How to Customize Sidecar on Mac

Are you that person who has dozens of tabs open? Do you struggle to find the tab you need? Maybe you need to use Sidecar on Mac computers so that you can spread your tabs across multiple displays.

Sidecar is an excellent recent addition to Apple’s features. You can use your iPad as a second monitor, or you can use it as a tablet for drawing and annotating.

Read on to learn how you can customize Sidecar and its features.

Set Up a Second Display

One of the best ways to customize Sidecar on a Mac is to use your iPad as a second display. If you want to extend your desktop but don’t want to buy a second monitor, use your iPad.

You’ll need to use the same Apple ID on your Mac and iPad so that they can connect. Both devices also need to be compatible with Apple’s Continuity feature.

You can connect to your iPad by using System Preferences on your Mac. Once you connect, you can show your iPad as a second screen, and you’ll be able to drag windows between the two monitors.

Mirror Your Desktop

Another way you can customize your Sidecar is to have your iPad screen mirror your desktop. You can do this by following the same steps as setting up a second display.

However, you’ll need to go to the Screen Mirroring menu and select “Mirror Built-In Retina Display.” That will show the same screen on your Mac and iPad, which can be useful for viewing media or sharing something with other people to view.

Artists can also take advantage of the iPad’s touchscreen while still using desktop programs. So you can create digital art more easily.

Use Gesture Controls

Whether you use a second display or mirror your Mac, you can customize your Apple Sidecar experience. You have access to gesture controls from both the Mac and iPad.

Pinch in with three fingers twice to cut something. If you want to copy text, you can pinch with three fingers one time. To paste, you’ll need to pinch out with three fingers.

Swipe three fingers to the left on your iPad screen to undo something. And to redo something, you can swipe three fingers to the right side of the screen. That way, you don’t have to use keyboard shortcuts or other complex steps.

Move Your Touch Bar

Moving the Touch Bar around is one of the best options when to comes to customizing Sidecar on Mac computers. You get access to a Touch Bar on your iPad screen, and your Mac doesn’t even need the feature itself.

The Touch Bar can go on the top or bottom of the screen, so you can access it wherever is more comfortable. And if you don’t need or want it, you can hide the Touch Bar and have more space on the touchscreen.

You’ll be able to use the bar with the same apps as the bar on your Mac. That way, you can easily change certain settings or access other features and customizations.

Move Your Sidebar

The sidebar is another moveable feature of Sidecar. If you want to use Sidecar to mirror your Mac display, you can use the sidebar to access keys like Command, Option, and Shift.

You won’t have to take your hand off the iPad to use those controls, so you can get more work done in less time. Double tapping a key will keep the key in use, so you don’t have to hold it down.

Then, you can focus on drawing or whatever else you want to do with Apple Sidecar. And you can customize your experience even more by moving the sidebar.

Turn It Into a Tablet

If you want to use your Mac for drawing, you need to customize Sidecar. You can follow the steps to mirror your display, so you can draw right in some of your favorite apps.

Sidecar is compatible with many apps, including Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, and CorelDRAW. While you can use the touchscreen on a Windows computer, you don’t need a whole new device.

As long as you own a compatible Mac and iPad, turning the iPad into a tablet is a no-brainer. You don’t need to learn a different operating system to bring your ideas to life.

Grab Your Apple Pencil

Using an Apple Pencil can help you with customizing Sidecar on a Mac. You can use your Apple Pencil to draw whether you have your iPad screen mirror your Mac or use two displays.

Make sure you can access the window for a program like Illustrator on your iPad screen. Take your Apple Pencil and start drawing to get the precise results you want.

If you’ve never used an Apple Pencil, make sure you connect it to your iPad. Then, you can use it like you’re drawing on paper.

Ensure You Have Compatible Tech

Knowing how to customize Sidecar is important, but you may be due for a computer upgrade if you have an older model. You need both a compatible Mac and iPad to use Apple Sidecar. If you want to draw, you’ll also need the right Apple Pencil.

Compatible iPads include the iPad Pro in various sizes and the iPad Air 3rd generation or later. You can also use Sidecar on an iPad 6th generation or later or an iPad mini 5th generation or later.

MacBooks and MacBook Pros from 2016 and on support Sidecar as well as MacBook Airs from 2018 or later. You can use an iMac from 2015 or later or a Mac mini from 2018 and later with Sidecar.

If you have a Mac Pro, it needs to be from 2019 or later, and an iMac Pro needs to be from 2017 or later to be compatible. No matter which devices you use, both need to use the same Apple ID and be on WiFi or Bluetooth.

How Will You Use Sidecar on Mac?

One of the best features of recent Apple devices has to be Sidecar on Mac computers and iPads. You can use Sidecar to connect the two devices and use a second display or mirror your screen.

Then, you can draw or simply take advantage of more screen real estate. If you want to be more productive, using Sidecar is a fantastic option.

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