prevent problems with the performance of the iPhone. Because we live in the age of digital marketing where everything is needed under the roof of marketing and advertising, heavy advertising therefore greatly reduces the performance of the iPhone and can jeopardize your device by installing adware.

But for many reasons in common, I have new reasoning. Not only is there a battery failure or an IOS update problem, but there are also heavy screens that significantly affect performance, which can be solved by installing a screen lock. AdLock allows you to stop the ads on the iPhone.

The reason people worry about the iPhone’s performance is that it’s relatively more expensive than its competitors and users want it to work properly.

I assure you that by reading this manual carefully, you will be able to control headaches related to iPhone performance.

Reasons why the iPhone performs poorly

The following common cause may also be responsible for the inertia of your iPhone.

  • Your iPhone has little storage space
  • Unnecessary applications
  • Poor network connection
  • Battery for iPhone without power supply

The main argument for a slower iPhone, which I have pointed out, is the strong advertising, which destroys the iPhone’s time and processing power. The result is a slower iPhone.

Many video ads are shown while watching or using applications, reducing the battery life of the iPhone. Apple claims the old iPhone has a sick battery that can’t handle most data.

How to mount your iPhone?

In this email section, I’ll discuss traditional and advanced tips for speeding up your iPhone. The following tips contain solutions, but not all solutions are suitable for your iPhone. It changes, use the tips depending on the condition.

Disposal of resource-intensive applications

If you install an application and then look for the performance of your iPhone, this application may slow down the performance of your iPhone.

View this App Store in your iPhone Settings application. If it takes up extra memory, delete this request immediately.

Procedure: Go to General Settings > iPhone Memory[The list of applications appears], touch and hold the application that is using the additional memory to delete it.

Uninstall applications on your iPhone

Deletion of Safari cookies and data files

If you use the Safari browser on your iPhone, you will need to delete its cookies and data to free up disk space. This process can make surfing the web less comfortable, but it can eventually speed up your iPhone.

Procedure: Go to Safari > Preferences, click Clear History and Data.

Clear Cache Safari

Replacement of certain heavy-duty applications

If, after applying all the above tips, you ever feel restrained, you absolutely must follow this step. Replace Facebook and the Messenger application with the Lite version to get free space and start noticing fast performance.

Facebook and Messenger applications both take up too much space.

Vibration shutdown

Various vibrations caused by touching the screen can cause the battery to discharge very quickly. If you turn your mobile phone on vibrate off, the battery condition remains unchanged and you get high performance.

Use of an effective browser

An efficient and up-to-date browser is better suited for mobile health. Often the default browser doesn’t work as well as it should.

Replace your browser with Opera or Firefox to extend battery life and make your iPhone faster.

A healthy battery leads to high-quality treatment

Use the anti-lock braking system

Not everything that is advertised in commercials really deserves attention.

Sometimes there can be scams in advertising. People with less knowledge become crooks.

Not only is it individually annoying for the iPhone, but it also affects performance and business. Because the advertisement appears suddenly, which increases processing and slows down the speed of the iPhone.

For this purpose, an advertising blocker is introduced, and one of the most popular solutions is AdBlock.

- AdLock Blog

Activate the motion reduction mode to make the UI faster.

A good user interface enables organized transitions between animated applications. This transition absorbs the computing power of your iPhone and makes it slow.

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To solve this problem, you can activate reduced motion functions simply by touching.

Procedure: Set access movement and press Reduce movement.

Reduce movement on the iPhone

Note the ambient temperature

Temperature can affect mobile health. Whatever that phone is. Never use your iPhone in extreme weather conditions, hot or cold. None of these conditions are suitable for the battery or other components.

iPhone users receive this temperature warning - SlashGear

Free space on the phone

You can create a space on your iPhone to transfer old messages, photos, and videos to Google Drive Backup. If possible, delete unnecessary data from your iPhone.

This hack can increase both the storage capacity and speed of your iPhone.

How to create space on your iPhone or iPad | PCMag

Check the battery of your iPhone

If you think the battery life is getting shorter, check the condition of the battery. If the battery condition drops below 80%, replace it with a battery from an Apple power outlet. This step certainly affects the speed of your iPhone.

This battery problem usually occurs with older iPhone models such as iPhone 6.

How do I check the battery status of my iPhone?

Procedure: Go to parameter Battery condition [see Battery condition ].

Healthy battery for iPhone

Bottom row

There are many solutions on the internet, but not all of them can be used for different circumstances. The above burglars are versatile and easy to use to speed up your iPhone.

It is also preferable to restart your iPhone at the factory (at your own risk). This may be unnecessary due to backup problems.

I hope reading this article will help you.