Best Sega Genesis Games You Can Find In 2021

Best Sega Genesis Games – This blog highlights the wonderful and best Sega Genesis Games we ever had. There are times where when you turn on your Sega Genesis and you hear the name shout over. All such craziness before becoming memories, in a way of re-entry, the 16-bit game system has been brought into limelight again. You can choose to play your favorite game from the best Sega Genesis exclusive games provided in the following list of top-selling Sega Genesis games.

Ten Best Sega Genesis Games 2021

Sega Genesis introduced in 1989, differentiated itself with a superfast CPU, a 512-color palette, a core deep and raspy sound chip, which also had the cultural angle of pushing the game with mature thematically gaming experiences, after the success of Nintendo super games in the 1980s.

Castlevania: Bloodlines (1994)

There was no permanent place for Castlevania in Sega Genesis between 1986 and 1993. Later when Konami released the introduction of a Genesis-based entry, Castlevania surprised its fans. Bloodlines involve the uncensored depiction of violence and amazing graphical effects that make it stand out as an extraordinary one. When compared to other Castlevania games, Bloodlines is termed to be top-notch.

Gunstar Heroes (1993)

Certain games last long even and still give that excitement after decades and decades passed on. When you look at the game specialty, it contains impressive graphical flourishes, cracky backgrounds, and tons of enemy spites to attack with smooth gaming texture that shows how the game is superfast playable with its 7.6 MHz 68000 CPU.

Shining Force II (1994)

If you have already played RPG’s game of turn-based strategy and loved playing it, then you will like to dive into Shining Force games. The gaming has a story, music, control, strategic depth, and presentation in every spot you play. Moreover, the menu interface is simple to understand and lets you play a fearless game.

Streets of Rage 2 (1993)

The Streets of Rage is a common power fantasy game that dates back to the mid-1980s in video games. Not every game during that period performed well as Streets of Rage 2 did but few were really good. This game has a colorful cohesive theme and perfect character design with profuse background, great gaming controls and a satisfying action part. This part of the Genesis series became very popular in the marketing image of the US.

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Dr.Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (1993)

Dr.Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine game gained a high level of audience attention among dozens of puzzle games haunted the Genesis library. It looks like a western-localized version of the famous Puyo–Puyo series and contains the popular match-the-blob color falling gameplay. By providing great music, controls, graphics, and a two-player head-to-head playing option, Mean Bean Machine takes you to the top of the world. You never get disappointed by playing Dr.Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine.

Vectorman (1995)

Vectorman is an impressively designed action platform game that gave the developers an advantage of developing with experience. Among all the Genesis series, Vectorman makes you feel playing a game on the smoothest, detailed animated with high frame rate per second and sizzling sound effects and tight controls. It throws at you many challenges but never makes you feel unfair while playing. It gained high popularity among other games also with its techno soundtrack.

Phantasy Star IV (1994)

Phantasy Star IV grabbed a lot of audience from the time of its introduction on the Sega Master System in 1987. By providing a unique blend of themes and elements in sci-fi technology and fantasy, this game won the hearts of many game lovers. When seeing the game, you feel like you can win over the challenges, but diving deep into it makes you learn many things and then play the game wisely. It offers a fun story and lovely characters with excellent artwork and melting music will never make you miss out Genesis RPG.

Monster World IV (1994)

Monster World IV title belongs to Japan and recently, Sega launched it as a part of the Sega Genesis Mini. The game was designed in such a wonderful manner that it has the old Metroidvania platform in a modernist way despite its colorful and playful exterior and it provides complex and satisfying gameplay if you stick on to it. Among Sega consoles since the beginning of Master System days, Monster World IV was the final entry developed by Westone and released by Sega.

Toe Jam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (1993)

The previous version of Toe Jam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron earned more critical praise and later did not sync well with players. But this series presented an art-of-the state statement when compared to other games in the Genesis library. Both kids and adults enjoy playing this game as it provides equal amusement of gaming anytime. The best part with this game is, you can hire a guest buddy to play two-player co-op when you try to catch rogue behavior on Funkotron.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2, one of the most iconic and famous games of all the games of Genesis, tops on the list of success accomplished video games. Sonic 2 came out successful with exploring features such as the spin dash move that speaks about Sonic 2 forever and improved the speed of the game, supported by fluidly designed stages with profuse scenery. The introduction of a strong new character as a second player can control Tails and fight both together with Sonic, which is a masterpiece.

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These are the best Sega Genesis Games that have gained the love of many players since they were introduced. At the same time, these games have still been ruling and entertaining both kids and adults. We encourage feedback or reviews about our blog and you can share your opinion on the best Sega Genesis Games or any other gaming for that case through email.

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