How to Download Kik Messenger for PC (kik for PC)

How to Download Kik Messenger for PC:- Downloading Whatsapp and Allo Messengers are now not a surprise anymore. However, with the generation rapidly switching to the latest and instant messenger apps, wouldn’t be surprising. Kik, is one such app that swiftly has broken into the fort of traditional or long lasted chat apps recently. With accepting love from over 30 million users, Kik starts kicking the door the rest of the users. A major proportion of users are carrying out the talks via smartphones, some might be wanting this app to fuse with their PCs too. And for the much-needed support, here is How to Install and Login Kik Messenger for PC.

How to Download kik for PC

How to Download Kik Messenger for PC

What we have for PC users here: Media sharing (Including GIFs), private and secure and simple chat application, built-in YouTube support for searching and viewing, and is free of cost. And the touching feature for Desktop users will be you can browse the web using this messenger app. Things to enjoy with Kik messenger are somewhat similar including one out of the box capability like no other messenger app. Kik acts as a built-in web browser where you can put in search for anything to look for.

Things you are at ease with Kik messenger are:

  • Privacy Methods
  • Profile Management
  • Arranging Chat List
  • Live Typing and status
  • Delivery Reports
  • Read Receipts
  • Colour–Coded Chat Customization
  • Sound Notifications for sends and receives
  • Group Chats
  • Video Chats/Calls
  • Invitation to Friends
  • Add users using their Kik Code
  • Bot Shop

How to Download kik for PC

How to Download Install and Login kik for PC: There are 5 preferred ways at their basic, and these are what will be down here as you go on scrolling.

How to Download kik for PC

Method 1: Installing Kik Using Andy Emulator Software:

  • Let’s get started by downloading Andy Emulator Software first.
  • Install it and jump to the drawer section. (UI will be same asAndroid)
  • Check in at the Play Store and look for Kik Messenger.
  • Finally, install the package and Create your account by signing up.
  • Registering is same as you register while creating Google Account.
  • Choose a username and set a login password.

Method 2: Installing Kik Messenger Using Bluestacks:

  • Download Bluestacks at first, and install it on PC.
  • Rub the emulator app and launch it.
  • In the search bar, Type “Kik Messenger” and download it from the library.
  • Install it and then run the app from “My Apps” category in Bluestacks.
  • Run Kik and get registered as said above.

Method 3: Installing Kik Messenger Using Youwave:

  • Get You Wave App first and install it on your Desktop.
  • Go to Google Play Store from there.
  • Search for Kik Messenger and install it from there.
  • There you go, Put it to some use and get signed up.

Method 4: Chrome Extension

  • Download Chrome extension first.
  • Now launch it and search for “Chrome Extension for Kik”
  • Follow an authenticated or verified download link from there and add it by choosing “Add to Chrome”.
  • All settogo, Kik Messenger is ready to use now.

Method 5: Installing Kik Messenger for PC using Leapdroid Emulator

  • Get it and install it first.
  • Go to Play store and Type to search for Kik Messenger on the list.
  • Download it and you are ready to sign up.

How to Log in to Kik Messenger on PC?

  • It is rather simpler than what is described above. Here you go.
  • Things you’ll require to put on the table are:
  • First and Last Names (Which also appears as your Screen Name).
  • Your name will be searched for availability first (just Like Google Sign up).
  • Enter your email IDin the required field which is to get verified soon after you register.
  • And password to set (Make sure it’s strength and length and is hard enough to guess)
  • Next, you’ll need will be your Date of Birth.
  • If below 13, you won’t be able to access this messenger.

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So, the reviews and ratings say it all; and superseding other Apps like Allo, Line, WhatsApp, etc. Kik seems like a sound and secure option top hand out with your friends and family. You need no contact number to put everywhere. And a special concerned parent can sigh freely, as the kids below 13 won’t have access to it.

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