15 Best Handwriting To Text Apps (Android/IPhone) 2021

A handwritten entry is a great tool if you can’t understand what someone has written. These can be notes from your girlfriend, written instructions from your teacher, or any other important official document. In this situation, these requests can be very useful. They can be used to capture an image and convert text to a digital text file. If you want to understand what someone else is writing, downloading these applications is a good idea. If you want to know which application can help you, check out the list below. After extensive research, we have compiled a detailed list of the five best-handwritten applications of 2021 with the text. Look at them to make your life easier…

The best writing for Android/iPhone text application

1. Print to pen – convert handwritten text to text on Android/iPhone

The best writing for Android/iPhone text application

This is the Best Handwriting in Text application for Android / iPhone 2021. This application can scan and recognize all handwritten notes and convert them into digital text that can be edited, searched, and also stored in any device or even in a cloud computing service. You can now scan and convert all handwritten notes, letters, notepads, dairy products, meeting notes or any minutes, product list, recipes, etc. on your mobile device. This application is ideal for students who have notes and homework to do at school, but also for sharing notes about meetings and minutes. Download this application now and organize your documents.

2. Android/ iPhone Penreader

The best writing for Android/iPhone text application

This is an excellent application that converts any image or handwritten note into text. This application converts any handwritten text into a printed form with the greatest precision in a matter of seconds. Just enter a whole word by drawing the letters on top of each other. You can also save your word in the user dictionary, and any word you enter that is not in the dictionary will automatically be added to your dictionary when you click on it in the hint box. This application also has a spell check function to prevent errors. Get this app now!

3. Handwritten input Google Android / iPhone

Better handwriting for Android text application

This is the best handwriting for the text of the Android/ios 2021 application. Thanks to this application, you can write a text by hand on your phone or tablet, even in a hundred languages. With this request, you can write with a typewriter and italics, with or without a pen. This application also supports over 1000 emoticons, so you can express your feelings in any Android application. With this application, you can enter the emoticon via a drawing. This application is useful for languages that are difficult to type on a standard keyboard. Download this application now and test this spelling as well!

4. MyScript Nebo iPhone

The best way to write in the iPhone text application is by hand and this application will prove to be the best way to take notes. You can also use this application to edit and format with the pen, and with this application, you can write or delete content and space, as well as decorate and apply a style. You can also draw schedules and edit, delete and move them at any time. This application has a lot of extra features and you can also synchronize your notes with iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox, etc. Take this application and organize your notes, projects, and more.

5. Note Plus iPhone

This application is the best handwriting application on the iPhone 2021. This application can convert handwriting to text and offers you the best handwriting entry option. This application converts the handwriting into text and supports about 52 languages. It offers you an exceptional writing experience thanks to the very fine ink, the rejection of the palm of the hand, and a narrow writing mode for accurate writing. This application features automatic pattern recognition, background sound recording, and image insertion, as well as exporting PDF files to Dropbox, Google disk, email, Evernote, and many other applications. Download this application now!

6. penultimate iPhone

It’s also good writing for the iPhone 2021 text application and allows natural writing and drawing thanks to Evernote’s synchronization and search power. With this application, you can take notes in class or in meetings, keep track of your thoughts, and even sketch out your best new ideas. This request will make your experience more productive. With this application, you can work with any part of the page without much effort. To enlarge or reduce the page, simply pinch the page and start writing. You can synchronize your notes with Evernote. Log into your Evernote account in the penultimate application to organize your penultimate notes in Notepad, a project organized by theme and vice category. Take this app.

7. iPhone Maze

It is also an excellent tool for handwriting recognition and application. This application allows you to enter text manually instead of a keyboard in each of the applications on your device. This application offers you a quick alternative to writing a handwritten message instead of using the keyboard when you want to send an e-mail, create a message on a social network, take notes, etc. Download this application now and make your work easier.

8. Android text scanner

It is best to write the Android 2021 application by hand. With this application, you can convert and open a URL or any phone number written in magazines or brochures. This application is characterized by a high reading speed worldwide and a high reading accuracy worldwide. This application supports more than 50 languages and supports all types of handwriting. You can use this application to open URLs, make a phone call, copy to the clipboard, send emails, and you can also save it to your Google hard drive, store it in Google Hold, and share it with Google +, Party, and more. Download this application now!

9. Image on text Android / iPhone

Android 2020

This application allows you to convert your printed documents and handwritten notes and then edit the text that can be copied, saved, listened to, and shared via Facebook, etc. Photograph and fetch the handwritten notes with your camera, then check the extracted text and correct it if necessary. You can also convert this text to speech to listen to it and save it for later reference. Download this application now and take advantage of the possibilities!

10. Handwriting Android OCR

It is also an excellent application and can recognize handwritten text from notes, letters, whiteboards, essays, forms, and any other source. This application makes you more productive by simply making handwritten notes instead of writing them down. This handwritten OCR works with different surfaces and backgrounds such as white paper, yellow sticky notes, and whiteboards. The only limitation of this request is that it is only available in English. Download this application now and use your time more accurately.

11. Incredible Android / iPhone

Top 10 best handwritten text input applications for Android/iPhone 2020

This is one of the easiest and simplest requests you can get. People all over the world use this application on a large scale. The user interface is simple and convenient. So you can easily take notes with your fingers. You can also use the pen supplied by the application. There are several tools that can help you get the job done quickly. Towing capacity. You can also attach a photo of your device. This application is certainly a time saver. With this application, you can easily solve many spelling problems.

12. Write Android

Android 2020

This application is very popular with users, its features make it both extremely useful and popular.  You can expect all the possibilities because it is one of the best ways to convert handwritten text into text. You can type by simply sliding your fingers across the screen. It is also very easy to delete text. Just use the eraser provided by the application. There are two additional tools for moving or repositioning text. Documents can be saved in pdf format. This request will also save you a lot of time.

13. Stability iPhone

Android 2020

This is a very popular application for handwritten text input. It can perfectly transform handwriting into text. It makes it possible to be completely dematerialized. It also allows users to create documents complete with images, text, GIF files, etc. The Multinote option allows users to work with multiple notes at the same time. You can store all your documents in iCloud. This request is essential to you.

14. Cuttlefish Android

Android 2020

This application has many more functions than the previous one. You can use it on your Android phones and tablets. Allows you to select the type of background note. Inserting images is extremely easy. With the print function, you can easily print a document. Users all over the world are actively using this application. You can also give him the opportunity to benefit from a number of advantages.

15.GoodNotes 4 Android / iPhone

Android 2020

Thanks to this application you can take digital photos in a simple and comfortable way. It’s usually like a shot with ink. The user interface is convenient and simple. The many tools it offers are very useful for taking notes. You can use this application to edit and configure the recording. Allows you to change the intensity, saturation, and color of the text. You can save an unlimited number of documents. There will be no storage problems. The GoddNotes application is therefore extremely useful and can help you in many ways.

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With these applications, you can make your professional and educational life more colorful. It’s much easier to record digitally. You can also understand a person’s handwriting by simply scanning a text image. Now that you know all about these efficient and powerful applications, you can simply download them according to your needs and preferences. You do not have to worry about the effectiveness or authenticity of these requests. You can simply browse through our article and select an application from the list above. He’ll help you understand.


So here is the Best Handwriting Text application for Android / iPhone 2021 that will save you a lot of time by offering you a faster way to type or enter text. You can also photograph handwritten notes and convert them into the text instead of transcribing them. I hope you like these apps. Please share and comment on your comments.
Thank you very much.