Best ff14 Classes You Can Find in 2021

Best ff14 classes: Every gamer knows the specialty of the job system or class system in the final fantasy series. The system allows the players to choose the character classes as per their choice. This system is similar to computer RPGs. So, the players need to select the top classes so that they can enjoy the game effectively. However, you should select the classes as per the game.

Here are the best ff14 classes that you can consider in your games.

About ff4 games: 

Final Fantasy franchise is a popular series of video games among gamers. Though it is around 10 years old, its latest release can make go back to it. In this release, players can control their customized characters and explore the adventure in the game. In the game, the classes are grouped into three major parts. War, gathering, crafting, land, battle, etc. are the disciples of the game. There are several battle classes so that you can make your team using them. So, when you play this game, you can begin your adventure battle using any of the classes.

Black Mage

When talking about the classes of ff14, Black Mage is well-known among players. This class can be found in all the games of the final fantasy. Most players use this class in their games. This is a magic class and has fewer physical stats and equipment. But, this class can offer powerful magic. With this class, you can utilize the weaknesses of the enemy to win. This class has various ways to use the weaknesses of the enemy. However, you should ensure not to run out of MP. The role of this class is damage-based magic.

Blue Mage 

Blue Mages are the classes that use the stolen powers from the enemies. These ff14 classes use several methods to steal power from enemies. Because of their unique methods of gaining power, Blue Mage is one of the most popular classes in the ff14 class tier list. By using this class in your game, you can get rewarded with a powerful spellcaster with satisfactory physical stats. You can find an example of this class in ff10.

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Ninja is a powerful class for defense. It is a common class that hits enemies with incredibly high speed. These are quick and powerful enough to attack the enemies. This class has a Throw command that provides different amounts of damage. You can buy throwing stars for use in the boss battles.

White Mage 

The role of White Mage is a healer. Every team should have a healer class to recover the damage. White Mage has no attacking skills, so its physical stats are low. Because of the healing quality, White Mage is a must-have class in every team. So, you can consider including this class in your team to perform better. White Mage can recover the damages, remove debuffs, and recover the defeated allies. With a White Mage, the strength of your team will be increased. Also, this class is the ffxiv best solo class.

Red Mage 

With both offensive and defensive features, a Red Mage can be a versatile member of your team. Also, this class is called a jack of all trades. This class can be equipped with a sword. You can see the examples of this class in ff3 and ff5 games. You can use this class for adventure games. However, this class can’t learn any type of magic. If you have a Red Mage in your team, you can have more power from the beginning of the game.


Monk is a unique class that doesn’t equip armor or weapon. This class includes knuckle brawlers to attack the enemies until they don’t get up anymore. They include a unique Suplex move in which they pick the enemies and smash them to make more damage. The unique thing about this class is they can crack the skull with their hand.

Dark Knight 

These characters are equipped with armor. They include twisted swords and black magic for their health. They can do both defense and offense in your game. Final fantasy 14 dark knight is a superb class to include in your team. This class can make high damage to enemies like a murder machine.

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This class is new in the franchise. The characters of this class include blades, magic, and fists to fight with the enemies. The best example of this class can be seen in X-2 games. In that game, you can increase their level of this character for the special shots. They can fly in that game. This class has several versions. Vincent Valentine is a version of this class that has three barrelled guns. This version also includes lightning, Leon, and wielding gun blades. Balthier is a character of this version. It has a charming attitude and has a perfect-looking gun. This class is not so strong as other classes.


This is the warrior class in the franchise. You should include this class in your team to improve the strength of the team. This class has amazing characters to choose from. The characters of this class include a giant katana. With this giant katana, this class can defense and attack to the enemy. Your enemy will be down in a single blow of this katana. You can get examples of this class in X.

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The characters of this class are powerful and serve only one purpose in the game. These are the unique characters of this franchise. Many players love to use this class. The main purpose of this class is to build a better world at any cost. For their aim, they can sacrifice anything they have. The example of the Summoner class can be seen in game-X.

Bottom Line: 

So, these are the best ff14 classes that you can find. Each class has a unique role and ability. Hope you found the perfect class to experience an adventurous game

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