How to Export Spotify Playlist?

How to Export Spotify Playlist – Spotify is now one of the most well-known music utility platforms for tune lovers. It has an enormous collection of music from numerous artists from which the users can tailor playlists of their own choice.

Some of us are very delicate about the curated playlists and want to have backups somewhere outside Spotify. For them, there is a preparation to export Spotify playlists so that their prolonged selection doesn’t go to waste.

Though, Spotify is a very inflexible platform maintaining strict resource privacy over the internet. Being a closed platform, it disheartens users from grabbing any information outside the platform. Henceforth, to backup Spotify playlists, or download Spotify songs, you might have to use a third-party web app.

How to Export Spotify Playlist?

How to Export Spotify Playlist

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How can you export your Spotify playlist to Excel CSV file format?

The below steps will help you to export Spotify playlists in Excel CSV format to your device.

  1. First, you need to visit the web app at Soundiiz.
  2. Then, sign up, or log in with your IDs (email and password, or social media account).
  3. Now, from the left pane, you can simply connect to Spotify from Soundiiz the web app.
  1. Now, you’ll get your library from Spotify. it will usually comprise the playlists, albums, artists, and tracks from your Spotify account.
  2. Simply select playlists from the left pane to see your Spotify playlists, and you need to click on the three dots (…) next to the playlist you want to export.
  3. You simply need to select export as a file option from the menu list.
  1. After that, you need to choose the CSV file format from the next pop-up window and select songs from the playlist.
  2. Finally, simply confirm to download the Spotify playlist as a CSV file comprising information on your playlist.

How Can You Export Songs from Spotify to MP3 File Format?

  1. First, you need to download the NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter app on your computer and install it accordingly.
  2. After that, you need to open the app to begin the process.
  3. Then, you need to Input the link to the song or playlist to NoteBurner. Copy-paste or drag-drop would do.
  4. Now, you simply need to click on the gear icon from the top right corner for opening the settings menu; select MP3 format for the output song. At a similar time, you need to select a quality and destination path for the new track.
  5. Now, After selecting everything, click on the convert button to initiate the process Once the songs are converted to MP3, you’ll find them in the destination folder.

How can you Recover Your Deleted Playlist on Spotify?

Fortunately, you don’t require to use any outsider app or web service for Spotify to recover the playlist facility. You can simply delete your deleted playlist back staying inside Spotify. Check out the below steps:

  1. First, you need to Log in to your Spotify account.
  2. Then, simply click on your user icon from the top-rightmost corner of the window.
  3. Now, from the left pane of the account overview page, you’ll get the recover playlists option.
  4. By simply selecting the menu, you’ll see the deleted or lost playlist in the next window.
  5. After that, you simply need to hit the restore button next to the playlist you want to recover, and you’re done.

How to Export Spotify Playlist to Apple Music?

If you wish to export the Spotify playlist to Apple Music, you might use the Soundiiz web app that we have discussed in the earlier section. For that, you have to upgrade your subscription to premium. But if you cancel Spotify’s premium subscription, it won’t disturb you much. The steps are pretty simple to follow:

  1. First, after logging into the web app, you need to connect both Spotify and Apple Music to Soundiiz.
  2. After that, simply select playlists from the menu list and choose the Spotify playlist you want to export.
  3. Then, you simply have to click on the three dots (…) next to the playlist and choose the convert to… option from there.
  4. Now, From the next pop-up window, you will be able to input the title and description of the playlist or retain the current one and save the configuration.
  5. Simply select all those songs you need on the playlist on Apple Music, and hit on the confirm button.
  6. In the next window, you simply need to select the Apple Music icon and start converting until it appears to be accessible on your Apple Music profile.

How to Export Spotify Playlist to Google Play Music?

You will be able to back up the Spotify playlist to Google Play Music if you plan to remove your Spotify account in the future. But, to export a Spotify playlist to your Google Play Music account, you must trust any third-party app. Using Soundiiz you can transfer a playlist from Spotify to Play Music.

You simply need to follow the instructions in the earlier section where you were trying to perform a Spotify copy playlist to Google Play Music. Perform the same steps until you reach the window where you have to select a destination for the export. Instead of choosing Apple Music, you need to choose Google Play Music and start the conversion of the playlist. Don’t forget to connect the Google Play Music account first.

How can you export and back up music from Spotify to your iOS or Android devices?

  • First, you need to open the app and get your phone connected to the computer device.
  • After that, you simply need to select some music files from the ‘Media’ menu from the left pane.
  • Then, simply Hit the open button for the initiation of the export and When done, you’ll be able to find a backup copy of the designated folder.

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