Best Ps1 Games You Can Play in 2022

Best Ps1 Games: There were days where we heard about different movie genres that enthralled our interests. When gaming came into the boom, only 2D was so popular, and now with the intervention of technology, both 2D and 3D video games became the favorite pass-time for kids and adults.

Today’s games deliver gaming in various genres such as horror, action, stealth, and racing where you cannot find this genre even in movies, and Ps1 games are no more an exception to this. This blog brings you the best Ps1 games and how the role of playing game such as best Ps1 games offer thrill and amusement to game lovers.

Though certain underrated Ps1 games failed to perform that well, there are top-rated best Ps1 games Reddit provided for your knowledge in the following section.

10 Best Ps1 Games

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 was a successful movie and when transformed into a game, it grabbed endless cash. Toy Story 2 was fun involved and colorful platforming adventure that interspersed with few clips from it. The places, characters, texture, and background look appealing and sometimes, the controls can be a little frustrating; otherwise, Toy Story 2 is fun to play beyond ages.

Legend of Gobbos

The story of Legend of Gobbos was inspired and created by Super Mario 64. Nintendo tried to pitch it as a Yoshi game, but it did not work out well and released as an own creation. A backpack-wearing crocodile goes on a mission to rescue his friends the Gobbos. It roams across delightful environments with having a handful of collectibles, Legend of Gobbos is a worthy adventure journey for Ps1.

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PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper is a unique 2D artwork that allows tapping buttons in time to lyrics to attain rapping rank. You have selective sections to impress your teacher and it also adds value to the game. It is an enjoyable game to play even the game has curtain out-dated features.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the best part of its sequels; no wonder it has the same fame as a game as well. Leaving the blocky and unintentional funny character models in the game, Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone is a delightful and thrilling action-adventure treat for all boy fans of the sequel wizard. Whatever Harry does, you tend to do every activity such as collecting house points, playing Quidditch, cast spells and more.

Worms Armageddon

Several games were introduced by the Worms series and Worms Armageddon turned out to be the best and liked by many people. The game involves controlling a team of worms in a fight leading to death on a floating island that was made of things such as fruit or spacecraft with weapons like flying sheep or holy hand grenades. It is damn funny and entertaining which gives you non-stop fun even for ages.

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Rayman, the hero of the epic, does not have limbs, moves from his place on a personal mission to save his world from Mr.Dark. In this journey, he experiences traversing different worlds such as The Dream Forest and Band Land, which relentlessly looks difficult to travel. The hero gets several options to fly and perform multiple actions. Moreover, Rayman is one of the best-selling PS1 games of all time and it is a proven fact though.

Silent Hill

This game exactly copies many sequences in the movie and thrills you with sudden psychological instances. Harry Manson is a normal countryman who keeps looking for his missing daughter in the town of Silent Hill. It provides five different and unbelievable endings that you do not expect at the end. You see fog everywhere stopping you from completing a mission. So you should play this game with lights on.

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Resident Evil 2

Suddenly, the people of Raccoon City turn into zombies and you take the responsibility of controlling Leon and Claire to bring them out alive. Each character has its interesting storyline, with centered gameplay during exploration and combat. The game requires both your brain and moxie to face and destroy the zombies.

Ape Scape

Ape Scape is one of the best 3D gamers that increased the value of Ps1 among game lovers. It was the first game to take the DualShock Controller into an acquaintance, with your two thumb fingers. The game’s levels are distinct and visuals also look great, and there are varieties of fun weapons to use with a sizzling soundtrack with a high tempo.

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Wipeout is an anti-gravity racing league that sets expectations in such a way if you are fond of exploring the futuristic racing game. There is no subject or theory implemented for the track and collect weapons such as mines and rockets to shut down your opponent’s strength. You must be careful with the controls as they are quite tricky, but definitely, you get used to playing the game with fun when involved in playing regularly.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy is the most familiar RPG series of all time, and until the eighth series is launched, there was no idea for anyone that how long this game is going to last. The storyline revolves around following a young group, which is led by Squall Leonhart, who is trained to defeat sorcerers. Right from the beginning of the game, it makes you stand on toes and maintains the consistency of thrill until the game mission is accomplished. It is surrounded by excellent audiovisuals that give you an extraordinary feeling of playing the game.

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The aforementioned best Ps1 games are not limited to the viewer’s interest; you have several other games that may ponder your interest and make you play until the desire for your gaming is satisfied. You can look for various forums or expert’s opinions to get a bit of advice on which game best suits your kid that you can offer during the summer holidays or as a favorite pass time.

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