Top 10 Best Equalizer App for Android In 2022

Best Equalizer App for Android:- Imagine a thing or two you could do? Get it done via your smartphone, simple as that. Smartphones are getting smart, and we..? We are just getting better at using android technology. Credit goes to the infinite number of functionalities our phones have offered being a communication device.

Think of music, find your favorite number, and start playing anytime whenever you need to pump yourself. The smartphone technology stretches a step afar to deliver the quality you seek while shuffling your playlist. To hone your music quality, you’ll need a pair of extra hands, that’s where these 10 Best Equalizer App for Android come handy.

Choosing a reliable equalizer is just as tricky as finding other useful apps. Finding a finely designed sound enhancer app is nothing less than finding a needle in the haystack. Besides, powerful phone speakers, you’ll need powerful hardware to back it up. Once you sift through Play Store for such apps, you’ll not be far from a list that never ends. This list of top 10 Equalizer App for smartphones will make the task easier for you.

Best Equalizer App for Android

Oftentimes these equalizer apps are also known as audio enhancer apps that pretty much renders similar output hence improving the sound quality. Equalizers apps let you change the frequencies and using preset options that sometimes are categorized into multiple genres namely, Jazz, Rock, Punk Rock, Country, Auto, or custom. Let’s take a deeper look and get further insights about these equalizer apps.


Best Equalizer App for Android

Size: Variable, Downloads: 10 Million+

This Five Band-level Equalizer controller works as a perfect Equalizer app as well as a home widget designed by Smart Android Apps, LLC. It’s intuitive yet simple interface puts it atop the list of 10 best equalizer app for android. This simple audio enhancer comes with 11 presets and customizable ones. You can also download different skins using its widget. With support from Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services, it perfectly integrates with your stock music play. The shortcuts panel make it even more adaptable for users new to virtual equalizers.

Equalizer Bass Booster

Best Equalizer App for Android

Size: 6.1 Mb, Downloads: 100k+  

Equalizer Bass Boost takes the second spot on the list of 10 Best Equalizer App for Android for two reasons. Its focus on 3D Surround Sound and the Loudness Enhancer. This music-friendly app has recently upgraded the bass booster, and custom presets, making it a lot easier for you to edit or delete specific to your headphone type. This lightweight app is German made that entered the market last December. There still a long way to go; do try it.

Equalizer FX

Best Equalizer App for Android

Size: 2.4 Mb, Downloads: 1 Million+

It’s the cleanest, light, and exceptional app that tunes your music experience further. The best feature of this app is its Audio filter that changes the frequency envelope of the sound. Its Bass Booster amplifies the low frequencies of the music, and virtualizer lets you virtualize audio channels enhancing the stereo effect. If you have an Android 4.4 or above, do try its Loudness Enhancer besides just creating custom presets. Equalizer FX turns on and off automatically as you start music player or close it.

Music Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume Booster

Best Equalizer App for Android

Size: 6.6 Mb, Downloads: 10 Million+

Three reasons why Music Equalizer ranks 4th on the list of 10 Best Equalizer App for Android are Easy bass-booster controls, 3D Virtualizer Effects, and Custom Volume Controls. Plugin any headsets you want and Music Equalizer sets to work accordingly. Though you won’t get any custom presets in it, 5 Bands Equalizer, 18 colorful themes, band-specific equalizer make it worth a try. You can easily enable it in the notification bar or widget.

10 Band Equalizer

Best Equalizer App Android

Size: 1.1 Mb, Downloads: 500k+

10 Band Equalizer makes it halfway to the top 10 Equalizers for Android phones.  Meet the lightest equalizer built especially for music lovers. It has a built-in music player that is feasible with every music player on your phone. It’s easy to customize presets and delete them apart from easy volume label adjustment. It doesn’t put your phone under any stress, with the ability to control the volume, Bass, Treble, and Mono Balance.

Equalizer Music Player Booster

Best Equalizer App for Android

Size: Variable, Downloads: 10 Million+

Equalizer Music Player Booster or simply Equalizer+ supports streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This free app also amplifies sound quality using a pro-7-Band Equalizer and Bass Booster, taking the simple sound to the optimum level. This equalizer is the first tool in the category that edits and customizes the sound of your tracks. You can also link your audio with visuals. This functionality makes this app a class apart.

AnEq Equalizer

Best Equalizer App Android

Size: 2.1 Mb, Downloads: 1 Million+

This simple app is a 5-band Equalizer that you can also use to create and customize Equalizer presets. AnEq had its last update in October 2018 and hasn’t shown any flaws yet. This simple tool is easy to use and fuse with your audio player. When you set this Equalizer, it applies directly to any audio played on your device. You can avail it in two versions, the free version and the paid one. AnEq is simple on the go equalizer that lets you enjoy music from the main screen.


Best Equalizer App Android

Size: 21 Mb, Downloads: 10 million+

JetAudio took the world of computer-based media players by storm earlier and now takes on the world of smartphones. It’s actually a Media player that houses loads of functionalities and tools to revamp your music quality. You can use sound and visualization effects, playing every type of audio format. To complement your music experience, JetAudio comes with 32 equalizers presets.

It does come with custom presets along with several other custom controls, including playback speed control, crossfading, AGC, etc. Its free version comes with basic functions, however, if you do like limitless features, you can opt for its premium version.

Precise Volume

Best Equalizer App Android

Size: 3.9 Mb, Downloads: 1 million+

As the name speaks for the app, precisely, it works as a volume enhancer that can multiply the intensity of your phone’s sound. It overrides your device’s 15 volume steps limit and amplifies it to 100 different volume levels giving you more volume control options. The free version can take your volume levels to 100, while the pro version takes your device volume to 100 times 100 degrees. Bass Booster and a 5-band Equalizer are the perks it offers you.

Precise Volume is a must-try app, even if you don’t intend to pay for an equalizer app. There are loads of beneficial options you can reap from it, such as customizable volume settings, audio editing, fixing-up the Volume for calls, or resetting the presets for specific apps or headphones.

DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro

Best android Equalizer

Size: 1.1 Mb, Downloads: 500k+

If you are a technology-oriented user who intends to use a professional tool to boost your music quality, DFX Music Player has finally arrived in the android market.  Created by the team of engineers, this app fixes MP3 files explicitly and is known to restore the lost natural depth to your music for a more natural listening experience. DFX has a multi-band equalizer and amazing playback capability that can adjust your music without distortion or loss of sound quality. One of its most prominent features includes multiple DFX audio processing Presets that best optimizes DFX for your everlasting experience. This one of the best 10 equalizer app for android is available in two versions, Paid and free.

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Final Thoughts

The best equalizer app is the one that optimizes your music quality and puts the least load on your phone’s functionality. Also, look for the reviews section for every app you opt for before downloading. It helps you decide which is legitimate and which is not. How was the list of 10 Best Equalizer App for Android? Do let me know.

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