Top 10 Best Video Editing Software for Windows In 2022

Best Video Editing Software for Windows:- You can do amazing transitions with your video, given you have the perfect video editor software. It does take a lot of digging to find out the best ones that would fit the frame perfectly. I have narrowed down your search with these 10 Best Video editing software you can use to give the final touch to your movies to video projects here.

What to Expect the Best Video Editing Software?

You may want an ideal video editor software to publish or develop picture-perfect movies, documentaries, short films, video songs, or trailers. These days, users share their creations on social media platforms or vlogs. So to make your videos highly commendable ones, you need some best video editing software that are capable of:

  • Rendering top-notch video quality after editing
  • Enhancing Playback speed.
  • Retaining the same sound quality
  • Adding/removing watermarks
  • Applying titles and credits
  • Adding transitions and 3D effects

Best Video Editing Software (Paid and Unpaid)

You can spot a range of video editing applications for both basic and advanced level video editing features. It entirely depends on what you need and how much you need from the one that caters you. Let’s start with these 10 best video editing software, both free and paid, to cut short your extensive search.

Best Video Editing Software

Windows Movie Maker – (Windows 7/8/10 Built-in App)

Windows Moviemaker is a built-in tool in Windows 10, which comes absolutely free to use. You can use features such as video effects, video transitions, add titles/credits, audio track, or timeline narration through Windows Movie Maker. Once you finish video editing, you can share it across multiple social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

Since Microsoft had stopped support for Windows 7 in January 2020, you can use another built-in free video editing software for Windows 10 known as Photos App. It’s a great alternative to Windows Movie Maker that turns your pictures into movies via its Automatic Video Mode. Other added features of the Photos App are Video trimmer, resizer, motion, audio volume controller, text, filters, and 3D effects.

OpenShot | Best Video Editing Software

OpenShot is another open-source video editing tool that offers basic editing features from trimming to transitioning, from clipping to adding audio effects.

This free video editing software helps you with unlimited videos and audio clips. It’s also a handy tool to get more touches to your movies with its tile templates and video effects. It’s a multi-lingual video editor that also gets frequent updates. Some commonly supported input video formats on Openshot are QuickTime, AVI, WMV, and MPEG, which you can easily convert into other formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.

VSDC Video Editor

The latest VSDC video editor version has lately got drastic tweaks offering more features to smartphone users. This free tool is one of the 10 Best Video editing software for several reasons. It comes with multi-monitor and anti-shake technology support that doesn’t need any hardware acceleration. You can compare VSDC with some paid tools due to its feasibility and tremendous video editing ability.

VSDC is a non-linear video editor that’s available in both the free and paid versions. The only limitation found with VSDC free version is editing higher resolution videos, which are less than 1080p. However, its features like animations, transitions, watermarking, overlaying, and blending are worthwhile. Its free video stabilization tool improvises the video quality to a better extent even if captured with imperfection. That’s what makes it stand out the rest.

Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is the best take for your android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows that can be used anywhere. Unlike other tools, it runs within your browser window, making it the first cross-platform project to edit videos online. You can simply upload an editable video, crop it, and add filters & transitions from anywhere.

Its online support makes it way better than other local packages that need to be locally installed on your computer to be usable. One bid upside of employing an online editing software is that you don’t have to have hardware or software consideration specifically. Storage is cloud-based so, you need not worry about space either.

Shotcut | Best Video Editing Software

This free, intuitive, and user-friendly video editing software is known for its filters and effects selection. Shotcut is the second of the 10 Best Video editing software that you can run on any Operating system. Being around in the business of video editing for a long time, Shotcut is a refreshing video editing tool that uses a comprehensive approach for beginners. The import and streaming controls are easy to use as you can also simply drag and drop your selected videos.

You can give easy, smooth touches to both your audio and video files using its vast range of filters and layers. Moreover, you can share or stream your media content comfortably across different platforms. It’s free to use, of course, and till now, it has substantial followers that prove why Shotcut still holds its spot on the top ten list.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is one of the oldest and modest video editing tool designed for Pros. That said, rookies can find it helpful too. It’s a free tool for sure, but if you need to edit like an expert, you’ll have to get its premium version. Hitfilm Express comes with a plethora of features, including color balance adjustment, trimming clips, and multiple output formats.

This tool does provide users a tutorial in case you need preliminary directions to get started. You can run it either on Windows or Mac OS with CPU-specific system and hardware requirements. It does require some space on your disk because of offering an extensive set of options such as 3D composition, custom video masks, and screen chrome keys. It would be best if you made sure to share its download link with the developer on social media to install it.


Lightworks supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, which are available in free and upgradable modes to take your video editing skills further. You can use it for free to give your videos a brilliant touch with powerful features and effects, customizable interface, and multitrack support. Lightworks is capable of retaining your video quality the same (using a non-linear editor) as before it converts it into a MPEG format.

Some extensive features available in Lightworks make it somewhat unique because these sets of tools are only available in expensive video editing tools only. You can import and render footage in the background using these features while live-previewing your edits in the real-time mode. You can add custom keyboard shortcuts to get speedy and handy at video editing. As I said before, you can also try its premium version to unlock different output formats, add 3D compositions, and share your edits on social media platforms.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of its kind video editing software that every professional is familiar with. This tool is voted as the best video editor by professionals and amateurs time and again. This video editing program does most of your work automatically hence reducing the number of particular tasks at hand. It is the best tool to edit your videos for professional purposes only.

Its marvelous features include multi-cam editing with high-end standards that you seek from an ideal video editor. You wouldn’t mind paying for this absolute classic software to create loads of audio and video track transitions if you are one of the emerging creative professionals. Premiere Pro is specialized in automatic syncing multi-angle views and fine-tuning your video with other extensive features. You can check the pricing according to your budget and try it for a month for free.

Filmora9 | Best Video Editing Software

Filmora9 is a wonderful tool from Wondershare to edit and create your videos in the easiest way possible. Filmora9 gives you a list of tools to use at reasonable prices (Monthly, annually, lifetime, unlimited, etc.). As claimed by the developers and reviewed by users, Filmora9 is one of the most straightforward tools to edit videos with a sizeable amount of effects and resources.

Filmora9 is a well-adjusted software for rookies and pros to get started with video and audio editing. Its highly commendable features are 4k color support, built-in titles, filters, and royalty-free sounds effects to add in the background and your video more lovable. If your preference is the free version, you’ll have to settle with the brand watermark in every edit you make.

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer finally makes it to the 10 Best Video editing software list after receiving worldwide attention. This simple tool comes in different modes and pricing, depending on what you seek from a perfect video editing tool. AMC has two variants, AMC First and AMC Ultimate, and both of them are capable of saving your time. Avid Media Composer avidly accompanies you in the video editing process by offering multitudes of new features and improvement tools.

The next-generation Avid Media also offers user tutorials so you can quickly use it even without knowing the knickknacks of editing. Its non-linear editing tool is the first choice of filmmakers and musicians. AMC mostly packs automated tools to let you integrate the finished videos with other platforms. Do check for the pricing plans and enlisted features on their official website.

Closing Comments

It’s always a pesky task to keep sweeping your gaze through hundreds of software and sites until you find the best one. This list of 10 Best Video editing software, however, is the easiest way to narrow down the extensive search and save some time. With these basic and advanced video editing software, you are free to choose the perfect one fitting your budget and need. What I suggest here is you make a little inquiry and dig down the pricing chart of each.

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