10 Best iPhone Video Downloader Apps In 2021

The smartphone generation needs a daily dose of entertainment and motivation. That’s where videos come to action. If you want to download videos and music on your iDevice, let’s take a look at these 10 Best Video Downloader Apps for iPhone. Some of these apps are available at the Apple store, while some are hosted on their official websites. So let’s waste no time and jump to the few selected ones.

Best iPhone Video Downloader Apps

These Best iPhone Video downloader apps offer you agility, customization, and HD video and audio quality. Many of these apps are also easily accessible from MAC OS. So, if you wish, you can kill two birds with a single shot. Let’s roll down. Check AlsoBest Android Video Downloader

Best Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

Video Download Browser

This free app is actually a browser-turned video downloader for iPhone and iPad. If you are worried about the security of the downloaded files, this app should be on your takeaway list. The app supports .m3u format videos only. But there’s a lot to explore in its built-in browser. If you are a regular visitor at Dailymotion, you’ll definitely love the app. The Airplay mode lets you share the media on other compatible devices.

Download4.cc: Free Video Downloader for iPhone

Download4.cc is a web-based tool to let you download unlimited videos on your iDevice anywhere or anytime. This online service is completely free to use and perfectly fits your needs if you have multiple video sources on mind, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, or Twitter. Download4.cc can even extract audios (mp3) besides fetching videos (mp4 and formats).

Cloud Video Player Pro– Play Videos from Cloud

It’s one of the best video downloaders for iPhone because of its unmatched features. Cloud Video Downloader is enough to attract your attention with features like multi-format video support such as m3u8, MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, and WMV. The list doesn’t end here; it can download videos and music from almost every site, which you can share via USB anytime. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to safeguard the files using the passcode feature. All of the features are free to use for sure.

iDownloader– Download Manager

You can use the free iDownloader app to download and manage videos on your iDevice. All you need is to tap on the download option once it pops up on a video. This app lets you multitask and switch between apps while running the download in the background. iDownloader works perfectly fine with audio, videos, and documents. If you want media in bulk, do try iDownloader as it’s capable of downloading 50 files simultaneously without compromising the quality.

Best Video Downloader

As the name says it all, the Best Video Downloader app comes to join the party. This app is what millions of iPhone users currently use to the job done. You can either download a video directly on your device or try the other way around (copy and paste the link from the source). You can multitask while the downloader app finishes getting the videos in the finest quality. You can check for audio and video quality through its built-in video player. If the list of downloads is quite lengthy, you can put it to sleep more to resume downloads later.

Video Download Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a free and multi-function video downloader for iPhone that’s also known for a friendly user interface. Add multiple downloads simultaneously and brew your coffee; it will do the job even on low bandwidth. Not only can you play a video in the background, but you can also edit its downloaded parts. Video Downloader pro comes with support for Camera Roll, which lets you share your stuff with others easily. Or, if you want to password-protect the files, you can do it too. The smart downloader tool consumes less of your data if you are worried about it.


Formerly known as DoDa HD, DoDax has been recently tweaked with multiple features. It’s one of the rare and best video downloader apps for the iPhone that ups your browsing experience. With it, you can easily instantly catch videos from Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Once you tap the play option, you get the freedom to download it with up to 4K resolution. If you just want to extract the audio part, search nowhere; DoDax is good at it too.


QWE sound too small to be a downloader and a file manager app, but it’s got much more up its sleeves. The video downloader comes integrated with cloud manager so that you can share your downloaded files via iTunes. It’s a free app resting the Apple store, that’s rid the browser support. This means it’s faster and more robust at downloading. You can check downloading progress, use file filters, and passcode at your convenience. Connecting it to Xbox, PS4, or SmartTVs to stream videos is smooth.


The HTTP-integrated browser is an eye-opening advantage of the DownloadMate video downloader. You can view, play, or edit the files as they get saved to your iDevice. Searching media via its integrated browser support is really easy compared to other downloader apps. The app lets you monitor download progress and alter the file location. If you worry about download interruptions, launch the app, resume the file where you left. It supports sharing files via Camera Roll and Music, and if you are looking for more, you can try putting the file Zipped folder.

Video Downloader– Media Player and Download Manager


Lastly, Video Downloader comes with an integrated media player and file manager support to make downloading hassle-free for you. You don’t have to copy-paste the link, as you can tap on a video and hit the download option that pops up immediately. Enjoy downloading in real-time as it runs the process in the background without degrading the picture quality. Video Downloader comes with a simple yet friendly UI, letting you manage the files smoothly and saving them in Camera Roll. If you want, you can share the downloaded media through WiFi to other devices or if you want to lock them up, use its passcode feature.


Friends, you need to keep this in mind that some websites or apps do not allow to download videos through any software or apps, they have their rules. If you are looking for all in one video apps then it is the best choice for you that allow you to download, manage and play all your videos. If you love downloading videos from the web then it is the right option for your device to download and play any video. Choose any of the above video downloader apps as they all are useful for the same purpose.

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