Best Gamecube Games You Can Play In 2022

Best Gamecube Games – It makes us feel nostalgic when we look back to the age of GameCube’s. There are some best Gamecube games found in the market and all are just superb. It is seen that Gamecube may not have a list of best games but on the other side, it always consists of some of the best entries of Zelda, Metroid, and many more.

Although there are many incredible games introduced in the market still the place of Gamecube cannot be occupied by anyone. It is time to celebrate and discuss some of the best Gamecube that are available in the market.

List of Top 10 Best GameCube Games


Super Monkey Ball

Indeed one of the best launches in the present market is Super Monkey Ball. There are some instant fans of this game. The mode of setup is basic. There is a ball with a monkey on it. The levels are mazes that are made out of platforms. If you fall you will die and this for sure. There are cute monkey’s that makes anything better. Even the design of the maze is made beautiful and it draws the attention of the people.

Mario Kart

It is another game that is loved by most of the players. The character and vehicle selection are huge. The new weapons are exclusive and great. The double dash is attractive and lucrative. Two players can control a single kart. If you will play Mario kart game you will surely come to know the fact.

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Tales of Symphonia

Another attractive game that is liked by the people in the Tales of Symphonia. You can take direct control, Lloyd, where the two swords make slice up of the enemies simply and with fun. It is backed up three computer-controlled allies. The whole battle comes to be swift and not dull. The game is also said to be an appealing one.

Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi and his Gamecube is yet another important game that is famous over a decade. It is considered to be one of the adventurous games in the present time. Luigi gets trapped in a haunted house and to save Mario he has to overcome all types of fear. It is you who have to search the exact way to get rid of the trouble. It is a great game that has won the hearts of millions of people across the globe.

Fire Emblem

It is probably the most long-running niche in the whole game. It also gave the western gamers exactly what the Japanese gamers loved to play. The game also comes with an impressive look that draws the attention of the people. It is nice to see the way gamers play with this game. Slowly the game turns out to be an addictive one for the players. The popularity of the Fire Emblem also appeared in the Smash Bros. It always appeared to be a good game.

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Time Splitters

It is also considered to be one of the Best Gamecube Games Reddit. It will be a great experience to watch whatever is happening on the screen. There are some first-person shooters. The future perfect is a great game that is loved by millions of people. This game is also considered to be a high comedy game that is full of fun and love. This is the reason people love most of the video games. The picture clarity of the game is nice and it will be loved to see the whole game. Time splitters are always the best game among the people. People slowly love it.

Beyond good and evil

Jade is heading here always as an original photojournalist. She is good at her job. There is everything special about this game starting from the writing, the characters, the story, and the graphics. It is an incredible package that has made the game much popular among the players. We are just tired of waiting and eagerly waiting for the new game. The whole things look to be very clear and nice. The giant picture size of the game makes it much more beautiful and attractive.

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It is another game that is said to be the best one. This game mainly focuses on the duality and gives the ship two distinct colors one is white and the other is black. One-color holds the ability to absorb like-colored bullets and the other can deal double damage to enemies of the opposite color. The game is just amazing in all aspects. The game made a good splash when it was released. People who love to play an interesting game will always love this game. Just try this game and it will be a unique experience.

Skies of Arcadia Legends

It is found that skies of Arcadia Legends are another interesting game. You will quickly fall in love with this game. This epic game is an interesting one. Initially, it may appear to be a confusing one but in the long run, you will always love it. If you are not able to play it you will miss a great thing. You will always like the Best Gamecube Games For Dolphin.

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Viewtiful Joe

It is a beautiful game that is splashed by introducing 2D action games to a new generation. It is nothing but left to the right button masher but the whole game appears to be a superb one. In short, it is one of the coolest Gamecube games present on the earth. All should try this game to get a wonderful experience.

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Bottom Line:

So what are you waiting for? Just try some of the best Gamecube games that are presently available in the market and it is for sure that you will enjoy a lot. It is the best way to kill your boredom and experience something new. Gone are the traditional modes of playing games. Now experience something new and unique in this modern era. It will be a great time to enjoy a new and exclusive mode of playing games.

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