Best YouTube to MP3 Downloaders

It has long been a tradition for people to copy music or sound from YouTube videos and download them directly to their devices. Over time, many applications or software have emerged that allow users to upload files directly from YouTube. This has created a whole new online marketplace where people can get free music, podcasts, and more instead of subscribing to streaming sites.

GO-MP3 – Online alternative to YouTube in MP3

This YouTube converter is a 100% online YouTube uploader that converts video files to MP3. There is no need to download, install, or add a browser. The advantage of using an online converter is that you do not need a system with recommended specifications. It allows users to convert YouTube and download it to MP3 on any of their devices.

Go-mp3 is one of the few YouTube MP3 sites that currently works. The site is free of bugs, malware, and advertising. Yes, there is no advertising to help with navigation on the site.

Youtube to mp3 converter uses cloud technology and retrieves videos from YouTube through their modern cloud systems. This happens quickly, and the download speed depends on what your ISP offers.

If we choose Go-mp3 over thousands of YouTube-to-MP3 converters, it’s because it worked for us. We used it for a while and it worked like a charm, with no bugs or crashes in the code. What we see is that these unmanaged websites end up being victims of cyber attacks that can be harmful to the systems. Nevertheless, this Youtube converter has active management that ensures that something like this does not happen on their side. There is even a contact page if you have a problem and want to report it.

4K YouTube to MP3 –Software

4K YouTube to MP3 is a stand-alone software or application that allows users to upload videos directly from YouTube to their computer. It is a powerful tool that can be easily installed on Windows and macOS. Users can download high-quality videos, but there’s a catch. You must be a Premium user to unlock features such as unlimited audio tracks per playlist and more.

So how do you use 4K YouTube for MP3 software? First, download and install the application. Then copy and paste the URL of your YouTube video into the application where it says Paste Link. The application works and rips the sound at high speed.

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The only disadvantage of using an application or software is that you need a separate application or software for each of your devices. This can be a problem if you use multiple devices. You also need a computer that can run software or applications without affecting the system.

How to download YouTube MP3 with Go-MP3
  1. Start the website and enter the URL of the YouTube video in the search bar.
  2. Press Next or Search, or press Enter. Information about the video will be available on the website.
  3. If the video is correct, just click the download button and you’re ready to go. It is converted online and then automatically uploaded into your system.
  4. Repeat the whole process for multiple downloads.


  • Fast online conversions
  • Can be run on any device with an active Internet connection and a browser.
  • Free
  • No advertising to facilitate navigation
  • Actively managed website with customer service
  • There is no limit to the size of the video.

Contraindications for TeCOnverter

  • It does not have different output formats such as WAV, AAC, etc.

THECONVERTER is a reliable YouTube to MP3 converter and an excellent online software alternative. Try and see for yourself.

You can also try alternatives on YouTube.