Best N64 Emulator You Can Buy in 2021

Best N64 Emulator: The craze for video games has never taken a step back since it came into existence. The market for gaming has been growing bigger and bigger and holds an unimaginable share. Today, we are going to talk about the best N64 Emulator games in 2021 and the best N64 Emulator for Android and the best N64 Emulator for Mac. N64 games are interesting and modernized too. So unless you have a supporting device to play the games, you cannot enjoy the essence of playing Nintendo’s classic N64 3D games.

It is not too hard to possess an N64 in a working condition but it is hard to find cartridges at reasonable prices. Only Emulators can help you run games and play without any interruption. In fact, you can find the list of Best N64 Emulator Android Reddit or any other popular forum, but you need to make sure that those can be reliable.

10 Best N64 Emulators in 2021


Project 64 (Windows) 

Project 64 for Windows is one of the popular and best N64 emulators that is open-source and free to make use of. The latest versions of Project 64 have sealed up the necessity for installing additional audio or video plugins for specific games. Project 64 has a dedicated community that has experts to discuss and provide solutions for unresolvable queries and fixing both small and large bugs and also changes to GitHub. Project 64 provides you access to play with using USB controllers, features save states, and high-resolution textures.

One disadvantage with this Project 64 could be its audio that plays inconsistently and sometimes be bizarre. Now you have Project 64 for non-Windows based versions that picked up well over time. If you are looking for a clean interfaced emulator, then picking up Project 64 does not disappoint you.

Mupen64Plus (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)

When compared with Project 64, Mupen64Plus is quite a complex one to use but provides a better audio experience. Games that do not work on Project 64 can be boosted with installing Mupen64Plus, which might help work. Fortunately or unfortunately, Mupen64Plus does not have a user interface but you can boot up ROMs through the command line. If you require a front-end user interface, you can download an additional plug-in called M64Py, which is specially designed for Mupen64Plus. As an added advantage, Mupen64Plus is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

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Mupen64Plus FZ (Android)

Although Mupen64Plus was successful, still Mupen64Plus FZ was introduced as a new version of the emulator that was specifically designed for mobile devices. Setting up Mupen64Plus FZ is a bit tough but once everything is good to go, it offers the best N64 emulation on your Android device. The front-end GUI comes with the download by default and all the required plug-ins you want to install, are built-in.

MegaN64 (Android)

MegaN64 is a fine-tuned version of Mupen64Plus and so far known to be the popularly used emulator on Android. It has received more than 900,000 user reviews (equivalent to download) with a user rating of 4.6. You should install MegaN64 onto a microSD card to play games. Most of the games load instantly and many of them run without any hassle. MegaN64 is quietly impressive and what you get out of it is always great. But one thing that annoys you majorly is the ads that pop-up frequently on the menu. Apart from a few hitches, MegaN64 is an easy and solid option for N64 emulation on Android.


RetroArch not technically an emulator but you can download emulator cores to play games across a varied range of platforms on PC, mobile, or consoles. RetroArch uses a libretto core modeled after Mupen64Plus. It has distinct features such as over-clocking and more customization features. If you use a ton of various emulators for multiple platforms, you may have to simplify things according to your requirements; otherwise, you can try RetroArch.

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ClasscBoy is one of the well-performing multi-system emulators and supports the NES, SNK NeoGeo and most GameBoy systems work through Advance, Playstation, and Nintendo 64. Each platform comes with its own set of features along with required software and plug-ins that work well with them. Few fast working features of ClassicBoy are saved/load states, gesture controls, sensor support, etc. Although some stability issues are found once in a blue moon, the N64 portion of ClassicBoy works safely.


This is an open-source and free N64 emulator and provides decent compatibility, the basic emulator features, and more. Every user uses Mupen64 as the base if compatible and with this, it is understandable that how fast Mupen64 moves among game users. But it does not get updated on mobile furthermore. Mupen64 is available in Google Play for download, and you can find several other N64 emulators that use the code of Mupen64. The paid version of Mupen64 is optional for support development.

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This is one good N64 emulator that supports more than 20 languages and includes save, cheat and load states, multiplayer support, and a customizable button layout. It has glorious features that allow competing equally with Mupen64 and ClassiBoy. But unfortunately, there is no update found or released for Tendo64 but very soon expected to get an update with the developer’s hard work.


BizHawk is a multi-system emulator which has been designed for tool-assisted speedruns (TAS). When you talk about speedrun, it is where a player tries to finish a game in the shortest possible time, without using cheats, whereas with TAS, in the speedrun, you can use features in slow motion and frame-by-frame advance to develop a series of controller key-presses with which the player look like they are extremely good at playing the game.


Daedalus is a multi-platform emulator that works by considering its graphics code as a plugin and turned out to be a well-known emulator. With the plugin installed, try playing the game in reality and keep your fingers crossed.


One good thing you have to consider with N64 emulators is, they are quite cheaper to purchase and most of them are easy to install. With adaptive features, you experience a great feeling by using N64 emulators, even while playing a 3D game.

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