5 reasons why car GPS tracker is necessary?

Every time we hear the word car, the image of the car and the family in it comes to mind, which is not untrue, because everyone dreams of a car for his or her family. What people don’t pay much attention to are parking spaces, company and service vehicles. Even banks use vans to deliver money to empty ATMs. It proves that not only passenger cars but also commercial and public four-wheel-drive vehicles play an important role in our lives. Wait, but that’s not the only purpose of this article. Yes, it’s true, I wanted you to understand the importance of taxis and company cars, but this is only the beginning, not the end. Now I’m going to tell you about a device called the One lap Auto GPS Tracker. It is an Indian start-up based in the capital of Delhi.

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One lap was founded in 2016 by Shubham Chaudhary and Vishal Sharma. This is Amazon’s bestseller for the last two years in the GPS category. As we said at the beginning, people don’t pay as much attention to the fleet as to private cars, but that doesn’t mean that private cars don’t need security, they also need to be protected against theft and internal damage. In this article, we examine the advantages of a GPS tracker for a car, both for personal and commercial use.

Why do you need a GPS tracker?

I will list here the advantages of GPS for passenger and commercial vehicles:

1. Anti-theft equipment:

This is an important feature and no less important for any car owner, whether private or commercial, because every time you buy a car, you are looking at the present and the future. So obviously you don’t want to lose your car in a kidnapping. It’s scary enough as it is, but don’t worry, you can save your car from theft by installing the One lap GPS tracking system. Let me tell you how. If you install a GPS tracker in your car, you will immediately receive an alert in your mobile application if someone other than you tries to start your car.

2. Fuel economy:

I can’t believe how expensive fuel is these days. However, every vehicle in the world needs electricity and you can’t ignore it to save money, but what you can do is save fuel, even with a GPS tracking device. Now can you tell me how a beacon can save fuel? Well, your doubts are justified, and you’re right that a GPS tracker can’t directly save energy, but it does allow you to track every movement of your car and monitor your fuel consumption. Assuming one of your fleets is at rest, you could call it quits.

3. Over-speed warning:

This is a useful feature for both parents who send their children to school in a chauffeur-driven car and for owners of commercial vehicles. Suppose you have a GPS device in your car and you have set a certain speed limit. Even though you have set a speed limit, your driver keeps accelerating, you can see it on your phone and you can tell him or her to slow down. It’s an underestimate, but the One lap GPS could save your life.

4. Safety zone:

The GPS plotter has a feature called GeoFensing that allows you to create a safety zone in the area according to your needs. As soon as you have set up a secure zone by phone, you will be notified when you enter or leave the zone. In addition, this function can be useful when a suspect pulls your car out of the created safety zone.

5. Available:

The average car is in the price range of 5 lakh INR – 10 lakh INR, which is a huge amount of money for anyone who has barely earned it, on which everyone buys a car. The current pandemic in Covida 19 has many negative consequences, but it has taught us one positive thing: we need to save money. What if I told you that the One lap car tracking system does the same because the price starts with a simple INR 3K, available for every car owner who spends millions on his car.


As you have already read, I have written about the important role a GPS tracker can play in ensuring the safety and efficiency of your vehicle in terms of performance, mileage, and all other aspects. After all, given the price of buying a car and then losing it due to theft or internal failure, it can be very difficult for any car owner. Now the One lap GPS Tracker for the car is the perfect solution for the needs of your vehicle.