All 1 Cuphead Bosses Names – A Quick Overview

Cuphead is a tough game, no matter if you might be just running and gunning through its levels. Sooner or later, during development, no more levels, however. The newcomer was a manager rush game that you shift from average encounter to huge encounter, each one more challenging than the last.

All about Cuphead Bosses

Bosses are still significantly highlighted on now, although the game has platforming sections between them, as well as these towering enemies, could stop you as part of your tracks on at the very least a couple of occasions. We have put together a list of a few of the toughest bosses and some tactics for beating them.

Let’s take a look at Cuphead Bosses In Order

DR. KAHL’S Robot

This battle is dealt with in the sky, fighting the towering machine of the plane’s cockpit. The robot comes with three different segments: a chest launcher that you will have to parry, ahead laser that should be avoided, and a hangar in its stomach that blows fire out drones you must to down. These robot’s segments can be destroyed, and it also morphs into a new weapon while you do.

The scalp laser becomes a shotgun that they can prevent with smart weaving. Strong-arm substitutes the chest that either sparks bullets in your direction or sucks you and your family using a magnet. Try to either pull back against the attraction or prevent the bullets. The homing missiles start releasing by the hangar that explodes on contact, even hitting your shots. Keep as far away as is possible and dispatch them at the range. If you receive shot off all the necessary first pieces, a heart will seem beginning with the robot’s chest – do substantial harm to that along with its head will fly off, setting out the 2nd phase.

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The 2nd phase happens to be the robot’s head. It flies all around considering the screen, all while those explosive homing missiles track you. It would help if you utilized hit and run tactics to win. If you have saved your super, here is the ideal time to use it.

Phase three is undoubtedly the most challenging. The screen completes with emerald missiles and walls just from below or up. It’s a long encounter, and it definitely will test your flight skills on their limit. The only trick obtains not to get hit.

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This battle is significantly more complicated because you can are stuck throughout the shifting platform. A pink colored valve to either surface of the carriage can be parried to move you left or right; you can trust a floating pumpkin to be reduced bricks located on the valves to relocate the carriage to you. However, this pumpkin will drop cubes steadily. Therefore you would need to shoot away those bricks if it’s close to sending you straight into the projectile of foe’s missiles.

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You only require to juggle this with doing damage for any of the given boss stages. In the first stage, do continuous damage and shoot any incoming eyeballs. In this phase, slide your carriage until it stops the very best of the screen and stands into the left of the skeleton’s left hand. You might be secure there, so fire away. In phase three, maintain your carriage over at the far right, but shuffle towards the power of one’s wagon, standing right near the edge of the screen. Shoot the enemy close to you first, go away with any ghosts far from you with a hail of bullets.


You are restricted by where you can go because you can need to stand on tiny floating clouds that randomly spawn. There is always a component of RNG here – if luck isn’t working for you, it may be an effortless loss of life quickly.

For your dragon’s eye laser attack, it’s worth remembering that his final laser will always be pink. Dodge, the first barrage, then jump into the past one and press jump again for the point of impact to play a parry. The second charge enables the dragon to create a vertical wall using his tail. If you observe the tail wiggling beneath you, move. In the event the dragon looks ill, he’s on the brink of spit out some fireballs. Get above the other side of a given screen, which allows you to gauge where they are going, then try to get above very top them when they dip down.

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Among the dragon’s second phase, he/she sinks in the lower of the screen, and fireballs will dance along with his tongue. It’s essential to rest on the bottom part layer of clouds and fire away. Be aware of the flames leaping up to help to get you. The most beneficial defense is usually to change position occasionally, but always keep firing and results in death will drop very quickly.

Grim’s final phase is the foremost difficult. One of his heads – they have three now – will keep spitting out fireballs. If shot, these transform even more fireballs. Try not to pull the fireballs. When one opening seems full, you are about to get flamethrowers. This attack affects the reason for the screen; for that, why don t you get yourself to the bottom or top layer of clouds without delay.


The very first main boss in Cuphead, Cagney, begins to be a big flower who communicates its charges. While Cagney is one of the most straightforward Cuphead bosses, it certainly will still seem difficult considering that you are learning the ropes while you fight it.

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Learn its patterns, and you’ll soon feel as if you’re terminating weed killer. Look out for its lunges. If it’s crouched, climb onto the stage before it throws it off—duck underneath if it stands up. When Cagney fires off seeds, watch the order that they will reach and have rid of them when they sprout.

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