15 Best Inclinometer Apps In 2022 [Android / iPhone]

Best Inclinometer Apps – The inclinometer is a professional instrument used for the most accurate inclination measurement on iOS and Android devices.  The inclinometer application is used to measure the inclination (or slope), inclination, height, or cavity of an object relative to the direction of gravity. These tools are available under different names, such as level, spirit level, or just plain level, but they have similar applications.

With these inclinometer applications for Android and iPhone, you can check the slope of an object quickly and without having to buy additional equipment.  Here is a list of applications of the upper clinometer that you can use for this purpose. You can prefer this list and choose the ideal application.

best application for Andrid/iPhone Clinometer

inclinometer + level iPhone / Android

The best noometric applications for Android/iPhone

This is the best application for iPhone/Android 2021. It has been downloaded by millions of people and has the highest rating.

It is the best rock finder, the best bottle scale, and the best clinometer for phones and tablets. This professional tool, called Clinometer, is the most accurate gradiometer for iOS and Android devices and cameras. It can be used for simple applications, such as aligning frames, or for more complex applications where any tilt needs to be accurately measured. Download it now to make your daily life easier.

iPhone with a spirit level and inclinometer

This is the best application for iPhone 2021. It also has the highest score and satisfies millions of people.

This is a limited, but therefore free, version of the inclinometer, which has all the features but cannot be calibrated. It is the most accurate gradient measuring instrument for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It can be used for simple applications such as frame alignment and more complex applications. With this tool, you can measure the slope at all edges of the device in all directions. The unit can display the slope in degrees, the percentage, and the degree of sunrise. You can rotate the lower wheel continuously to determine which side of the unit is at 0° and 90°.

In addition to the usual simple mechanism to hold the crane immediately, a motion-sensitive lock can be activated.

Alcohol content of the iPhone / Android

Best iPhone/Android application with inclinometer

It is also a good application that enjoys the confidence of millions of people. It is located at eye level with a screen to measure roll and pitch. It has a horizontal and vertical spirit level and an LCD display. It also has a calibration function to check the misalignment of the accelerometer and the sensitivity of the different axes. It is also equipped with a zero or reset button for easy angle measurements. You can select the screen automatically by tilt.

Theodolite iPhone | Best Inclinometer Apps

Best application for iPhone with inclinometer

It’s also the best application for iPhone 2021. The theodolite is a multifunctional viewfinder that combines a compass, a two-axis inclinometer, a rangefinder, a GPS, a map, a navigation computer, and a photo-/video camera in one indispensable application. Theodolite was one of the first additional applications and was downloaded by millions of users.

Its use is infinite and its application is perfect for surveying, outdoor sports, sightseeing, navigation, and orientation. Theodolite is a professional application and is used by geologists, architects, engineers, competition athletes, and search and rescue workers all over the world. Download this multifunctional application now and make it easy for you.

Android multi-clinic counter

Three inclinometers in one are a 2D BAC, a 2D inclinometer, and a roller and inclinometer. It is ideal for measuring the roll and pitch movements of vehicles, aligning recreational structures, aligning photographs on walls, and so on. It calibrates accurately without the need for precise vertical or horizontal surfaces. The inclinometer has an analog and a digital display. You can use any orientation of your phone/tablet as zero for the display. After the zero adjustments, a small angle change can be accurately measured.

All settings, including the calibration, are saved when you close the application.

Android Builder on an automatic level

Best Android application with inclinometer

This is the best app for Android 2021. Millions of people have downloaded it and are enjoying it. It is used for laser accuracy when measuring vertical, horizontal, and random angles. It’s the perfect, precise blowing position for anyone who feels comfortable.

The data is displayed in degrees and percentages and in the various units of measurement, you select. You can calibrate the level of your instrument and adjust the accuracy of the measurement, read out data in different units, lock the alignment, and take a picture during the measurement and send it to anyone. No Internet access is required for this application.

Exact level (alcohol content) Android

Best Android application with inclinometer

It’s a professional level with a calibration manual. Once properly calibrated, you can use this application instead of the real spirit level. This level is also an excellent inclinometer, a protractor, professionally known as a clinometer. The alcohol content must be calibrated due to a manufacturing defect in the mobile device or a protruding chamber. You can use the PRO version all day while viewing the ads or buy them forever. After upgrading to the PRO, you will have access to the calibration guide and the clipboard where the BAC results are stored.

Best Android level | Best Inclinometer Apps

Best Android application with inclinometer

It is trusted by millions of people and is a high-quality application. It is accurate and reliable, has been tested on many devices, and works just as well as its physical counterpart. You can check whether a certain surface is flat. The best level includes the calibration option and Bully’s Eye Level in addition to the classic measurements. It measures the level in two dimensions simultaneously – horizontal and vertical.

With this application, you can measure the height, the attic, any slope. The application can be used by carpenters, bricklayers, and other construction workers, surveyors, and metalworkers.

Android at bubble level | Best Inclinometer Apps

Best Android application with inclinometer

The Bubble Level app is a convenient, accurate, user-friendly, and incredibly useful tool for your Android device. It can calibrate both sides independently, but also relatively or absolutely. It shows angles in degrees, percent tilt, roof pitch, or inches per foot. It is generally used in construction, carpentry, and photography to determine whether the object you are working on is flat.

Bubble level (inclinometer) Android

It is a tool for measuring the angle and slope of an android. It has a quick and easy function to calibrate the angle of inclination of the display. Support for leveling or plumbing measurements. There are two types of degrees and roof slopes. It is possible to lock the angle counter button. It has an X and Y axis switching mode (on some units). It is an easy to use smart layer tool. Download it now, like millions of people, to make your job easier.

Single Inclinometer Android | Best Inclinometer Apps

Android Clinometer Apps / IPhone 2020

This is the simplest application of the inclinometer to measure an arbitrary gradient. The design of the application is as beautiful and user-friendly as possible. The originality of this application is that there are no unnecessary characterizations on the screen, only the necessary information and data. The application is accurate and the advantage of the application is its simplicity and convenience.

 TiltMeter – Advanced altimeter and Clinometer iPhone

Android Clinometer Apps / IPhone 2020

The TiltMeter is a professional inclinometer that measures the inclination of a surface in relation to the horizontal plane. This is the most fashionable application for measuring any type of tilt angle and you can use the camera application to perform the alignment. The application has as many other aids such as the spirit level and the motion-sensing lock. You can use these tools according to your needs. The application has a notification function that the measurement has been performed correctly and accurately. You can use this application in full-screen mode.

Rotating Spherical Hclinometer iPhone / Android

Android Clinometer Apps / IPhone 2020

The main application of the rotary ball inclinometer is to measure the inclination angle. The fantastic design includes a round, white instrument with a scale, and the soothing wooden base provides comfort when measuring. The unique features of this application include both analog and digital displays, and you can choose according to your needs. These advanced features allow you to perform any measurement with the highest possible accuracy. You can change the orientation of the request by selecting the background and color of the request with many options.

Field Inclinometer Android | Best Inclinometer Apps

Android Clinometer Apps / IPhone 2020

The application is an ideal inclinometer for measuring the inclination and tilt of your vehicle and is easy to use. You can use this inclinometer application by simply selecting the vehicle and subject. Thanks to this fantastic application, you can measure any slope angle at any time and in any place. The unique and amazing feature of this application allows you to clearly organize the layout of unnecessary and boring symbols and information. The application ensures reliable and accurate measurements.

Angle Gradient Meter Android | Best Inclinometer Apps

Android Clinometer Apps / IPhone 2020

This is one of the best and most accurate applications that can be calibrated in two ways. The advantage of the application is that it contains no advertising and is of the highest quality. There is also a spirit level in the application. The application features high-resolution images with modern navigation and an excellent interface that allows you to customize the style of the theme to your needs. There are degrees, degrees, percentages, techniques, and rounded roof slopes. The camera allows you to measure everything in real-time. Unique features allow us to use and deliver accurate results for any measurement.


These are some of the best applications of the Android/ iPhone 2022 inclinometer, helping to measure the angle for frame alignment, but also for more complex applications in construction, carpentry, land surveying, mining, and metallurgy.

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