Best Final Fantasy 14 Classes You Can Find In 2022

Best Final Fantasy 14 Classes  – It can be quite enervating to find out a satisfactory list of Final Fantasy 14 Classes. Though there are various classes, you may find it toilsome to obtain the best among them. So, we have got you covered with the best Final Fantasy 14 classes in this article.

About the Game Final Fantasy 14 Classes

Final Fantasy is a Japanese fantasy game that was released in the year 1987. This RPG game has been a huge success that has sold more than 149 million games across the globe, due to which it has become one of the best-selling games of all time. Everything in the game is worth looking for. The game has got a good response worldwide as per the reports of various well-known gaming websites and magazines.

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Now, here’s a list that contains all the 10 best Final Fantasy 14 classes that have emerged to be great since the beginning of the franchise. Plus, there’s a description for the solo classes as well.

Dark Knight 

Final Fantasy 14 Dark Knight firstly came into being in the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. The key thing to note here is that there’s no requirement for the base class. Also, it starts at level 30 after you’re done with the quest “Our End”.

Well, you can call it as one of the best classes because all the characters available in this class come prepared with high health and defense backed up by a long, twisted sword. Moreover, they use black magic as well.


Gunner class had the best of it in X-2. You could have them prepared there to use all the special shots. There’s a great use of blades, fists, magic, etc. Gunner class includes many of the great characters such as Vincent Valentine, the pirate Balthier, Lightning, and Leon.

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The sealer class works as a healer or provides magical damage. This is one of the best Final Fantasy 14 classes that can often be described as Red Mages because they are subjected to casting both offensives as well as defensive spells. Plus, they also don’t lose the way to acquire their high-level spells.

This is the reason what makes them one of the most liked classes who can do both the work of healing as well as giving damage.


For the Ninja class, you need to unlock the Rogue’s Guild. It is also one of the best solo classes in Final Fantasy 14. The impressive thing about this class is their speed and power. Although the HP and defenses are not at the apex in the melee unit but still, their Throw command can be used to throw various items that will give good damage.

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Besides, throwing shuriken will provide great damage. You just need to purchase this additional item. The role of the Ninja class is to give powerful physical damage.


Dragoon is the class that emphasizes mostly on the physical damage as they prefer spears and lances over the swords but they also grant the worst punishment and take up great damage from the enemies. The remarkable aspect of Dragoon is their Jump ability and also, they are swifter than others when it comes to armored class members.

Black Mage 

How can you forget Black Mages in the list? They deserve a good position in the entry for one of the best Final Fantasy 14 classes. Various warriors in the category can impart an enormous amount of damage. Most importantly, Ultima is the most powerful spell. Moreover, Black Mage has been in Final Fantasy since the beginning. And if other installments were your favorites, then you might be knowing better about Vivi and Lulu.


Paladin is one of the Ffxiv Best Solo Class available in the game. It is a tank that also ensures a little healing ability side by side. You can save yourself when your other companions are wounded. This is provided by the Cover ability of the class. With their minor healing power, they also help the team’s White Mage.


A summoner is also a good option when it comes to contemplating the Final Fantasy 14 classes. They are the wizards who ambush with an assortment of magical beasts. Though you need more MP, they dish out great damage to the opponents.

Yeah, they do have a little less physical and weapon capability, but their magical powers fulfill all the voids. There are various examples for this one including Rydia as the Black Mage in FF4. Yuna is also one of the preferred options if you want to opt for someone who’s kind in nature.

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Red Mage 

Red Mages are also one of the best Final Fantasy 14 classes that have been entrusted with both offensive and defensive abilities. Including team to your team will be a great option. Besides, they can also be equipped with swords and other non-mage weapons. They were considered to be the best in the early installment of the Final Fantasy franchise.


With Tifa and Yang in this category, this is one of those classes that you cannot forget taking into account. Surprisingly, they have no weapons and the armor choice is less, but they would give others a run-for-the-money. Suplex is one of the best moves of the Monk class that can bring out great havoc and damage. Also, if you consider breaking someone’s skull with bare hands, then your search for the class ends up here.

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List of Popular Class Job Tier 

Here we have listed few of the best Ff14 Class Tier List take a look:

  • S tier: drg, ast, war.
  • A tier: sch,mch,drk.
  • B tier: smn, blm, brd.
  • C tier: whm, mnk, pld.


To sum up the above illustrated, the list may vary in the opinion of others, but still, it would help you to get a brief idea about the ten classes in the Final Fantasy 14 game. Pick up the one that, you feel is the best in your vision.

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