10 Best VPN for Android In 2021 to Protect Your Privacy

You can spot loads of VPN for Android devices to keep your identity and location hidden, but what seems tricky is getting the right one. So, here are the suggested 10 Best VPN for Android users who have parked their horses browsing through different apps laboriously.

Putting a trusted and secure VPN nowadays is a hard nut to crack, knowing that there are plenty of harmful applications that can compromise your device’s security. Remember, that Play Store is only a platform to host these apps. A practical and trustworthy VPN is the only solution to protect your identity and let you surf the internet without much worry.

But Wait.., why do you need a VPN?

The probable reasons would be:

  • Hiding your IP to remain anonymous and browse privately.
  • Bypassing geo-restrictions to stream Netflix, Hulu, Youtube etc.
  • Securing your data and information.
  • To stay away from online scammers.

Best VPN for Android

These top Android VPN services can not only keep you secure from looming online threats but also enable you to access the location-specific websites. Turning your mobile into a great tool to explore the internet safely, you can make wise use of a broad range of options using a VPN app for Android mobile.

Hola Free VPN

best vpn for android

Hola Free VPN is one of the best VPN for Android users I would recommend. First and foremost, it’s free and has as many as 211 million users as of now. You can integrate it with any android application except for the play store. The best part is its one-touch connectivity, which happens within a couple of seconds.

You can stream and enjoy any content from censored and blocked websites locally and abroad, literally from anywhere. Hola VPN is an award-winning mobile VPN that is also compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Hola Free VPN has its own browser to take care of your privacy as well as annoying ads.

Lightsail VPN

best vpn for android

I would recommend you Lightsail VPN, which pretty much keeps its name. It’s lightweight (just over 5.7 Mb) to install and run instantly to keep your identity safe and secure. If you are much worried about SNS, geo-restrictions, privacy leaks, etc., it’s a perfect fit for you.

This VPN tool is useful at data encryption and privacy protection on public WIFI. If you are expecting your ideal VPN to encrypt your TCP/UCP traffic, Lightsail VPN lets you browse anonymously.

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Up until now, around 5 million users have downloaded it and given positive reviews on the play store. The developer team assures users of no charge whatsoever, so feel free to use it forever. It’s simple and easy to use, bundling every essential functionality right to the front panel.

OpenVPN Connect for Android

best vpn for android

OpenVPN Connect takes the third spot on the list of 10 Best VPN for Android users for certain reasons. You can connect as many devices as you want using VPN connect that too without and ads. So if you opt for this simple tool to protect your identity, enjoy browsing ad-free forever. It provides fast connection with unlimited bandwidth for all the accounts.

OpenVPN Connect instills enterprise-grade traffic encryption to keep your Internet access faster, safer and more secure. This small tool is just under 5 MB hence without utilizing your device’s resources. Till now, there more than 50 million users have given thumbs up to this app just because of its performance and friendly service. This tool assures 1005 security against sniffers and hackers tunnelling your data traffic entirely.

SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy

best vpn for android

SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy is the only one of the Best VPN for Android devices that lets you multi locations to select for unlimited free time and premium bandwidth. If your intended servers are located in the US, Canada, or France, Way to go, SpeedVPN is absolutely the perfect companion for you.

SppedVPN weighs around 10 Mb and comes at no fee; it’s a handy tool to prevent tracking and protecting your privacy at its best. If your connection is refreshed every 60 minutes once you establish a network, you can connect an unlimited number of devices to one connection without any prior registration.

Thunder VPN

best vpn for android

A blazing-fast VPN proxy service, Thunder VPN is all you need to connect faster and get to the secure end. With unlimited bandwidth, it boasts lots of handy features to let you browse securely throughout the internet. It comes with tip encryption layers to protect your identity from the third-party trackers better than a typical proxy.

You can connect to any of the servers based in the US, Europe, and Asia anytime. You’ll require android 5.0 or above to use it without any hiccups. Thunder VPN is also one of the Best Free VPN for Android devices that comes absolutely free without requiring you to register.

It enables you to send and receive data across shared or public networks privately without any connection drop or intrusion. Thunder VPN circumvents geo-restrictions and censorship efficiently employing the top tunnelling protocols and encryption techniques. It weighs just around 5 Mb and has been preferred by 10+ million users worldwide.


best vpn for android

If you need a budget-friendly VPN for android that also doubles your security without additional efforts, NordVPN is at your disposal. Besides increasing your online security, it has so much to offer; bluntly speaking, it has 5400+ server locations in over 60 countries. A vast server base means you’ll never have to deal with reduced speed or connection drop.

You can use 6 devices to connect to one subscription to enjoy live streaming on platforms like Netflix or BB iPlayer with zero buffering. You can enjoy its impeccable features even on a 3G network quite easily. NordVPN is a one-touch solution to ads and unlocking around 400 geo-restricted services internationally.

It’s one of the Best VPN for Android that vouches for your online security data protection. If you don’t like its services, you can get in touch with the 24/7 customer support and ask for a money-back within 30-days from the subscription.


best vpn for android

Sporting super easy and network security tools, Windscribe takes the number 7 spot on the list of 10 best VPN for Android devices. Windscribe is a unique VPN that is loaded with handsome features, including a 10-GB monthly bandwidth. It’s an open-source android app that you can launch with just one tap.

It works uniquely by allowing specific apps to go over the tunnel, through split-tunneling. Windsribe enables you with the latest encryption techniques to bypass geo-locational security and has servers based in more than 60 countries.

Bonus point, you don’t have to purchase its premium version since the free version works pretty similarly. What intrigued me more is the unlimited number of connections it offers besides unlimited bandwidth (pro version)—all in all, a great deal to crack at the end of the day.

CyberGhost VPN

best vpn for android

If your prime motive is to stream the best content on Netflix, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayer, CyberGhost is all you need. Unblocking your access in over 90+ countries, CyberGhost has put 6000+ active servers to work to get you a clear passage to surf, browse, and stream without worrying about your privacy and security issues.

You can connect a family of 7 with one subscription to let everyone enjoy safe torrenting and Amazon Prime Videos. CyberGhost has up to date 256-bit encryption and automatic kill switch with all the apps, with zero logging feature. Buy its subscription from the play store, and if you don’t find it pretty much to your use, you can let the customer support team know to end your subscription within 45 days from subscribing. They do offer a refund.


best android vpn

Put yourself in the stealth mode and hide behind a secure connection to a virtual private network on any device using VyprVPN. VyprVPN is one of the most recommended Virtual Private Network apps for Android devices to stream global content. It displays no ads even with the trial version, which is why it has over a million active users to the date.

You’ll find it easier to hide your identity when you have 70+ Global Server Locations, 700+ servers, and 200,000+ IPs in 70 countries and six continents. Take a tour of anywhere you like as you enjoy the strongest web encryption, fast download, and streaming speed with no caps and a no-log policy.


best vpn for android

If you intend to use a VPN for surfing and browsing purposes, Hide.me can be a perfect takeaway for your need. I’ve put it on the 9th spot in the list of top 10 Android VPN because of its features. A free 2GB data bandwidth every month and easy access to 50+ server locations in the USA, UK, Canada, & other countries is enough to keep your identity and data uncompromised.

Hide.me keeps a zero-logs policy and employs 256-bit encryption with an automatic kill switch for installed apps. It’s the best tool to circumvent geo-restrictions and censorship with auto-connect features. Hide.me has a handpicked list of actively refreshed servers to keep you anonymous even on a public network. Like VyprVPN, it comes in a 7-day trial version, if you are looking for an alternative, you can ask for a refund within the trial period.


best android vpn

Surf the internet with unrestricted access from anywhere with Betternet VPN. This Virtual Private Network app masks your IP address, turns public WiFi into a private network, and encrypts your entire network traffic. Its functionality is pretty similar to the tor browser, which efficiently bypasses internet censorship and overcomes geo-restrictions.

The free plan gives you 500 Mb data per day to use for daily titbits. You can stream a short music video with this much data; however, if you are willing to get unlimited data bandwidth, Betternet is worth a catch with a budget-friendly subscription plan. Around 50 million users worldwide are currently hitched to the wagon of betternet. That must be the evidence as to why you should keep betternet on atop your preferences.

In the Wrap Up

Nowadays, every top-ranking VPN comes equipped with Army-grade security and encryption methods, if you are fussy about privacy or data protection. Make sure to go through detailed specifications of each of these 10 Best VPN apps for Android, before paying for a subscription.

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