2021 UPCOMING PS5 GAMES You Would Love To Play

The year 2021 is approaching, as are some immensely energetic PS5 games yet to come. PS5 is currently at the forefront, with impressive layouts for the launch of PS5 games and even free redesigns for some PS4 games. Whatever your expectations and dreams for PS5, this review rewards you with dazzling sequels, terrifying survival horror, and motivational independent games.

Although PS5 owners are still being paid to launch the system, many would like to see what happens in the future. All modern support comes with the expectation of playful and imaginative encounters.

Almost all ages pay dividends, and on PS5 a higher graphical fidelity allows for faster stacking with customized SSDs. Many entry-level PS5 games have also been upgraded to play on PS4/PS4 Pro, but 2021 will be the starting point for the release of advanced special features that will really put the first and next era of comfortable gaming in the spotlight.

We’ve tried to give you the latest updates for each of these devices, so you can be sure that your list of things you need to get on PS5 is absolutely advanced, and if you need to schedule a major release for 2021. So here they are, all upcoming PS5 games:

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2021 Upcoming PS5 games - TechMobi

1] Hitman 3

Developer: IO Interactive

Distributors: IO Interactive

Delivery date: 20. January 2021

Death is ready. Agent 47 returns for the next episode of Hitman, which will be the end of a three-part series. At the last demo of the Sony PS5, we could see another presentation trailer that confirmed that the game will be available on the next console in a year’s time. Agent 47 is considered the most secretive and competent representative of his guild. A blog post on PlayStation says that there is a lot at stake and that Agent 47 and his general entourage will not return in the end. This seems to be an exceptionally sensational ending.

2] Occupant malpractice 8: location

TechMobi village

Developer: Capcom

Distributors: Capcom

Status: Under development

Delivery date: TB 2021

Resident Evil 8 is well underway and will come to PS5 in 2021. The next episode of the Resident Evil series takes place a few years after Resident Evil 7, starring Ethan and Mia. Just, another recognizable addition is back, and it has all the signs that it’s going to raise a problem spot for Ethan. Chris Redfield takes action to set in motion a chain of events that propels Ethan into a strange city in search of answers. Graceful and seems to show werewolves too.

3] Rainbow Six: Quarantine

Mobi quarantine technology

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Distributors: Ubisoft

Delivery date: TB 2021

Unlike the parallel project of the exceptionally effective Rainbow Six Siege, this is something new and a little more unusual. You’re actually playing the role of a Rainbow Six operator, but instead of human enemies, you have to destroy a whole new species of alien parasites that infect humans. In this variant, you work in teams of three and play in PvE matches where the climate is loaded with these flashy new enemies and pretty fast.

4] Extreme shouting 6

Far East 6- TechMobi

Developer: Ubisoft Toronto

Status: Under development

Delivery date: TB 2021

On the tropical island of Yara, the next installment of the Far Cry series features Yaran Dani Rojas, a guerrilla warrior who leads the opposition to the autocracy that governs the country. Supposedly stuck, as expected, like-minded individuals have caused the island to rid itself of its oppressive leader, Anton Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito). We don’t think much about interactivity right now, but it would probably be a new boost for Far Cry in his own open-world activities.

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5] Kena: Phantom bridge

Mental bridge - TechMobi

Developer: Ember Labs

Status: Under development

Delivery date: TB 2021

Creators and siblings Josh and Mike Grier of Ember Lab studios have revealed their next game Kena: Spirit Bridge arrives on PS5 at the Sony Tribune, and it looks absolutely mystical. With its beautiful world, complemented by cute minimally furry animals called Roth, who walk like similar spirits who can control the climate, Ken: The ghost bridge quickly aroused our curiosity. Although at the moment we do not know much about the game, it is presented as an experience of activity in a fascinating world of constant research and combat.

6] God of war 2: Ragnarok


Developer: Sony Santa Monica Studios

Status: Under development

Delivery date: TB 2021

Ragnarok is coming. Really, the God of War 2 is coming, and he should come to PS5. During Sony’s new panel, a short but creepy mystery trailer with the voice of Kratos saying that the time has come, it is time to adapt. Ooh. God of war: The Ragnarok will be shipped in a year, and that will probably lead us to an incredible release.

7] GTA 5

GTA 5- TechMobi

Developer: Rockstar North

Distributors: Rockstar Games

Status: On PS4

Delivery date: TB 2021

Sony has released its latest version of PS5 with GTA 5 and claims that the improved and brilliant adaptation of Rockstar’s incredibly productive gameplay will be available on PS5 in 2021. The trailer shows part of the later DLC content, so it seems that these extensive visuals will accompany everything, and this is just the beginning. But it will also be improved in terms of comfort for the next generation.

8] Vampire: Masquerade – Lines 2

TechMobi solar axis

Developer: The core machine

Distributors: Annapurna Interactive

Status: Under development

Delivery date: TB 2021

According to the developer of Hyper Light Drifter, Solar Ashes is the latest Heart Machine game to be released as part of the PS5 engine. In a particularly brilliant artistic style, players travel through a gap in space known as Ultravoid, which swallows up universes. In this dangerous environment, with its dreamy and flexible climate, the characters must find comfort in each other to endure the entangled dystopia in which they are trapped. Ash Preston, the head of the heart machine, describes the story of Sunny Ash as a one-on-one encounter that evolves beyond the gravity of battle into something more fun.


Until then, these are all games scheduled for the PS5 in 2021. Several games such as Pragmata, Dragon Age 4, and Justice League are currently played on PS5: Killing the Justice League, but it wasn’t reported until 2022.

However, so far we have seen a lot of continuous interaction, and it seems that Techland is creating another hardcore parkour and zombie machine that should be perfect for fans of the main game.

Next year the game will be incredibly encouraging, especially for those who already have a PS5 or plan to get one in a year’s time.