Destiny 2 Xur: Where Is Xur Destiny 2 Today

If you played Destiny 2 Xur, you might be aware of Xur, the weekly Exotic item merchant. In Destiny 2, he’s back, and he now appears within the map. Now, you’ll discover Xur on Nessus, displayed on Calus’ Barge.


Starfire Protocol will rarely be a worthwhile exotic. Its perk is Fusion Harness, which grants you additional operating fusion grenades and results in fusion grenade kill to give you Rift energy. The fusion grenades are somewhat sub-par in Destiny 2, which makes this perk mostly useless. It also implies that you use Dawnblade, which happens to be the least useful considering the Warlock attributes. If you admire being a Dawnblade and employing fusion grenades, you then should pick this up. In case you don’t often use either, skip it.


This happens to be exotic from Warmind, so almost everyone ought to have it, as long as they’ve beaten Xol along a Titan. Its exotic perk is Burning Fists, which causes melee kills to increase melee damage for a length of time further. You could extend the duration of this situation that comes with melee kills.

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These gauntlets are dependable if you have a great time up close. If you do, don’t get them yet, buy Wormgod Caress from Xur soon.


About Hunter’s exotics, Dragon’s Shadow is merely decent. Its exotic perk, Wraithmetal Mail, will reload all of Hunter’s weapons during a dodge, which likewise increases movement and handling speed to obtain a brief time after. This bonus is generally useful for PvP. However, Hunters have got Foetracer as well as other excellent PvP exotics to take. If you’re a hardcore PvP player or be stuck caught 2v1s frequently, pick this up. If none of the particular relates to you, skip it.


Tractor Cannon can be considered an exotic shotgun. Its Repulsor Force and exotic perk creates the weapon to fire intense pulses that suppress their abilities and push foes away from the user. Moreover, it makes them sensitive to damage. Its another perk, The Scientific Mode, creates damaging opponents temporarily raise the weapon’s stats.

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Tractor Cannon is a powerful weapon in both the PvP and PvE. It could instantly kill Guardians from their Super, or help your Fireteam melt someone else in charge. If you don’t have this one yet, this is an excellent opportunity to select it.

Destiny 2 Xur Location Today

Define Xur

If you’re a beginner to Destiny 2 and require more details about how this works, you should be made aware of what Xur is typically a special vendor who sells exotic weapons and armor. Each week, he visits the solar system by using a slate of goods, including an exotic weapon, as well as one part of Exotic armor for every one-character class. Lately, he carries Fated Engrams, which guarantee players an exotic drop they don’t surely have beginning with the variety of exotics from before the launch of Shadowkeep.

Where Is Xur Destiny 2 Today

Xur’s wares to get these five days

(February 14, 2020, to February 18, 2020)

Today, you can find Xur in addition to the barge in Nessus (the region where Werner 99-40 also resides). To find him, load straight into the Watcher’s Grave landing zone and walk northwest so that you can see a big ship floating above the ground. Jump on your ship, and you’ll find Xur relaxing upon the front of a given ship, in the middle of golden chests.

Destiny 2 provides armor and weapons for players to boost their arsenal. The rarest of these is named Exotics. Exotics have unique perks, operating differently because of their Legendary brethren. Players can equip only a single piece of Exotic armor and one Exotic weapon during a period.

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Exotics vary within their acquisition. Bungie locked some behind hard quests, others behind events, enjoyable behind random loot drops.

Here brings the Destiny 2 Xur Countdown.

We’ve collected each one of Destiny 2’s Exotics available as one spot to assist you in keeping tabs on the job and also where you’ll discover them.

Having already spent significant time creating god-rolled gear regarding the previous season, it’s understandable that players could be annoyed at seeing it rendered obsolete. However, here is the excellent news Bungie is softening its stance on seasonal mods so that you’ll be able to use each previous a lot longer. The current system, introduced as part of Season of Dawn, also contains among the most powerful and fun to work with mods the competition has ever endured.

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In case you sleep on it, you genuinely are missing out. Here’s excellent news. The time of the year of Dawn armor, with corresponding mod slots, is very easy to farm for, meaning you should be able to get the stats and elemental affinities you’re seeking without much pain. Abreast of that, next season, Destiny’s armor system will undoubtedly be certainly getting a massive facelift. All the more armor can slot Dawn mods, which makes it much easier to take benefit of them.

Quick note

If you do don’t seem like spending fractal lines to elevate your resonance, you should buy a light-fused fractalkine from the Tower obelisk, which increases the rank of all other pillars. This will likely cost you 50,000 glimmer and ten legendary shards, so make sure you’ve loaded up on flash if you want to take advantage of these.

In case you missed the Corridors of your time, this is an excellent chance to fall into throughout the community event that’s much simpler to grasp and participate in. You don’t want to buy the game’s season pass to assist either, so every player may help to be.

This was all about Destiny 2 Xur that you should be aware of. If you are looking for more details then drop a comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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