7 Websites for Those Who Seek Academic Help

University students face many challenges every day. Exams and tests are meant to assess your level of knowledge. Group projects develop many skills such as flexibility, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. Writing Essay is also a great way to increase our skills. We use creativity and logical thinking to describe our point of view clearly and attractively.

Another important skill we improve during training is the ability to find answers. Secondary school students are always looking for solutions. Is there a way to strengthen your writing style and eliminate your mistakes? How can I improve the readability of a newspaper? Which plagiarism fighters are most suitable? What kind of platform can help me broaden my horizon?

If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, this article is for you!

Seek help from experienced writers

Imagine the situation. There is a school newspaper that has a big influence on the final grade. The deadline is approaching. You also have other things to do, such as work tasks or extracurricular activities. In the end, you write in the blink of an eye without being able to adjust and subtract it correctly. Finally, submit the document with errors, typos, and duplicates and worry about the classification.

To avoid this unpleasant result, ask for help with your studies and stop panicking about the quality of the paper. Studyfy’s experienced specialists can help you clarify grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. They also pay attention to the choice of words and inconsistent tensions.

A team of researchers can improve the coherence of almost any work. If there are problems with sentence structure, strange word order, or bad language, they will solve them. In addition, the experts leave comments so you can learn from your work and analyze it.

Improving readability

Have you ever read a text with long sentences and complex constructions? Well, it was really hard to adapt to his basic idea. In other words, the text had readability problems.

Legibility is linked to many factors:

  • The length of the sentences, optimal or not;
  • The right balance between long and short sentences;
  • Where possible, use simpler alternatives to words.

Fortunately, there is a platform that can make your text really attractive to the reader. The Hemingway application is named after a writer famous for his concise and simple style. The mission of the platform is clear. It is designed to help you achieve the same brilliant level of readability.

Hemingway detects errors in the text and highlights them with different colors. Yellow means the sentence is complex. It is therefore advisable to shorten them or split them into two parts. The color red – for sentences that are almost impossible to understand – the reader will probably lose the main idea.

Hemingway uses purple for words that have a simpler version. The other thing that spoils readability is the passive voice. The platform also distinguishes itself. Try active forms – people generally perceive them better.


If you always rely on Microsoft Word to find your mistakes, we have great news for you. Students who want to write clearly and effectively should refer to grammar. This artificial intelligence service provides recommendations on the accuracy, clarity, and tone of your work.

The grammar tips are divided into categories. The correction concerns grammatical errors, spelling errors, and punctuation. Clarity indicates whether the text is easy to understand. The platform also helps you to diversify your vocabulary. The interface is easy to use.

Of course, perfect grammar is necessary, not only in essays but also in daily and professional life. If you want to make sure your correspondence is error-free, use the grammar as an extension of your browser or web editor. The tool is also available for the mobile keyboard. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you see grammatically what you print.

Locating plagiarism before your teacher does.

Every student knows that copying ideas from other authors without reference to these two results. Firstly, the document will not be accepted. The second result is more tragic: you could be expelled from the university. The students spent hours rewriting their texts to achieve the necessary degree of uniqueness.

However, universities generally use powerful equipment for detecting plagiarism, which is constantly being improved. The best protection against unnoticed borrowing is the use of reliable applications.

PaperRater is easy to use because it does not require a personal account. Just insert the text. PaperRater then analyses them and searches somewhere for previously published material. It also checks for grammar and spelling mistakes.

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If your text does not contain more than 1000 symbols – go to Plagiarism. The service will check them for free. However, you need a paid version to download the documents without size limitations. Plagiarism also analyzes Google Docs.

Dupli Checker has a user-friendly interface. It is available free of charge. Users can create an account to perform up to 50 audits per day. However, if you do not have an account, you can only receive one check per day. Insert text or download documents in .docx and .txt format.

In order to write professionally and without plagiarism, you must use the tools mentioned above.

Expand your horizon

Universities generally offer different courses, but some do not have the time to understand the subject at a very deep level. We need to deepen our knowledge for many reasons.

Some students are willing to improve their performance and achieve a better average. Others just have a passion for a certain subject.  In any case, you can continue your studies at any time thanks to open online courses.

The Kursera is a large project founded by professors from Stanford University. How does it work? The best universities make their teaching materials available in the form of a series of online courses. Her partners include Princeton, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Columbia University.

You can attend classes, communicate with other students, take tests and exams directly on the Coursera website. The mission of the course providers is to educate millions of students around the world and change the way traditional learning takes place.

Final reflection

Student life is sometimes not so easy and carefree, especially when you have to hand in a lot of documents. However, useful platforms are appearing, which are getting better by the day. Internet sites and services save lives as deadlines approach.

With professional proofreaders and editors, your work is flawless in the shortest possible time. Artificial intelligence services and examiners make the learning process enjoyable and entertaining. It’s never been easier to expand your knowledge!

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