Here’s Some Useful Adobe Tricks and Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

Adobe products are the consumer and industry standard for image editing and media creation, among a multitude of other uses.

The popularity of these tools stems from their robust set of features. But that density can make learning the tools difficult for first-time users.

To help you get a handle on these powerful programs, here are some top Adobe hacks to help get you going.

In Adobe Illustrator, Always Start With a Sketch

If you have any traditional artistic training, you know that sketching before illustrating is a basic tenet. But for those of us less artistically inclined, it can be an easy beginner’s mistake to make. Particularly if all we’re illustrating are simple icons or logos.

Diving into Illustrator and creating images can be a good way to learn how all of the basic tools work. But when it comes time to create professional work, it’s not an ideal way to go about it.

Even if you don’t have a drawing pad or a tablet, sketching with the mouse can be enough to lay the foundations for the finished design. Remember, it’s only a sketch, you’re not going to be hanging it in the Louvre.

Use Adobe Acrobat to View Your PDF’s on the Go

Adobe features aren’t all about media editing. Adobe Acrobat remains a must-have tool in almost any profession.

You may already recognize it as the go-to tool to create and read PDF files. But with the cloud, you can also access your PDFs on the go via your mobile device.

To enable this ability, go into Acrobat and turn on the Mobile Link feature. Then install the Adobe Reader app on your phone or tablet and you can now access all of your PDFs wherever you are. No more fumbling with thumb drives or cumbersome email attachments.

Easily Remove Photo Backgrounds With Adobe Spark

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a bundle of design tools like Photoshop and Premiere Pro. But a potent tool for producing quick media on the go is Adobe Spark.

Spark comes with a mobile-optimized photo editor, vector editor, and text editor among other tools. For example, it has a dedicated function to quickly and easily remove photo background. It’s far and away more convenient than using the magnetic lasso tool in photoshop, especially on mobile.

Make Life Easier With These Simple Adobe Hacks

Adobe’s design suites are the premier toolsets for a variety of professions, creative and otherwise. And they’re not likely to go anywhere anytime soon.

Using these Adobe hacks as a jumping-off point can put you on the right path to mastering everything that these programs have to offer, putting you in a competitive position moving forward.

But these are just a few programs worth mastering. For all the hacks you need to reach the top of your game and stay there, be sure to keep up with all of our latest tips and guides.

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