How to Root Android Phone and Tablet [ Step by Step Guide]

How To Root Android Phone:- If you are familiar with most of the Linux commands and want to get into the nitty-gritty stuff in your android, you need to know how to root android phone you own. Superuser commands and controls can turn your phone into more of an efficient device you’ll ever want. Though a few users need to root their android phones as a range of latest smartphones has improvized over time, it is still useful to root your device in case you want to have specific apps to get them to work.

What is Rooted Android Phone?

Rooting your android phone refers to the process of acquiring access to commands, system settings, file & folder locations that are kept hidden or locked from the user. If you are familiar with the root user access in Linux, you can best relate Android Rooting to Linux operating system where the root user has access to everything in the system.

In a similar scenario here, rooting Android means promoting yourself from a system user to an administrator called the Superuser. Generally, users are not allowed to access that deeper side of their android phones, even though there are options available for that. That’s why there is a root user access provided in many smartphones. For security purposes, modern android OS restricts users from this accessibility.

How to root android phone

Why do you need to Root Android Phone? 

Several reasons give birth to the curiosity of why or How to root android phone such as ridding the preinstalled bloatware from your phone, running a firewall, tweaking and tuning-up device functions and appearance, or backing up your data. In certain situations, you might also need some apps that run on a rooted device only.

A few reasons to Root Android Phone

  • A superuser has the privilege to have complete control over the look and feel of the device by accessing the entire system files.
  • You can manipulate how the start screen appears, the battery icon, theme, and other animation on your device once you have the root access.
  • You can gain full control of kernels which blocks and unlocks Central and Graphical Processing Units.
  • You can run batch applications, create restore points for manual backups, and remove the undeletable applications from the android system easily.
  • You can also add custom firmware also known as custom ROM to gain access to additional controls on your rooted android device.

How to Root Android Phone

There are different ways and one-click apps that offer you a solution on how to root android phone, some may also need connectivity to a PC. I’ve described every possible method to help you get it done.

Methods to Root Android phone Using

  1. How to Root Android Phone using Kingo Root App (Using Computer)
  2. How to Root Android Phone without computer (Kingo Root App)
  3. Rooting Android Mobile using One Click App
  4. Rooting Android Phone using Framaroot  

Prepping to Root Android Phone

But before, you’ll need to have your phone ready with a backup plan and a restore point if anything goes wrong. Keep your device charged with a minimum 60% battery level and a stable internet connection. Now head to the following settings on your phone to enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking modes.

Go to Device Settings>>Developer Options (hidden by default).

  • If the developer options don’t show up, follow the steps given below.
  • Tap on About phone and look for Build Number.
  • Tap on it 7 times to enable Developer Options.
  • The Developer Option appears on the main screen settings once enabled.
  • Tap Back to see the developer options.
  • Go to Developer Options and enable USB Debugging as well as OEM Unlocking.

Method 1: How to Root Android Phone using Kingo Root App (Using Computer)

There are two ways to use Kingo Root App to root android phone, the one is using the app directly while the other uses a connection to PC. For this, you’ll require an additional software Odin to your phone via USB cable (enable the UDB Debugging mode on your phone first). Go through the instructions given below.

  1. Download the Windows version of Kingo Root App from
  2. Launch the Kingo Root App once your phone is connected to the computer via USB.
  3. The application then automatically detects your device and prompts whether to root it or not.
  4. Click Root, to allow the application to root your device.
  5. The process will take a few minutes.

Method 2. How to Root Android without computer (Kingo Root App)

You can easily use Kingo Root App to complete the root process with a single tap. The only difficult part is to check whether the app is supported on your device or not. Use the same link given in the previous method to root android phone.

Go to Settings>> Security>>Turn On Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.

  1. Download the Kingo Root APK from on your Android phone and run it.
  2. It will check whether your device is rootable or not.
  3. You can confirm the status if the One Click Root Button is active on your screen.
  1. Tap on the option and wait for about a minute to let the rooting process finish.
  2. A green check confirms that your device is successfully rooted now.

Method 3: Rooting Android Mobile using One Click App

One Click App is a paid mobile app to root android phone using computer. You’ll have to pay around $40 for its usage. This app also guarantees no harm unless you try to do it on your side. Follow these steps to use One Click Root to root android phone:

  1. Firstly, check if your device supports this Root Availability Tool at
  2. Then Download and install the program from
  3. Enable USB debugging in your device’s settings.
  4. Connect your Android device to you PC using a USB tethering cable.
  5. Run One Click Root Program and begin the Rooting process.
  6. Once finished, you’ll see a confirmation check.

Method 4: Rooting Android Phone using Framaroot    

This app is also not available on the Google play store so, download it manually from the link given below before you proceed. Framaroot application is also a one-click program that helps your root your device within seconds. Follow these steps to get the process better.  

  1. Download the APK file of Framaroot App from the link,
  2. Allow installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
  3. Install this file only if its fits compatible with your device else avoid installing.
  4. Run the app and tap on Root.
  5. Your device will be rooted once it confirms positively.

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Even though it’s completely legal to root your device, smartphone companies keep this feature hidden due to numerous reasons. Out of which dysfunction and internal damage are the biggest concern. Rooting your phone doesn’t guarantee 100 percent success. There are limited android phones that can be rooted. And of you miscue any move, you may have to lose all the vital stuff on your phone. Try these How to root android phone tips if you are aware of the cons.

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