Beats X Won’t Turn On – Fix 2022

Beats X Won’t Turn On? Do you also have this problem with your wireless X earplugs? Many customers have experienced this problem and explained their difficulties in the Reddit and Apple forums.

Most users have complained that the Beats X does not light up after charging and that the LED light flashes three times after the Beats X Won’t Turn On. The forum is full of users explaining their problems with Beats X.

We’ve done a lot of research and found solutions to try at home. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into an ocean of solutions, or maybe a pool of solutions, I’d say.

Beats X Won’t Turn On

Beats X Won't Turn On

My X-buttons don’t light up. What do I do? Calm down, big boy, you’re not suffering alone. There are thousands of users who have reported the same problem, so we decided to make a list of working solutions to fix Beats X will not contain the problem.

How to Fix Beats X Won’t Turn On Issue?

So, put on your glasses, sit down, and read this guide to get it right.

  • Solution 1: Shock absorber reset X

Now you’re probably wondering how to reset the x-bits. Wait, let’s split it up into simple steps.

Pick up your Beats X headphones and simultaneously press the power and volume buttons for 10 seconds. Then release the buttons and wait for the LED to start flashing.

Here’s how. If you like Beats X, great, take the opportunity to listen to Dr. Dre’s hits, otherwise you’ll go to the next step.

  • Solution 2: Update the operating system version to the latest version

Sometimes an outdated operating system on your device can be an obstacle to activating BeatsX. Even Apple support suggests updating your iPhone’s operating system to the latest version and checking for connectivity issues.

If you have not updated your iPhone with the latest version, do so in Settings > Update > Check for updates.

After the update, try connecting Beats X to your iPhone. If the problem persists, try the following methods.

  • Solution 3: Straight cable

Sometimes the loss of a wire causes connection problems. It is possible that the connector has been lost or that another wire that completes the connection has not been inserted correctly.

You can try squeezing the rubber that connects the on/off button to the charging port; this may or may not work. Don’t put too much pressure, otherwise, you risk exacerbating the damage.

  • Solution 4: Firmware update

Outdated firmware may also be the main reason why Beats X Won’t Turn On. In this case, we recommend updating the BeatsX firmware using Apple’s firmware update utility.

You must have the latest version of the iOS or iPadOS to update the firmware to the latest version. If you connect it to an Android device, remove the Beats application from the Games Store and update the firmware through it.

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If you are using macOS or Windows, download the update here and connect the earphones to your system with a USB cable. They are updated automatically.

This solution will certainly work if the problem is related to the firmware.

  • Solution 5: Call an ambulance

If none of the above methods have solved the Beats X problem, it’s time to call Apple Customer Service and stop experimenting with your bad Beats X life.

Apple Support contact information: 1-800-676-2775.

A technician will help you solve your Beats X problem over the phone.

Make sure you have your BeatsX serial number with you, as it will help the technician identify the owner. If you have lost the serial number, follow the steps below to retrieve it:

  1. Take the Beats X headphones.
  2. Turn the knob and check the right side, you will find a series of numbers, this is the serial number of the BeatsX.

If the problem isn’t important enough, they’ll fix it on demand; otherwise, a Tech Buddy will help you book on-site at an Apple Service Center.

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So here’s our quick guide on how to solve the problem with Beats X Won’t Turn On issue.

In this guide, we have written several solutions to solve the problem. If none of the above solutions has worked, it’s time to go to a service center.