How to program an RCA Universal Remote in 6 Simple Steps

How to program an RCA Universal Remote-  Are you tired and frustrated by changing your remote all time from TV to your DVR or online streaming box? Then it’s time to change your remote control device. Picking universal remote for your all electronic gadget could be a wise idea and it reduces your stress by getting rid of all your confusion on seeking appropriate remote for your TV, DVR, and other audio/video systems.

In today’s electronic world, you can find several brands manufacturing universal remotes among those picking the right and reliable one is a daunting task if you are not familiar with the points to look out before buying it. In recent times, RCA universal remotes are gaining popularity among consumers worldwide, especially in the U.S regions.

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RCA Universal Remotes

To be frank, RCA remotes have made our life easier by allowing us to control your entire home theater setup that includes TV, Set-top Box, amplifier, DVR, Audio System, and so with a single remote control. In order to make use of the Universal remote controlling operation of the RCA remotes, you need to be aware of certain Rca Remote Codes for pairing your electronic devices with your remote control.

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Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to program your RCA universal remote control. The reason for us to pick this topic is people use Google a lot for picking right Rca Remote Codes For Vizio Tv or other similar gadgetsTo assist people how are looking for the Rca Universal Remote Code Search we have listed the full procedure on how to program RCA universal remote.

Rca Remote Codes For Vizio Tv

How to program an RCA Universal Remote Code Search?

Trying to program your RCA universal remote without knowing Rca Universal Remote Code Book or without any references or expert’s guidance would be a freaking task to do. In practice, there are different ways by which you can pair your gadgets with RCA universal remote control. Here we discuss all the 3 possible ways with crystal clear procedure.

  • Programming RCA universal remote using Manual Code Search
  • Programming RCA universal remote having Code Search Button
  • Programming RCA universal remote without a Code Search Button

Having proper programming code for pairing your RCA remote with your gadget will be an easy task to do. Also, you seek help from the RCA Remote Code Finder for picking the right set of codes for pairing your device with RCA remote. Besides, there are few universal remote that comes with automatic code search feature this will allows you to simply sit back without worrying about surfing Google. Upcoming sections will discuss all those possible ways in detail.

Method 1: Pairing RCA Universal Remote Using Manual Code Search 

  • Make use of the RCA remote code finder to locate the exact code of the device which you want to pair with your remote. When compared with the remaining two other ways, this method of entering the pairing code manually on your RCA remote is the easiest and fastest method to pair. To find the right code, you need to pick the model number of your device in the RCA code finder followed by your product type.
  • The next step is to switch on your device which you want to control by pressing the POWER button.
  • Now, point your RCA universal remote towards the device in a straight path. You supposed to keep it in the same position as long you programming it.
  • On your remote, you can find buttons labeled with CBL, SAT, TV, and AUX. Here AUX button refers to the stereo device. Press the appropriate button which matches your device while doing so; you can notice the power light up.
  • Now, enter the exact code you picked from the code finder for your device on your remote by pressing the exact button that matches your device type.
  • Once you entered the code, you might notice the power light went off and turned on back. If the light starts to blink 4 times means you need to repeat the process again.

Method 2: Pairing RCA Universal Remote with Code Search Button

  • Turn on the device that you want to pair and on your RCA universal remote you may find a button labeling as ‘Code Search’ or ‘Set up’.
  • Press that button by pointing at your device and press the code search button until the power light turns on.
  • Now press and release the appropriate DEVICE button (TV, DVR, VCR, Cable, DBS, and so) on your remote by pointing at your device. By doing so power light will blink and then remains still.
  • Start press and release the POWER button on your remote by pointing straight to your device. This allows remote to test the pre-define code set each time you press the power button.
  • Once your device turns on, press the ENTER button on your remote to save it.

Method 3: Pairing RCA Universal Remote without Code Search Button

  • Turn your device which you want to pair with your RCA universal remote and point your universal remote towards your device.
  • Now, press and release the appropriate DEVICE button on your remote that matches your devices.
  • Press and hold the POWER button on your device and remote control until the power light turns off and on again.
  • Now press the PLAY or SLOW button on your remote by pointing at your device. Your device should turn off; else press the same button in a 5-sec gap until it turns off. So that remote will try with a different set of codes.
  • Once your device turns off, now press the REVERSE or SKIP BACK button on your remote by doing so your device should turn on. If not try pressing again with a 5-sec time gap until it turns on.
  • After your device turns on, press the STOP or OK button to lock the code on your RCA universal remote control.

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Setting up or pairing your RCA universal remote control with your gadget is a simple procedure however, the set of instructions given in the manual instructions could be so confusing for normal people. With our instruction, now everyone can easily program their RCA universal remote.

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