Ecobee Vs Nest: Difference between the two & how to pick the best

Ecobee Vs Nest: About smart thermostats, there are a couple of names that tend into the future up higher than the other: Nest and Ecobee. Nest was one of the first thermostats to market with smart technology built-in. It won the country over and done with its power to learn and program itself to decrease energy costs.

Ecobee, then again, tended to stay underneath the radar and just make great products. Relying more on referrals and sheer technological advancements to power sales, soon, the saying was out.

Now, both smart home giants, they tend to have revamped their thermostats to help a higher number of people to make a purchase and start to get straight into the intelligent home thermostat game. The Nest E surfaced for being a budget-friendly variety of the central Nest smart thermostat. Not to be outdone, Ecobee also rolled out the Ecobee3 Lite as a possible entry-level, budget-friendly model. Ever since the two have similar functions and are generally similarly priced, choosing between them is difficult.

I’m my opinion, via Ecobee3 Lite will be the better option. Let’s get to know why.

Ecobee Vs Nest 2019

  • The Lite possesses a large touchscreen interface, exactly where the E just has got a frosted glass display.
  • The Nest E has maintained the learning technology that made Nest famous, Ecobee3 Lite doesn’t learn.
  • Nest E is not appropriate for Apple HomeKit, where Ecobee3 Lite is.
  • Homes without a C-wire can make use of the Ecobee3 Lite’s PEK, something Nest E doesn’t have.
  • The house Sensors that made Ecobee stick out aren’t available with Nest thermostats.
  • The Nest E is almost an inch smaller in all directions.

You can find more details when you visit the discussion thread on Ecobee Vs Nest Reddit 2019.


Both thermostats present you with a DIY installation that shouldn’t take you very long to set up. From box opening to turning your heating or air condition on for the very first time considering the Xbox should only take between 30 and 45 minutes.

The Ecobee3 Lite make installation and set up pretty simple. You’ll need to insert the mobile app to link your internal system to the cloud services for accurate temperature monitoring.

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Installation is pretty straightforward. I won’t go into quite a lot of detail here, but the general strategy is to get rid of the traditional system, taking note of wherein the wires are connected.

When the old thermostat is taken away, install the backing plate to the wall (making use of the larger plate to handle any unpainted surfaces or a larger hole from your own old thermostat. Include the wires back where they have been, following your picture just like a guide. Place the faceplate in position and boot the device.

The mobile app will guide you step-by-step within the setup procedure which should cover activation of the Airconditioning, controls, wireless network connection and first-time usage.

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The Nest E is comparable, and you will certainly want to buy the mobile app to perform the majority of the setup. Installation is nearly identical, making use of the location considering the wires to connect with the same ports for system functionality.

Once installed the mobile app will walk you along with the treatment of initial created. This particular toward the Nest E will certainly make the method a bit slower when you need to turn it onto choose characters and items in your arrange process.

Overall the process is easy to do, even if it can possibly be frustrating if you really generate a mistake and also to start over.

HVAC Options

With regards to a year, ago the Ecobee3 Lite didn’t have any humidifier, dehumidifier, or ventilation controls. Should you have this technology or plan to add them someday, you wouldn’t may the Ecobee3 Lite.

However, in that time, Ecobee has pushed out a firmware and software update that lets control over humidifiers and ventilation. You should still control dehumidifier setups, accordingly, should you now have one, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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That elsewhere often is the Nest E thermostats. You’re able to control all together systems when using the Nest E but on a limited basis. You won’t have the ability to possess a dual humidifier or ventilation created, which can affect a smallish percentage you. 4H, 2C isn’t likely to be your selection, whether with the system. 1H, 1C, or 2H, 1C, however, would work just fine.

Room Sensors

One of the most prominent draws into the Ecobee method is the usage of room sensors. These sensors are placed to note the temperature of the specific room. Ecobee calls this The Away system where it lowers power usage and temperature when no is home.

Unfortunately, the Ecobee 3 Lite doesn’t include one or more of these room sensors, and then you can purchase them from the website or third-party online vendors.

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Nest doesn’t have any place sensors at all. It hinges on the ambient temperature around the thermostat along with information worked due to the wireless connection in regard to the weather, outside temperature, plus your heating and cooling patterns.


Smart thermostats are popular for a large number of reasons, the most important reason being the life energy cost reduction. However, they are pretty to examine in observation of the old mercury switch style square boxes we’ve had on the existing walls our entire lives.

The display aids the sleek design. Ecobee3 Lite’s screen is 3.5 inches in proportion by using a high-definition display so you could see from a distance. It is also a touchscreen that allows you to use the interface readily available with no need to trust the app or any other commands.

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The Nest E went for a better stylistic approach, and the display is just that: a display. Even though it is a frosted glass that looks great attached to the wall, the show is low resolution and can be challenging to read from through hall. The interface is certainly not touch-enabled, and instead, you should make use of the familiar outer ring to alter settings or created programming.

If you have any questions about Ecobee Vs Nest Vs Sensi let us know and we will present you with all details.

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