How to Add Sleep Tracking in Apple Watch

Hibernation is available on all Apple Watch Series 3 and newer models. This is an automatic function that tracks data. This feature is useful when you go to bed and wear your Smartwatch and don’t want to adjust it.

While we can easily set up sleep monitoring on Apple Watch, you can do it more easily on your iPhone. You need to make sure your iPhone is running iOS 14 or later. He should have WatchOS 7 or higher. If these versions are not available, the sleep mode cannot be monitored.

Apple Alarm Wake Up to Sleep

Enabling the Sleep Tracking Dream function of the Apple Watch

Here is the explanation of the steps: –

Step 1

Click on it first and open the health application on your iPhone. Just go to the main screen and use the Spotlight search function to find the status of the application.

Step 2

Now go to the Browse tab and select the Sleep option.

We can now easily plan our routine for the night. Thanks to the ideal time in the calendar, Apple Watch’s activity can be tracked while you sleep.

It will allow us to set an automatic alarm clock to wake us up in the morning.

Step 3

Now click on the Full program and options.

Step 4

Then click on Define the first program in the Full program section.

Step 5

Select the days you want to plan and use them. Now you need to set both sleep time and wake-up time.

Step 6

If a fine-tuning of the alarm is required, this can be done below. Then click on the Add button in the upper right corner.

We can add as many schematics as we need here. By simply clicking on the option Add a schedule for other days, we can add other schedules.

Step 7

When you set the schedule, scroll down to adjust the sleep, power off, and wind label settings. Click on the Options button to continue working.

Step 8

We can now activate all the options we need in the sleep mode menu.

Step 9

If necessary, we can activate both options in automatic mode and spend time in bed with the iPhone.

Step 10

Once this is done, the Do Not Disturb automatically turns on when the iPhone is in standby mode. It turns off all other notifications when the iPhone is on standby.

Step 11

Now scroll down and select Manage Sleep in Apple Watch.

Step 12

Activate all necessary settings here. Again, we need to switch to the Automatic and Sleep on Track option with Apple Watch.

It prevents the screen from being disturbed and prevents it from lying in the sun while sleeping.

Hibernation is now enabled on Apple Watch. Just stand above the bed and the sleep monitoring function takes care of the time.

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When you’re awake, you can check how long you’ve been asleep, and when you’re awake, you can access the iPhone health application.

The downside is that Apple watches are never as accurate as a sleep monitor. Although this gives you a rough idea of how long and when you will sleep.

Work and sleep monitoring Apple Watch

Sleep monitoring in Apple watches has the existing sleep time function in the iPhone Watch application. This function is now called Sleep. We can easily turn it on and set up a schedule.

You need to be ready to go to bed before you hand out your bedtime. At this point, the Apple watch gets a little boring and locked. You will see that the watch is in standby mode.

They do not disturb function is activated in automatic mode but can be deactivated after adjustment to sleep mode.

We can also choose whether or not to charge for reminders. For example, you can earn an hourly wage at night if you are paid less than 30%.

If the series 4 or 5, it can work harder at night if it loads a little during the day. However, in the case of Series 3, the full amount will be charged.

In standby mode, we need to rotate the digital crown to unlock the watch. It’s the same as when you come out of the water after swimming.

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It’s actually annoying when you have to wake up at night and look for something.

We can deactivate sleep mode at any time. Even if you have activated sleep mode, it is not tracked.

How to view sleep monitoring results

The focus of sleep monitoring is the time you spend in bed. He’ll know when you’re awake and using your iPhone.

To view your sleep results, simply go to the Browse option and click the Sleep button in the health application. You will receive all the information you need about sleep monitoring in your device. The sleep plan and sleep destination can be displayed and selected on the screen using this information. It tells you what time you’re in bed and when you’re asleep.


Learn how to set up sleep control on Apple Watch. It’s best to use your iPhone for this purpose. We’ve also discovered how to keep an eye on your dreams.