How To Make A Discord Bot: Ultimate Guide for 2022

How To Make A Discord Bot – Here is the solution to your question of how to make a discord bot? This blog acts as an ultimate guide providing feasible techniques to make a discord bot using multiple programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, and JavaScript.

You will learn how to make a discord bot online or how to make a discord bot on the Android platform. Among programming languages, Python is simple and most invited, and hence, this blog talks about how to make a discord bot Python in the upcoming sections.

What are these discord bots?

Discord bots are automated robots that join your server and respond to events they have been programmed for. When the programmed code triggers an action, your discord bot acts as similar to a user does. For example, discord bots are built on websites as chatbots, any mobile app that requires user interaction instead the bot does the job.

The discord bot process is so simple. It is a real-time messaging platform that provides all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers. It offers a sleek and easy-to-use interface and extensive features to make your website or application a real-time example of success.

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When a user or someone sends a chat message in your channel, your bot detects the new chat message and reads the message and then looks for random words that it has been programmed with, and then it replies to the user. It uses a Discord API server that links your bot to the programmed code and brings back to the system to respond.

Benefits of Discord bots

Discord bots provide wonderful benefits that you can make use of.

  • It maximizes productivity on your server.
  • It fetches important data that your server requires the bot to respond to.
  • It delivers notifications on important messages.
  • It also schedules events, moderating conversations, and more.

How to make a discord bot in the developer portal?

This method is considered primary before you dive into making a bot using Python. It lets you handle events and develop interesting automation by creating a few discord components.

  1. Create a discord account: First, you land on a login page, in usual terms called a landing page, either to create a new account or log in with existing credentials. To create a new account, you can click on Register and then follow the instructions that display on the screen to accomplish successful account creation. After you complete registration, you will be redirected to the developer’s portal for the next step.
  2. Create an application: With the help of an application, you can interact with Discord’s API with providing proper authentication tokens, user-level permissions, and more. Now as a next step, select the application when displayed on the screen, which you will have to name it later when prompted. Now select a name and click the Create option. Great! You have created a Discord application independently.
  3. Create a bot: The job of the bot user is to listen to messages or events and respond immediately to events and commands that have been previously programmed, on Discord. On the developer’s portal screen, select Add Bot and when the respective screen appears, click on Build a Bot. The bot inherits your application name by default. You can change your bot name and then click on Save Changes.
  4. Createaguild: This is the last step in making a discord bot using the developer portal. A guild is a specific group of channels where you can configure the chat. For example, if you want to create a forum, where more number of users come and discuss a topic that you have published about, then you start building your guild. In one single guild, you can have multiple channels such as general discussion, spoilers, beware, and announcements.

Once the Discord home page is created, you can view and invite your friends to populate it and send direct messages and guilds. Select the +icon on the left-hand side of the webpage and to create a server. It prompts you either to Create a Server or Join a Server. Choose to Create a Server and provide a name for your guild. After the guild is created, you will be able to see users on the right-hand side and channels on the left.

  1. Add a bot to the guild: An OAuth2 protocol is required for adding a bot to the guild as the bot cannot accept invites like a common user. Select the OAuth2 page on the developer’s portal from the left-side navigation to view the OAuth2 URL Generator. The generator provides an authorization tool for your Discord’s OAuth2 API and authorizes API access to use your application’s credentials.

Creating a Discord bot using Python:

The steps to create a discord bot using Python is similar to the steps you follow on a developer’s portal, but here you involve the complete coding process on your own and then develop, whereas the developer’s portal has coding built-in.

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As the first step, you create a Discord connection using by creating an instance of Client; then make the interaction with Discord APIs, use utility functions to print the name and identifier of the bot’s guild, bots responding to events, welcoming new members, responding to messages, handling exceptions and connecting a bot.

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Methods for developing a Discord bot differ from a beginner to an expert. You can approach us for any support on Discord bot development through chat, email, or other modes of communication. The process for making a Discord bot online is similar to how you make it online in a developer’s portal.

All you have to make sure is enough server space to run your Discord bot and code in such a way that your bot responds to events without any interruption or problem. Businesses have seen immense growth by introducing chatbots into their websites, which has a positive impact on programming languages you use to develop your Discord bot.

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